Breaking News: 30.8 Bq/Kg from baby formula

Japanese prime minister has to have baby formula in front of camera.

They measured 30.8 Bq/kg of cesium from baby formula called Meiji step 850g.

Meiji, one of the major Japanese milk product companies, is going to change 400,000 products for free though it’s under the “safety limit” of 200 Bq/kg.

The contaminated lots are labelled the best-before period like below..

6/10/2012: 3, 4, 5
24/10/2012: 21, 22, 23

Because the sensitiveness of babies are 100 times higher than adult for radiation.

30.8 Bq/Kg is actually bioequivalent 3,080 Bq/kg for babies.

There are 4 important points of this news.

1) It became news.

Having 4 nuclear plants exploded, at least 3 of them are having melt-through – possibly into the earth under the reactor buildings now. Nothing has been improved since 311 and there is no way to stop contamination.

It’s very rational to think all kinds of food have been already contaminated more or less. Radiation is not sweet enough to avoid baby formula.
Though it is this obvious, most of Japanese people were surprised. They still have not noticed the entire risk of the Fukushima accident.

2) It was reported by a citizen’s independent lab.

11/29/2011, NPO Team Nihonmatsu measured cesium from Meiji baby formula. Having the result, a journalist from Kyodo news forced Meiji to take some action. Company has no intention to sell safe food.

メグミルク③ (製造:みちのくミルク株式会社 本社工場 )

3) The source of contamination is “air”

The powdered skim milk was made in Oceania area such as Australia. A part of it was made in Hokkaido, but they were made before 311 anyway.
From 3/14~3/20, they processed it in Kasukabe Saitama. The process is to dry the powder by taking air from outside of the factory. It is likely that baby formula was contaminated in this process.

If not, they lie about the origin of the powdered skim milk.

4) Japanese government tells lie only for Japanese.

On the NHK news ,it states “厚生労働省は「原因は分からないが、暫定基準値を大幅に下回る数値なので健康に影響はないと考えている。” <Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare,”We don’t know what caused this ,but because it is still much lower than the safety limit ,it is not the harmful level of contamination.>

On the other hand ,NHK English does not mention “safety limit”. It does not even say it is not harmful.

They seem to use double standard.




明治 粉ミルクから放射性物質

12月6日 15時39分







Cesium localizes in your heart and causes cardiac infarct (heart attack) etc..

As little as 20 Bq/kg, if you have it everyday, your body stocks 2,000 Bq in total within 200 days.

I weigh 50kg, so 2,000 Bq / 50kg = 40 Bq/kg.

Let’s see what happens to my body in 200 days.

The picture below is the cell of heart. (×125)

This person died of cardiac infarct suddenly. He was 43 years old. His heart stocked 45.4 Bq/kg of cesium.

It is obvious that his heart has so much space because of dead cells.

You can see the sign of Diffuse myocardial cell lysis, Edema between muscle fibers, Rupture of muscle fibers.

For comparison, the picture below is one of heart tissue from normal person.


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