2 high school students died in Tokyo

Both of them died of cardiac arrest.
One is a boy (17~18) ,third grade of the high school. There is no school lunch. He did not play sports hard. He was just studying for the entrance exam of university. He called in sick on 11/29/2011 ,and died the next day.

The other one was a girl (16~17) ,second grade of the high school. She naturally had a heart problem.Her heart was smaller than usual. However ,there was no limit in her daily life. She was a cheerleader at her last sport fest. 2 days later ,she died.

The school is in west Tokyo. No more details are announced.


  1. hello from slovenia

    iam very sad to read your reports. not that i have something against you,but your news are bad news. i know that is difficult to find any positive news regarding Fukushima and Japan in these days and yes truth harts,but i am shore that are something positive in disaster just we do not see that part jet.

    best wishes and strength to you and to people of Japan

    keep inform as..

    sorry for my english

    1. I can think of something positive,
      the government is all going to die.

      usually governments start wars or cause other problems for the population and then hide in bunkers – not this time!!!

    2. Your English is better than my Slovenian(???)I think the only good things to come out of a disaster are that 1. They stop at some point 2. We learn DON’T DO IT AGAIN

  2. my heart goes out to your people, I cant bear wnat we are all complicit in, what will it take for people to wake up?

  3. On a day we least expect it
    On a day we don’t suspect it
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    by Rick Crawford, from Be Still My Heart, 1989

  4. Some of you if you have been anti nuke for awhile, might remember the heart wrenching documentary, “Chernobyl Heart”. The title referred to one of the most common health problems following the meltdown at Chernobyl, heart disease. The documentary showed the horrific birth defects in Belaruss which physicians have predicted will begin in Japan starting right about now, nine months after the playing of the HAARP strings over Japan.
    Heart problems are to be expected in Japan considering the large ongoing release of radioactivity and the highly contaminated surroundings. There is only one hope left, not to spread any more damage from the Daiichi point source, but unfortunately Japan has chosen to never stop the radiation releases because they insist on abandoning the situation to the same incompetents who caused the problem.
    By the way, HBO bought up “Chernobyl Heart” and disappeared it.
    Japanese society unfortunately has been completely deceived and is being maneuvered into submission to accept Tepco telling them they will not really stop the radioactivity at Daiichi for decades, if ever. This is terrible considering how unnecessary it is to continue leaving this site open to the sky.

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