Reactor 4 is falling apart

The wall of the south side is falling apart at reactor 4.
Reactor 4 is in the most serious situation. It is assumed that if another aftershock hits it to drop the spent fuel pool hung in the building, the entire area in eastern Japan would be too contaminated to be inhabitable.

On 12/2/2011 (JST), something like “fire” was observed beside reactor 4.
Since then, a strong light has been set toward Fukuichi camera as if it was hiding something by white out.

However, thanks to JNN Fukushima live camera, it was confirmed that the wall of reactor 4 was lost on the south side. At least since 12/5/2011, the wall is missing.

9/21/2011 (The wall intact.)

12/5/2011 (The wall is gone)


  1. The concret crypt at Chernobyl is also in trouble structurally. I suspect massive radiation exposure will do that to the best wall eventually.

    1. At least the Chernobyl reactor wasn’t sitting over the Pacifi Ocean. Inqyuiring minds want to know how long MSM can sit on this one?

      1. no Chernobyl is on a river in the ukrain (sp) that runs through parts of europe that leads to the atlantic, n radiation is still being washed out to sea.

    1. Ok, the crains are takeing it appart! Why? so they can build new walls and then in that way they can still safely remove these fule rod’s!! so if it were falling apart? where is the pial of parts that fell off?? it was taken appart and removed from the area…when the worst of the dammaged parts are removed you will see new walls being built to replace them! True that readition is verry high, and untill it is done a quake may make it fall…or whatever.. But the guys working on this to try to get done as soon as they can are putting their live’s on the line for you and me..Construction worker’s Heavy equipment operater’s and others working to get it done…and for that they will Die to try to keep you safe!

  2. My assumption is that they demolished the hanging/weak structures on top of the building to prevent them from falling into the sfp.
    You could see construction machines working on No4.

    So they maybe solved(in the short term) the problem that you are highlighting.

    1. Notice that niothng at all was said about the immensely high radiation levels measured in reactor No. 1 on July the 3rd. A slight omission!

  3. Hm, don’t you think, tpeco has removed these parts with the cranes above to build an containment like reactor 1 ?

  4. What? The building looks fine!
    It will be in cold shutdown very soon!

    Everything is safe, everything is happy!

    The buildings are just easier to cool off, now that the walls are gone….

    The Government also raised the radiation limit higher so, you can feel more safe than you did before! The numbers should go real high so, you can feel REALLY safe!

    After all, politicians are smarter than nuclear scientists!

    1. This is nothing but a lie. Half the country is finished right now. Just like in Chernobyl they lied. Because it would be serious if all those cities have to evacuate and if that happened more people around the world would be saying close those damn plants. There will be millions with cancer inside a year. Nobody should trust the government. Because they lie about wars and they don’t care they just don’t want people to panic and I got news if they are not getting at least 300 miles from the plant they are stupid.

      1. nice site imegas. just the sidebar might require some updates hm is it a generated code?however i don’t want to chat, just wanted to let you know.

    2. TEPCO, would never lie maan, they’re a multibillion dollah company, they’re completely for the health of Jaaapan.

      Yaaa man. We should all just chillax. Take a chill pill. Reelaaaxxxx. Nothing to worry about. Just make sure to take the blue pill and everything will be alright!

      Remember. The blue one.

  5. I have not believed the fuel in the no. four spent fuel pool wasn’t melted, for a long time. I am wondering exactly how much unmelted fuel is left at Daiichi, but it would be useless to ask Tepco to tell the truth of what they very well know about the site. Everything they have done has been a waste of time endangering Japanese who will now have to live in horrid contamination while listening to insane politicians telling them they can’t get radiation sickness if they smile, that fear of radiation is worse than radiation, etc. Pathetic.

