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Effects to be confirmed

20% of junior high school students have hypertension in Tochigi. Gov “It’s stress.”

  Related to this article..The highest atmospheric dose is in Tochigi (Apart from Fukushima)     From the result of physical examination in 2011 for elementary school and junior high


Fukushima kid’s letter to himself in 10 years “Are you alive ?”

A Japanese freelance journalist tweeted like these below,   福島の小学生が、10年後の自分に宛てて「ちゃんと生きていますか?」なんて手紙を書くなんて尋常じゃない。狂気の国。何が「国民の生活が第一」だ。ふざけるな — 鈴木博喜(兼業フリー記者)さん (@s_hiroki24) 7月 9, 2012 <Translate> It’s far from being usual that a Fukushima elementary school child writes a

Domestic and global Environment Misinformation

[Derangement] Let’s drink tap water campaign in Fukushima

  Following up this article..Water contamination reached west Kanagawa Having radiation reach the river in Kanagawa over 200km away from Fukushima, Iwaki city is having the campaign of “Let’s drink


1.04 million Bq/kg at the poolside of a school in Koriyama Fukushima

Following up this article..Elementary school to have students clean the pool gutter   Mr. Suzuki, a freelance journalist tweeted like these below.   郡山市内の某小学校では、プールサイドで最大104万ベクレルもの高濃度汚染が判明!それでも市教委は屋外プールでの水泳授業にゴーサインを出した #郡山市 #被曝 #プール @hanayuu@YuriHiranuma twitter.com/s_hiroki24/sta… — 鈴木博喜(兼業フリー記者)さん (@s_hiroki24) 6月 12,

Sea contamination

Cesium 134/137 found in Hachijo jima 494 km from Fukushima

Cesium 134 and 137 were measured in Hachijo jima, where is 494km south to Fukushima. In this far island of Pacific ocean, they measured cesium from the play ground of


Hotspot found in an elementary school at 254km from Fukushima

Related to this article..Water contamination reached west Kanagawa Hotspot found in mid Kanagawa prefecture as well. It was in Elementary school, where is 254km away from Fukushima. National diet is


Nausea and headache of Fukushima children increased from 6% to 38%. Gov “It’s stress.”

Related to this article..Fukushima students having their brain atrophied Fukushima university conducted “stress” research for 2743 people this January 2012. Valid responses were 2103 (77%). The result revealed that the


Fukushima elementary schools held sports festival

          Following up this article..Reality in Fukushima [Video] All of the 52 elementary schools in Fukushima held sports festival on 5/12/2012 on the assumption that radiation