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2,700 Bq/Kg from tea leaves picked by elementary school students in Itabashi Tokyo

According to Itabashi ward government Tokyo, they measured high level of Cs-134/137 from the local tea leaves after having elementary school students pick them. 2 months after 311, 5/9/2011, elementary

Domestic and global Environment

Sendai city to take back decontamination waste from purification center to dump in elementary school

  38 m3 of radioactive soil is going to be dumped in the area of an elementary school in Sendai city Miyagi. The soil is the waste of decontamination. It


Fukushima sent snow to elementary schools in Okinawa

On 2/12/2013, Fukushima prefectural government sent two elementary students to Okinawa with snow (20 snowmans). The snow will be sent to two elementary schools in Okinawa. The prefectural governments have

Effects to be confirmed

73 students required to have detailed examination of heart in Toride city Ibaraki, “2.6 times much as last year”

3 citizen’s organizations in Toride city Ibaraki published elementary school and junior high school students who were required to have detailed examination of heart have rapidly increased since last year.

Effects to be confirmed

[Chernobyl Cataracts ?] The percentage of students of vision worse than 1.0 became the highest ever since 1948

According to Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the percentage of students with vision worse than 1.0 is the highest in 2012 since they started the survey in 1948.


The annual dose of 45.3% of the elementary and junior high school students in Nihonmatsu city increased from 2011

According to Nihonmatsu city Fukushima, the annual dose of 45.3% of the elementary and junior high school students in the city increased compared to 2011. (1,969 of 4,344 people) The


The daughter of the Crown Prince called in sick for sports meeting

On 10/13/2012, Imperial household Agency announced Aiko, the daughter (10) of the Crown Prince called in sick for sports meeting. She called in sick on 10/12/2012 too. This is the


Elementary school in Tokyo banned parent’s circle, joining SNS, exchanging emails

A public elementary school in Tokyo banned parents from gathering in a circle. They also banned them from joining SNS, exchanging email address too. Picking children up is also banned.

Food contamination

Fuchu city of Tokyo will start serving Fukushima milk for school lunch

School students will be forced to be exposed for no reason. The board of education in Fuchu city has decided to serve Fukushima milk for elementary school and junior high


Cesium measured from school lunch ingredient in Niigata, west coast of Japan

  Your child may be forced to eat contaminated food for school lunch Cesium was measured from ingredient of school lunch. The school is in Niigata, on the west coast