Tepco “Molten Nuclear fuel not producing additional Tritium in reactors”

On 9/26/2013, Tepco announced radioactive water Tritium is not additionally produced in the reactors from their analysis.

From their sampling of 10. 2012 ~ 5. 2013, Tritium density was the same level in the retained water in reactor1~3, coolant water and the gas from the reactors. Having this analysis, they concluded Tritium is only circulating in coolant water and the reactors.





You can ignore the truth but the truth won’t ignore you.


Français :

Tepco : “Le combustible nucléaire fondu dans les réacteurs ne produit plus de tritium”


Le 26 septembre 2013, Tepco déclare que selon leurs analyses il n’y a plus d’eau radioactive en tritium produite dans les réacteurs.

Selon leurs échantillons pris d’octobre  2012 à mai 2013 dans les réacteurs 1 à 3, la concentration en tritium est restée la même dans les eaux retenues, les eaux de refroidissement et les gaz des réacteurs. Ils en concluent que le tritium ne se trouve que dans les eaux de refroidissement et les réacteurs.


Vous pouvez ignorer la vérité mais la vérité ne vous ignorera pas.

  1. Would be it possible that it is true? (Normally the coolant water is highly irradiated, so the concentration of tritium can rise up.)
    Would be it possible that it is an absolute lie inspired by my comment of September 15? Can anybody help me to estimate it?

    1. Quick Math:

      Let us presume. momentarily that NO additional tritium is being produced at, in or under the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. This would imply that the fissioning and neutron emissions were trivial to non-existent. Thus, we have some fixed concentration of tritium in water today. We shall call that concentration ‘N’.

      Tomorrow, there will be 300-600 Tons of fresh, new groundwater flow into the FDNPP from the hills above. We should expect dilution of the tritium concentration ‘N’ from the added, relatively pure water (intrusion).

      So within a month or so of the cessation of Tritium formation, the tritium concentration levels would begin to show patterns of dilution and migration.

      The proffered TEPCO ‘data’ does not appear to be consistent with the presumption above. We have thus FAILED to prove the presumption and all that it implies.


      Bill Duff

      1. The opposite can also be true.

        A very low level of fissioning (or none at all) may be occuring in, for example, Spent Fuel Pool #3 and/or Spent Fuel Pool #4. Some disruptive event, such as a fuel removal accident occurs, wherein a fuel bundle is dropped and tips over touching several other bundles and/or an inactive corium slug on the bottom of the Spent Fuel Pool.

        Such an unfortunate accident could touch off a cascading nuclear catastrophe on the order of an Ἁρμαγεδών (extinction level event). The entire crew could die, leaving the cooling functions undone or unstable. The nearby Fukushima Daiini plant could subsequencly become unsuitable for survival and abandoned.

        Within about 8 to 10 days, a second and even more Vast Radionuclide Storm would drift over North America. The sky would again be Orange with Radioactive Iodine, but at much higher concentration levels and with many other radioisotopes. Local Rain patterns would determine the order of the deaths in the USA, Canada and Mexico.

        Extreme caution and competence are urged in the Fuel Removal Process. There are certainly other, less catastrophic, but unfortunate events which could occur.


        Bill Duff

  2. Pathological Lying,

    The sustained TEPCO record does not inspire any confidence whatsoever. The record shows that TEPCO is incapable of providing complete and/or factual information. The International Nuclear Power organizations have similarly proven to be utterly unreliable.

    Thus, experience suggests that we believe the worst and take the TEPCO pronouncements ‘under advisement’ as likely incomplete and misleading at best. TEPCO is more generally, ‘flatly lying’,

    That being said: At some point the corium may become sufficiently alloyed (diluted) that fissioning may effectively cease to occur. Decay heat can presumably continue for a long time after the fissioning is trivial or non-existent.

    So it could still be molten lava and radioactive as all get out. But the neutron flux could be stopped at the particular location and time that TEPCO chooses to disclose. Again, since TEPCO says it and TEPCO habitually lies; I assume that TEPCO is not telling the full story.

    I expect that there is some fissioning going on within the bounds of and/or undergroud at the FDNPP.


    Bill Duff

  3. I assume the Tritium concentrations are also not decreasing in the massive amount of groundwater running through beneath the plant complex carrying the irradiated water into the ocean?

  4. Indeed, “radioactive water Tritium is not additionally produced in the reactors”, that is being produced underground – not in the reactors.
    So, they were telling the truth – just depending upon your point of view (“obi-wan”)
    I like this style of news release, it’s easier to read between the lines.

    So, is that what requires the injections of Nitrogen gas? Preventing 3H
    formation in what is remaining of the reactors and release to atmosphere seems astute. Thanks for thinking of the ozone layer, it’s a positive i suppose.

    TEPCO Lightning 2 – FukuGoo Monsters 125

    – End of 1st Inning. Stay tuned. 😐

    ((No wonder the camera doesn’t show the crowd, there’s barely anybody in the stands.
    So what if we cannot “win” this game, at least we can make the score look respectable! I’d like to see the score close to a draw.

    We need a new pitcher, Abe looks tired.
    Somebody wake the coach, at least! The new coach hasn’t fully settled into his new job since they lost Yoshida-san.
    Where’s the “All-Star” roster this sudden-death series requires?
    Can we get Ichiro Suzuki for this game after acquiring a “bulls-eye” pitcher?
    I’d pick a fight with an umpire if it would help, yet it won’t – that would hurt the team.
    That General Manager is certainly on borrowed time, imho.

    Don’t know how the franchise owner puts up with all the bullshit. I suspect it won’t be for much longer.))

    PLAY BALL! 🙂

    “A thing ain’t over until it’s over” – Yogi Berra Principle
    “Half the lies they tell about me aren’t true.” – TEPCO assertion
    “It’s deja vu all over again” – Fukushima-Diary Axiom

    Please TEPCO, If you come to a fork in the road, don’t radiate it! 😛

  5. Not stated:

    Sometimes what is NOT STATED is a key point.

    TEPCO does NOT state that tritium production is absent in the Spent Fuel Pools.

    Nor does TEPCO state that tritium production is absent from the corium slugs in the metal containment shells, or building foundations.

    Nor does TEPCO state that tritium production is absent from the corium slug(s) which have burned into the earth beneath the building foundations.

    Much is unstated, at present. Therefore, I personally assume that, active fissioning is occuring in significant amounts, within the general vicinity of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.


    Bill Duff

    1. Thanks for reply. Of course,
      volume of overstocked radioactive water rises up (as we can see)
      molten nuclear fuel does not product additional tritium (as TEPCO states)
      tritium density has the the same level in the retained water (as TEPCO states)
      all three statements cannot be true.

      (If 1st and 2nd is true, than molten nuclear fuel produce only the radioisotopes that can be discharged from water by cation exchange or distillation. If 1st and 3rd is true, than tritium is produced in the same amount as it is released to the ocean in steady-state mode. If 2nd and 3rd is true, than coolant water is circulating in water-tight circle and all is under control. But all three ones cannot be true.)

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