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[Column] Can’t be ash

In the bed, I wished all the food were tablets and capsules so I wouldn’t miss the taste of food and everybody would be equally starving. I was suffering from

Natural disasters

M4.4 hit Tokyo twice with 12 hours interval on 3/8/2013

On 3/8/2013, M4.4 hit around Tokyo twice. The epicenter of the second one was South Saitama, where is almost in Tokyo. The first one. [URL 1] Date: 2013/03/08 07:19:48 Location:

Cover-ups Plant hazard

Tepco “Tepco can’t maintain the stable supply of Fukushima workers, needs help of the gov and industry”

The shortage of Fukushima worker is one of the most important concerns for decommissioning the plant. In the press conference of 3/8/2013, Tepco commented they cannot maintain the stable supply


[Concealment ?] Fukushima prefecture deleted the emergency radiation monitoring data of when reactor1 exploded

  Fukushima prefecture deleted the emergency monitoring data at 5km from Fukushima plant. The portable monitor recorded the radiation level from 5AM to afternoon of 3/12/2011, when reactor1 exploded. Fukushima