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Contaminated water crisis Sea contamination

[Analysis] There is no way of stopping ground water flowing into the plant

Now Reuters is the only foreign media to attend Tepco’s press conference. I appreciate them, am not meant to criticize at all. The biggest issue in Fukushima is the potential


[Analysis] Spring wind may increase your internal exposure in Tokyo

Seasonal wind Every Spring, strong wind blows in Japan. Tokyo is not an exception. Between Winter and Spring, rain falls less than other seasons and the air is dry. The

Confirmed effects

Thyroid abnormality rate is 13.3% in Miyagi, “Too good” compared to the 57% of other 3 prefectures

According to Marumori town in Miyagi prefecture, they detected nodules or cysts of thyroid from 13.3 % of children from their thyroid test. The test was conducted from 3. 2012

Effects to be confirmed

Digestive and skin disease jumped up to 60 times in Ukraine, “Is it the same in Japan ?”

Fukushima Diary has been reporting unusual increase of digestive, circulatory and skin disease in Japan. (cf, [Column] Looking into the outbreak of norovirus. Is it mutation ? or .. [URL


Acute exposure and low dose exposure may both cause intelligent deterioration

Konstantin Loganovsky from National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine et al published the reports about radiation effect on intelligence based on the study about Chernobyl accident. (9/5/2012) According to their