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Tepco to drill a hole on the first floor of reactor2 for torus room investigation on 3/24~25

On 3/24 ~ 25, Tepco is going to drill a hole on the first floor of reactor2 on 3/24~3/25/2013.   On January 27 and 28, a hole was drilled on


Fukushima worker “Power outage frequently happens in Fukushima plant”

The radio show “Hodosuru radio” (MBS radio) reported a comment of a Fukushima worker. The announcer, Ueda introduced the comment of an anonymous Fukushima worker. The worker stated, “About the


Children’s exercise capacity of Fukushima, Miyagi and Iwate significantly decreased since last year

  According to MEXT ( Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology), the exercise capacity of the children in Fukushima, Miyagi and Iwate decreased since last year. It decreased


Female decontamination workers are recruited in 72km from Fukushima plant

The leaflets to recruit decontamination workers were found.   Job : Decontamination worker / radiation measuring staff Location : Izumizaki mura (72 km in South West of Fukushima plant) Qualification

Sea contamination

Tepco concealing the analysis data for Plutonium because of “the bad weather”

On 3/21/2013, Tepco released the marine soil analysis data about Pu-238/239/240, but they didn’t show the readings of the soil taken from the south discharge channel of Fukushima plant. The


Wild bird society of Japan, “Unusual number of swallows have uneven tail feathers in 60km area from Fukushima plant”

    In Kakuda city Miyagi, where is 60km in North West from Fukushima plant, Wild bird society of Japan found unusual number of swallows with uneven tail feathers. The