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This is a communication from Mariko Toya as translated by Mochizuki Iori

[Contaminated food is distributed to all around in Japan.Japanese students are forced to take the risk of internal exposure.]



Surface concentration of I-131 at UTC=2011-03-24-15h

The situation is worse than you think.Please do know that and tell it to everyone.
If you ever think of visiting Japan,or already staying in Japan,you must be aware of the food risk.

Since 311,under the slogan ( The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries )”Let’s support north Japan by consuming their agricultural products (including Fukushima) “,
lots of the food have been distributed to all over Japan,with NO radiation check.

7/4/2011,on the TV show of NHK,minister of health,Ohtsuka admitted that highly contaminated food is already distributed in Japan,because of the lack of the checking facility.

Unchecked food from North Japan and Kanto area have already reached Okinawa,where is 1500km far from Fukushima.
100 of 600 local governments around in Tokyo and north Japan do not conduct any radiation check for their local products.

Even food produced in Okinawa may be contaminated.
They found a lot of the polluted mold leaf were sold in Okinawa.(Max ; 17,500Bq/kg)

From what the gov have been doing,this must be only a part of their entire concealment.

Moreover,JP gov allowed them to move Fukushima cows to all around in Japan,such as beef,pork,chicken,etc..

When they are sold at supermarket,they are labelled as being originated from the “moved area” out of Fukushima.

In the second biggest city of Japan,Yokohama,Fukushima beef was served for elementary school lunch until very recent.
However,some school ban students bringing their home-made lunch box and water bottle only “to keep it normal”.Students were forced to eat contaminated food knowing the risk.

Recently Yokohama local government finally admitted that cesium beef was served for 8,000 students.(Max ; 719Bq/kg)

Suspected food has already been served for 84,000 students only in Yokohama.

Japanese children have NO right to reject consuming radioactive food.

It’s not only children.It’s also you who are not allowed to choose.
Labeling of the food origin is carefully manipulated.
In Hotel,in restaurant,in department store,in convenient store,they make it impossible for you to recognize the origin.

Professor.Kunihiko Takeda warns there is a possibility that they took Fukushima cow to Hokkaido and sell milk with the label of Hokkaido.

Fukushima yogurt is sold in Kobe to “cheer them up”.

Food with “harmful rumor” are positively sold at convenient stores.

Restaurant chains are even proud of selling untested food from North Japan and Kanto area.

They will re-start making beer in Sendai.

It’s not only food.
JP gov allowed them to move the polluted rubble to all over Japan.

They will be burnt,radioactive ash will fly around as plume again.

It’s getting more difficult and more to buy “clean” food in Japan.
You can even call it the state of “civil war”.
Please tell this truth to everyone around you and save us.

Label of the origin has been based on the prefectures but it’s becoming “made in Japan”,

when it comes to fish,it’s “from Pacific ocean” and “from Korea/Japan sea”.

i expect you foreign countries put pressure on JP gov,so they may prepare radiation checker for food at every school like Belarus.
If you are planning to Japan,please tell hotels to prepare the checker at hotels too.

by Mariko Toya
Translation Mochizuki Iori

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