Mr. Yamamoto Taro’s mother moved abroad

Actor / activist, Yamamoto Taro tweeted his mother has been sick since Osaka started incinerating debris.

(cf, [Express] Yamamoto Taro “Since Osaka started incinerating debris, my mother has been sick” [URL])

On 3/1/2013, he tweeted she already left Japan.


My mom left abroad. I went with her to help finding a house. will go back to Japan tomorrow. I feel bad to leave her alone abroad but I have a lot to do in Japan. When I come back to Japan, will leave Osaka and look for a place to live somewhere in western Japan. Only if we didn’t have nuclear plants, our family wouldn’t have been apart. It kills me when I think of how other people are feeling in the same situation.




Français :

La mère de M. Yamamoto Taro est partie à l’étranger


L’acteur militant Yamamoto Taro a tweeté que sa mère est malade depuis qu’Osaka a commencé l’incinération des gravas. (cf. [Express] Yamamoto Taro : “Depuis qu’Osaka a commencé l’incinération des débris, ma mère est malade”)

Le 1er mars 2013, il tweete qu’elle a quitté le Japon :

Ma maman est partie à l’étranger. Je suis avec elle pour lui trouver une maison, je reviens au Japon demain. Ça me fait mal de la laisser toute seule mais j’ai beaucoup à faire au Japon. Quand je serai revenu , je quitterai Osaka pour chercher un endroit où vivre dans l’ouest du Japon. Si on n’avait pas eu de centrales nucléaire on ne serait pas séparés de nos familles. Ça me tue quand je pense comment les autres se sentent dans la même situation.
— 山本太郎俳優 脱原発に60兆票!さん (@yamamototaro0) 2013年3月1日

  1. My heart goes out to the Japanese People. Even facing the crisis of Fukushima, they still showed dignity, kindness and non criminal behavior, unlike Americans after Katrina.

    I do feel that some how there is weather and earthquake technology to make countries that don’t comply with the American Corporate/Military Dictatorship’s wishes suffer.

    In other words, possibly Fukushima was no “accident” – it was a malign, man made event unleashed upon a people, unknowingly by the American Government. Another tactic to dirty warfare.

    There is a God and a satan. The American Government has embraced satan’s laws, our leaders have sold their souls and most Americans are so deeply distracted, divided and dumbed down they don’t even see it.

    There will be justice. It will not come tomorrow or next year but in time those who have sold their souls for power and money will answer to a higher authority – and I will have no pity watching them being thrown into hell.

    Pray for Japan and her People. My husband visited Japan many years ago and said the people were very honest, friendly and good.

    I dated a Japanese man long ago and he told me, “There are but two types of people, honorable and dishonorable.”

    I feel somewhere along the line, the Japanese Government refused to fall into line with America’s Global New World Order and Fukushima, like 911 was “arranged” to bring people into line or take them out.

  2. I heard from a school teacher in Osaka that in the
    Ast month or so, many students are tired and sick. She also told me that recently, every night ambulances started to go past her house.
    I wonder if it is from burning Iwate debris? It contains many things other than the unmeasured strontium, plutonium etc….
    Does anybody know how the debris comes to Osaka(boat, truck etc)?

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