[Express] Yamamoto Taro “Since Osaka started incinerating debris, my mother has been sick”

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Since debris incineration was started in Osaka, my mom has been having the health problems. Depression, headache, a lot of eye mucus, lymph node is swollen, and strongly strange feeling of heart etc.. She has been living the super healthy life so her body promptly reacts. Maybe she has to move again. It looks like a domestic refugee.




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[Express] Yamamoto Taro : “Depuis qu’Osaka a commencé l’incinération des débris, ma mère est malade”

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Depuis que l’incinération des débris a commencé à Osaka, ma maman a des problèmes de santé. Dépression, migraines, larmoiements, ganglions douloureux et de bizarres sensations au cœur, etc.. Elle a toujours été en super-santé ce qui fait que son corps réagit très vite. Peut-être doit-elle encore déménager. On dirait une réfugiée intérieure.

— 山本太郎俳優 脱原発に60兆票!さん (@yamamototaro0) 2013年2月17日

  1. I’m very sorry to hear of your mother’s suffering and have been finding myself in the unenviable position of having to tread very carefully whenever I feel compelled to suggest the connection between industrial pollution,especially radioactive contamination and the sudden illnesses & deaths of family & friends who cling to the lies a lifetime of brainwashing/programming STILL effectively blocks the signals from the portion of their brains that allows logic & common-sense and survival instincts to guide their opinions and decisions and instead of drawing proper conclusions and making appropriate decisions usually ends badly with the very loved ones I’d tried to “help” being offended and offending me and/or those “trying” to help them as well as answer questions related to “how & why” healthy people suddenly got sick and what it implies for those of us able to resist the radiation-induced health problems & fatalities a bit longer than those already succumbing to radiations insidious effects on human health and QOL!!(?) If there was ever an issue or argument that I would hope I was WRONG about-the radiation and status/impact of Fukushima,etc.’s harmful impacts & association with recent events that serve to strongly hint that humankind and indeed the planet Earth have run out of time and miracles-this is THE #1 issue I hope I never would be able to say “I told you so” to the gullible masses who reject reality & replace the facts with lies they’ve been fed from those who are harming them!! Again I’m sorry for your families suffering and if you didn’t feel there was a connection to the issues related to nuclear contaminants you wouldn’t have posted your loved one’s “telling” details of the illness that anyone with an open mind can see the connection to nukes is evident and more than likely a “fact”!!? GOOD LUCK!- I hope she gets through the treatments and recovers quickly and completely!!….. 🙁

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