Tepco denies that a worker stopped contaminated water splashing from a tank with a raincoat

On 9/21/2013, Tepco commented on their website that the story of a worker who stopped splashing contaminated water from a tank is not acknowledged.

According to Tepco, on 9/20/2013 Asahi newspaper wrote a Fukushima worker saw contaminated water splashing from a tank. A sub-contract worker wore a raincoat over the protective clothing and tightened the bolt to stop it, and the worker was having the splash over the body.

Tepco states they don’t acknowledge such a fact.





You can ignore the truth but the truth won’t ignore you.


Français :

Tepco réfute qu’un employé ait arrêté avec un imperméable une fuite d’eau extrêmement radioactive jaillissant d’une citerne 


Le 21 septembre 2013, Tepco déclare sur son site web que l’histoire d’un ouvrier ayant bloqué une fuite qui éclaboussait depuis une citerne n’est pas reconnue.

Selon Tepco, le 20 septembre 2013 le journal Asahi a écrit qu’un travailleur de Fukushima a vu de l’eau extrêmement radioactive jaillissait d’une citerne. Un ouvrier de sous-traitance qui portait un imperméable par-dessus sa combinaison de protection aurait couvert la fuite avec pour l’arrêter et cet ouvrier en aurait été grandement éclaboussé.
Tepco déclare qu’ils n’ont pas connaissance d’un tel fait.


Vous pouvez ignorer la vérité mais la vérité ne vous ignorera pas.

  1. you are doing a well job! In Europe, spes. Germany – there are hardly news on TV. We talk about Ben Bernanke and his Moneyprint and nowerdays about germanys-four-year termed voting this tomorow.

    The biggest fear over here about fukushima here is, NOVEMBER. Of course many people here dont understand, that Tokio is going to carry out the summergames 2020 – We have expearianced Tchernobyl in sev. places in southgermany or in sweden you cant eat wild meat out of the forests.
    Tchernobyl is still poluting the water, rivers and lakes in Bela-Rusia. But Their Gouverment is Europes last diktator – yot get no news from there.

    I think the next blowup will either be in Japan again – or in France. People here will go mad if it happens in france. They would need the army to calm people down.

  2. Although we may never know if this really happened the way it’s described I can believe it is a true story since TEPCO’s denials & accounting of issues & incidents is ALWAYS based on lies & misinformation-the international nuke industry “standard operating procedure”by the way(?)!! So here is the legacy of yet another unsung hero’s tale describing yet another selfless act undertaken by someone putting themselves in harm’s way to try to keep others from the same fate he will undoubtedly suffer in an expedited timeframe re;the onset of radiation damage to life we are ALL going to see & experience in up-close & personal ways sooner or later,maybe a little bit later thanks to his actions while shielded with a yellow rubber raincoat not unlike that being worn by Japanese & downwinder’s schoolchildren walking from contaminated homes down contaminated streets to contaminated schools hoping they live to see their (even more)contaminated futures! 🙁 This underpaid TEPCO contractor in Tyvek & a raincoat did more for TEPGOV’s victims in an hour with a spanner wrench than the scoundrels responsible who are draining the health,wealth & vitality from their victim/tax-ratepayer’s in the whole 2 1/2 years they’ve incompetently mis-managed the ongoing,ever-escalating nuclear crisis they now profit from!! And it’s sickening…….

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