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[Column] Church, Chanel, and an old woman

An old woman called me from the other side of the narrow street. In the Spring weather, I was walking on the winding street surrounded by old European style of

Food contamination Sea contamination

The haul of Sagami bay is significantly decreasing for unknown reason

The haul of Sagami bay has been significantly decreased since last Autumn. Sagami bay is south offshore of Kanagawa prefecture, where used to be famous for the variety of fish.


JP Gov to reduce the sorts of food to test the radiation level of “Because they measure radiation decreasingly”

On 3/19/2013, MHLW (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare) announced they are going to reduce the sorts of food to test the radiation level of after April. The number of

Natural disasters

The potential Nankai megathrust earthquake would cause 220 trillion yen damage and 5 million evacuees

On 3/18/2013, the council for the potential Nankai megathrust earthquake announced in case of M9.1 class of the earthquake offshore South West offshore Japan, the economical damage would be 220.3


Highly radioactive dust accumulated in the body of Shinkansen with no place to stock

↑ This is not the specific Shinkansen that they found the dust from. (Wikipedia) According to National Railway Workers Union, highly radioactive dust is accumulated on the lower part of


Nuclear disaster headquarters to lift rice planting restriction in 20km area

  On 3/19/2013, Nuclear disaster headquarters of Prime Minister of Japan and his Cabinet announced to lift the rice planing restriction from Naraha machi, Kawauchi mura, Kawamata machi, Iitate mura,

Spent Fuel Pools

The blackout was caused by a mouse in the panel board, the board has been left on the truck since 3/18/2011

According to Tepco, the power blackout of Fukushima plant was caused by a mouse that came in the terminals to have caused a short circuit. The panel board was provisionally