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[Column] Sense

If you live for nearly 30 years, you get to know your mood has nothing to do with your-actual-self, and emotion is nothing but a communication tool. You become able


[3/15/2011] Wife of Costa Rican ambassador, “Our president told us to leave, a lot of ambassadors want to do so.”

A filmmaker Mr. Ian Thomas Ash made a documentary about the first several days after 311. In this documentary, the wife of Costa Rican ambassador commented their president told them

Export from Japan

Malaysia lifted import regulation about food from Japan

  Ministry of Health in Malaysia lifted the import regulation about food from Japan. As of 3/1/2013, they stop radiation test on food from all the prefectures and imposing the

Cover-ups Plant hazard

Fukushima worker found a trace of gas oil dripped on the road of the plant

A Tepco employee found a trace of gas oil dripped on the road. We are concerned about their discharge of contaminated water and the soundness of reactors but this could

Core removing struggle Plant hazard

Tepco failed in installing thermometers into reactor2, “4 fiberscopes all stuck in the pipe”

In order to evaluate the feasibility of investigating inside of reactor2 and also to install new thermometer, Tepco attempted inserting fiberscopes to inspect the soundness of TIP guide pipe but

Contaminated water crisis Sea contamination

[Is it already discharged ?] Tritium and Sr-90 density in sea water doubled in the latest data

According to Tepco, tritium and Sr-90 density in sea water picked up last December. The sampling location is about 30m point in north of reactor5 and 6 discharge channel. Officially