  6. I’m sick and tired of the corrupt bastards who run this world and allow the nuke plants to go forward. Because we could grow hemp and do away with nuke plants. This is fact. Now the citizens aren’t raising enough hell to close the plants, but you let a plant in the USA have a meltdown and the people would scream close the plants. They talk about terrorists, but if I wanted to destroy a country I would hit their nuke plants, because if you cause a complete meltdown in this country then you could have a radius of land over 400 miles taken out. This stuff is too risky to fool with. Nuclear fusion was only created because of war and war is bullshit.

  7. That’s very odd seeing as reactor 4 was being overhauled at the time of the tsunami, and had no fuel in it. The roof was off and you can clearly see there was no fuel.

    They recently anounced that reactor 4 would be in cold shutdown soon. Well der, it has been all along.

  8. I personly feel very feel for the Men & Women Who Gave there lives’/catastrophy to halt this from becomeing even more of a disaster than it allredy is,it is terrible the way that our goverments’ act on Earthquakes & mud slides but when it comes to helping in a Nuculer accident they stop short!it is our goverments’ that have helped to Build these power stations,but cant help them to help Bury it in molten lead and concrete or carbon & concreat,im no nuclear scientist but is it not what is used in millatry clothing mixed with concreat would it not Help to stop this explosive polution of further radio active particles from covering our all ready raped planet?Also the EU the Americans Russians & British are Quick enough to jump into Any other Country to rob,steel and rape ;Why cant thay sort out thair own problems in our own back yard before thay go setting off to sort out The so called problems of other countrys? We have Thees Problems & so meny others at home that are not being sorted beforew we go out to save the rest of the world? They are Totaly RESPONSABLE for these Problems & so much more!If thare is to be a Commons then it should be for just that; A court room/debateing chamber whare 50 to 100 people from differant walks of life and an Independant judge to sit over these Paniles Too keep Order & to Pass judgment over the proceadings this is the only way for a free & democratic Society to Work Properly for the People!OR YOU CAN CONTINUE TO KEEP THE STATUS QUO AND WATCH IDLE POP AND CORNERATION STREET”WAKE THE WORLD UP,& TELL THEM ALL: THAIR IS A FIRE!AND WE THE 99% ARE IN IT”LET US GET OUT OF IT & REPLACE THE ANCIENT PRIVILEGED FEW TOO RULE OVER US THE MASSES BEFORE WE CAN’T GET OUT OF THE FRYING PAN & END UP IN THE FIRE” Let US Circumvent the so caqlled Goverments that baby sit us and become the ADULTS that we should strive to be,for the betterment of our self’s & the Future that is ours’& that of our CHILDREN’S!

  9. Nuclear radiation of any kind can be bad. But when you are talking about nuclear reactors and there walls are failing that can be almost catostrophic. to prevent any other type of contamination is a total shutdown. Radiation will stay in the atomsphere for up to 2000 years. Need to find a way to shut it down and bury it right there. It would be better to shut the whole reactor down instead of losing a whole island or anymore people:: Saltwater,Iodine and alcohol are the only things I know that can stop the spread of radition.
    I would rather saves millions of lives then save the reactor. Is there anyway to build a a dome cover that would cover the reactor and seal it.. It is better to have live then lose it. IS there anyway to come from underneath the plant and bury the reactor and the plant.. Like using the Earth mover tunnel drill,that the airforce has and rebury the whole thing………….
    It is time to prevent disaster and rebuild your mind body and soul:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

    Be a Happy Buddist and don’t let anything get in the way.. Breathe and remeber you can do it…………..

    Imagine a buddist monk sitting on a bonsai tree fishing.

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  11. Hello folks form Japan. Thanks for informing everyone about this danger. Does someone has a plan for a technological solution to this mess ? I suggest that a team from Japan contact the canadian inventor John Hutchison from Vacouvert. He(and some of his friends) is the only man I know of the being able to alter metal from a distance. For what I have understood of it, his technology could transmute the radioactive fuel to be transmute into something harmless. Of course, it sould be tested on a small scale first. Please consider to look at the videos and documents avalaible on Internet about Hutchison technology. With a team of Japanese nuclear scientists, I bet that Hutchison would make a difference.

    Thanks, take care.
    Samuel from Canada.

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