220 tons of highly radioactive water leaked and a part of it leaked to the sea

12/4/2011 11:30AM, a sub-contractor worker found highly radioactive water was leaking from water purifying system. It was from the water conversion section.

The worker reported that 45 tons of contaminated water leaked but potentially 220 tons of polluted water had leaked out.

It contains 45,000 Bq/L of cesium, which is 300 times much as some kind of a “safety limit”, and it contains 1 million times much strontium as some kind of a “safety limit”.

As to Strontium, Tepco does not announce the actual amont contained in the water.

The water purifying system can not filter out strontium, which is water soluble.

The tank contains over 10,000 tons in total.

The leaked water flowed into a gutter which is connected to the sea at 500 meters away.

They could not do anything more than put sandbags.

The leaked water is more contaminated than the water that Tepco leaked in April on purpose.

The surface emits 110 mSv/h of beta radiation, mostly from Strontium etc., and 1.8 mSv/h of gamma radiation, mostly from Cesium.













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11 Responses to “220 tons of highly radioactive water leaked and a part of it leaked to the sea”

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  2. shockfest says:

    uhhhhhh!!! That’s criminal. And we’re all in that same big bathtub!!!…

  3. doitsujin says:

    To my utter amazement I had to find out today, that the very known german weekly magazine Der Spiegel has also recently joined the MassGomi Club of deceivers and obfuscaters.
    I would like to add that the Der Spiegel is/was (not clear) working together with WikiLeaks which means that the journalists there should have some integrity, but that does not seem to be the case.
    The article is about the leak at the purifying system:
    “In the article it says that 300 liters max (maybe they left out some zeros, the japanese numbers can be quite confusing with 万 and stuff…lol) of water leaked out of the container of the purifying (decontamination) system and the leak was stoped after four hours, hurray! If the water has flown into the ocean is still being checked. But this wont change anything about the plans to get the plant under control by the end of this year. And for all the readers who havent heard anything about the biggest nuclear accident in human history yet: There was an accident cause by a Tsunami and some radiation leaked”
    So everything is fine go back to your couch and continue watching your moronic tv shows, while eating some fishsticks or maybe you should order some Sushi? Mhhhh Bon Appetit
    Copy Paste journalism at its finest, the news is from DPA (German Jiji).

    Sorry but even me with my rusty Japanese can read both articles from Asahi and Yomiuri and it clearly says:
    Asahi 45 but actually 220 tons of dirty (contaminated) water leaked and that there is the possibility that “a part” of it flowed into the ocean.
    I mean when Japanese people say there is the possibility that “a part” the 220 tons of highly contaminated water leaked into the ocean, it actually means: Yes! The whole radioactive shebang (water) flowed straight into the m0th0f0ck0ng ocean! Sorry for my French.

    Yomiuri says that 45 tons leaked but only a “little” flowed into the ocean. Well that was expected…

    I will never buy a copy of Der Spiegel again and I am considering not to visit the website anymore.

    Today I passed by my former favorite Japanese Shushiya and it was packed as always, nobody seems to care about the massive radioactive pollution of the pacific ocean. I think the Fukushima Daichi Nuclear accident is the biggest coverup in history and we are not living in Communist Russia under Stalin, or in Nazi Germany under Hitler nor in North Korea under Kim Il-Sun. We are supposed to be living in free countries with a free and independent media, but at the end of the day it is all about the big money, the big companies that own the media companies and the utility companies that pay (bribe) the media companies for (with) advertisement campaigns.

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