Japanese lab rejects urine and breast milk test

Following up this article http://fukushima-diary.com/2011/12/internal-exposure-map-is-open/

Japanese people finally started to try to check the internal dose amount.

To determine the internal dose, urine test is one of the best ways in terms of cost / benefit balance.

However, today a Japanese mother tweeted this below



I have sent the urine of my son to Riken Analysis Center. I wanted to have it tested constantly but shockingly they rejected conducting the test this time.

They say they can no longer do urine tests and breast milk tests and they can not say why.
I frankly asked them, if it’s from a political pressure and they said that they can make no comment at the moment.

– end –

Urine testing and breast milk testing are the most important for mothers and children.

According to the webpage of the lab, they actually stopped performing the tests.

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