[Breaking] One more leakage found / 1.7 Sv/h

In addition to the 4 new tank leakage found on 8/31/2013, Tepco found one more leakage on 9/1/2013.

The radiation level was 1.7 Sv/h (γ & β). This is the other side of the tank where they measured 1.8 Sv/h yesterday.


Related article..Tepco “Inaccurate media coverage exaggerates the risk of 1.8 Sv/h of γ&β of tank leakage” / Leakage on-going [URL]





You can ignore the truth but the truth won’t ignore you.


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[Breaking] Une fuite de plus :  1,7 Sv/h


En plus des 4 nouvelles fuites de citernes découvertes le 31 août 2013, Tepco en a trouvé une autre en ce 1er septembre 2013.

La radioactivité y est à 1,7 Sv/h (γ & β). C’est du côté opposé à celui où ils avaient relevé les 1,8 Sv/h d’hier.


Article lié : Tepco : “Une couverture médiatique inappropriée exagère le risque des 1,8 Sv/h en γ&β de la fuite de la citerne” / La fuite se poursuit


Vous pouvez ignorer la vérité mais la vérité ne vous ignorera pas.

  1. I have a problem with all this tank leaking story. Gamma radiation will go through a tank with little perceptible attenuation (<5% with 1cm steel). So a 10-fold increase at some position near the tank cannot be a leak from the tank.It must be upswelling of radioactivity from under the tank, from another different source. Thats why they cant find the tank leaks. There are no tank leaks, or at least not any significant tank leaks.And if the water in the harbour is HOT i.e. if that photo is not a fake. I thing we have a external underground reactor, the Buenos Aires syndrome. If all this is so, they must now evacuate to 100km and along the coast for 200km.

    1. I have been guessing on ‘external underground’ for some time now, not surprising for some clandestine weapons manufacturing…you know what I mean.

    2. TEPCO claims it’s mostly beta radiation, hence less dangerous to workers in suits (not that I take their word for it). To assess whether the detected radiation is plausibly from a leak we need to know the likely radiation levels of the water in the tanks. Does anyone know? Is the tank water supposed to have been filtered? From what I’ve read it seems plausible that the 1.8 Sv is from a source outside the tanks. Surfacing ground water is one possibility, with potentially dire implications. Another possibility could be a buried chunk of reactor core from the explosion at reactor 3. The ‘boiling sea’ story seems implausible to me, more likely a sea mist, although with the containments kaput anything is possible. Great respects to you, Chris.

  2. And I still have an issue with the beta nuclides in the waste water in the tanks. IF they filtered out the Gamma…where did it go?

    Guess, reading the comment from CB above, really dont understand the situation. Its very confusing…Thank goodness for experts who chime in here. Am just an IT person, a computer scientists who has interest in collecting data/following techincal articles/diagrams as well as in designing and writing operating systems. Goes together.

  3. The situation is getting heated. Maybe soon the radiation will increase so much they cannot work anymore there?

    You should prepare the worst and start to gather plants in your home. Then you can close all the ventilation in case of new explosions etc. and have bonsai atmosphere. Also you can then eat those plants.


  4. I have written a few posts on my blog about the water leakages. The storage tanks are vulnerable to damage from another earthquake and are already leaking without a quake. Every couple days a new one is built adding to the hundreds already on site.

  5. They found really high radiation levels at the base of the storage tanks, right?
    A commenter at ENENEWS says that this may be the contaminated groundwater finally presenting itself at the ground surface.

    The groundwater levels have been rising underneath the Fukushima site, and this water is very contaminated.
    As the ground becomes more and more saturated, it will start to sink in places.
    Particularly underneath the huge storage tanks, because they are so heavy.
    I think it would be the first places where the groundwater would seep to the surface. (like when you soak a sponge with water, and then put a heavy object on top of it.)
    If this is what’s happening, then it’s very worrying.

    If the contaminated groundwater keeps seeping to the surface, couldn’t the radiation levels spike so high that they may be forced to evacuate the workers?

  6. Let’s simplify this phenomenon. It just follows the second law of thermodynamics; to keep minimizing the total entropy at Fukushima Daiichi, at the first place, TEPCO and the Japanese Government should think of preventing the worst-case water contamination for at least a couple of decades but they even looked at its reality as well as its consequence; the contamination over the whole gene pool of all species. It is their failure, thus the rest of the world should intervene their quick and easy solutions.
    FAILURE IS NOT OUR OPTION in this case but it sounds TEPCO and the Japanese Government including Japanese people do not care about what’s going on…

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