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Local gov pay for the fake comments “I want to go home.”

A person from evacuating area tweeted about the censorship of Fukushima. 谷瀬未紀 @pikaluck @akemizk06512 今日、福島の○○町(避難区域)から来た方が、この町ではTV出演は町を通してと言われてて、「帰りたいです」「復興」って言って出たら町から1万円もらえるという噂を。「避難したいです」は出演不可と。Source <Translate> Today I heard this story from someone in ○○ town (Evacuation area). In that


Chief editor of a magazine was arrested after criticizing Tepco

  The chief editor of the magazine “Toyo Keizai” was arrested for molestation. Omori metropolitan police department caught him touching the hip of 2 woman (20s and 30s) on Keihintohoku


Ibaraki prefecture manipulated the radiation survey

  Ibaraki prefecture published the radiation survey result on 2/16/2012. The survey was conducted from 8/4/2011 ~ 10/26/2011. As the result, Strontium89 and Plutonium238 were under detectable level, Ibaraki prefecture


Debris from north Japan is only 1.13 times much as Great Hanshin Earthquake

Japanese government is distributing the debris from disaster area of North Japan to all over Japan. As a reason of doing it, Japanese government is explaining the amount is too


Possibility of Tepco to have broken the heating gauge on purpose

  Following up this article..Another heating gauge is showing increasing temperature The heating gauge of CRD housing has been showing the same trend of temperature as the broken heating gauge.



A Japanese child evacuated to Australia, but he was bullied to say, Japan contaminated the whole world. I heard that from my friend so I don’t know if it’s true


Fisheries Agency lifted the restriction of bonito fishing only by checking 2 fish

Fisheries Agency allowed them to fish bonito in Fukushima offshore except for 30 km area. The day before they lifted the restriction, they allowed them to fish in 530 km

Core removing struggle

There was nuclear fuel in reactor 4

Reactor 4 had nuclear fuel in it. The Fukushima blogger leaked information on her blog. <Quote start> きのう、 この話を聞いて、 Yesterday I heard this story. これを、ブログに上げて いいものなのか どうか ・・・ さんざん、迷いました。 I


Fukushima Gov distributes leaflet to stop them evacuate

Schools in Fukushima are distributing leaflet to make people stop evacuating for some reason.   <Translation>   <Let’s stay cool to think about our reassured, safe, and stable life> [Children’s


Power consumption forecast was a lie

    In the summer of 2011, Japanese government predicted Japan would be short of electricity by 9.2%, but they actually had another prediction to assume there would be still