[Column] To connect all kinds of the activists

In most of the cases, we activists fight against the governmental policy.

They listen to the corporations instead of voters, and they exactly work for the corporations, not for voters.
They rob us of freedom like cattle in the farm.

However, we are all divided from each other.
Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Vaccine, Same-gender marriage, Internet censorship, financial monopoly, and anti-nuke, we all share the same spirit but acting separately for some reason.

We are fighting against almost the same thing, but why are we acting uncooperatively ?

I see no reason not to get ourselves united.

Anti-nuke movement has to fight against the internet censorship. Issues about Palestine is deeply connected to depleted uranium.

Nothing can work solely.

Some of the groups are more vocal, some of the groups have more influential on the internet.
Each movement can support each other.

It’s time to get us all connected to each other.

I’m planning to make a platform for all kinds of activists to communicate with each other.
For the beginning, I’m going to make a Facebook group to discuss the concept of the platform.
I think I will let the group active for a limited time, such as 2 weeks or 3 weeks, then move to the formal one.
Unfortunately, I have no technical background. If you are able to make some web service or something, please leave a comment below.
Some of the activities can have a protest like a rock festival.

It is important to be connected to and help each other to make the world better.
I don’t want to let the world getting rotten anymore.

Truth tellers, unite.




Français :

[Édito] Relier tous les types de militants


Dans la plupart des cas, nous, militants, nous battons contre la politique gouvernementale.

Ils écoutent plus les corporations que les électeurs et ils travaillent de fait pour les corporations, pas pour les électeurs.
Ils nous volent notre liberté comme à du bétail dans une exploitation.

Nous sommes tous cependant isolés les uns des autres.
Syrie, Palestine, Irak, Vaccins, Mariage homosexuel, censure Internet, monopoles financiers et anti-nucléaires, nous partageons tous le même esprit mais nous agissons de façon séparée.

Nous nous battons contre la même chose mais pourquoi ne le faisons-nous pas de façon plus coopérative ?

Je ne vois aucune raison à ne pas nous unir.

Le mouvement anti-nucléaire ne combat pas la censure sur internet. Les problèmes de la Palestine sont étroitement liés à ceux de l’uranium appauvri.

Rien ne peut marcher isolément.

Certains groupes sont plus bruyants, d’autres sont plus influents sur internet.
Chaque mouvement peut soutenir et être soutenu par les autres.

Il serait temps de nous relier tous les uns aux autres.

Je prévoie de créer une plate-forme permettant aux militants de tout type de communiquer entre eux.
Pour commencer, je vais créer un groupe Facebook pour discuter du concept de cette plate-forme.
Je pense que je vais garder ce groupe actif pendant un temps limité, genre 2 ~ 3 semaines, puis passer au formel.
Malheureusement, je n’ai aucune connaissance technique. Si vous savez monter un service web ou des choses dans le genre, merci de me le dire en commentaire ci-dessous.
Certaines activités peuvent manifester au travers de choses comme des festivals de rock.

Il est important de se relier et de s’entraider pour faire un monde meilleur.
Je ne veux pas laisser le monde continuer de pourrir.

Les diseurs de vérité, unis.

  1. I am interested in helping, but I am not a tech expert. However, are you aware of civicus? I think they are doing the same kind of thing, it might be better to put your efforts with theirs.


  2. A very great idea. I spread a lot of truths about different things already, so why not spread more ? Thumbs up ! 🙂

  3. It is a shame, the citizens of the world are under attack from the ruling elite and instead of defending ourselves we follow what the attackers program us to do,.. fight among ourselves, hate one another based upon race, nationality, sexual orientation etc. They use tv, newspapers churches etc. to post articles with artificial good and bad things about those issues and then we take sides. THINK FOR YOURSELVES PEOPLE! Look up in the sky, look at the ground, look all around, the planet is dying and the citizens are under attack! Time to unite and defend!

  4. Direct sales, marketing and information transfer is best. For example, Japan is one of the largest GMO agricultural industry in the world but the media is sleeping in Japan about this. Most of what we eat in the world is not what it seems and is protected with evil lawyer writings.

  5. I’m able to roll out a webservice like the one described but I’m unwilling to do so, because most of the information spread by various groups is just plain wrong, misunderstood or even worse, technically and scientifically incorrect.
    Especially the anti-vaccination groups are just plain wrong, but Fukushima Diary is also onto some very big misconceptions.

    Although I totally agree on nuclear power being crap the way it is and the fact that you can’t have governments running around without heavy control, I’m not willing to unleash a group of idiots with no inside knowledge and who will believe everything once it’s written down. Those groups will make the same mistakes over and over again.

    So Iori, I’m quite happy that you took the job of informing the public of everything that’s happening, but please, cut down on the activistic bullshit. It dwarfs the importance of the real information you’re trying to present and therefore your real message totally disappears.

      1. Like the safety limit for food being 0 bq/kg (mentioned a few posts back).
        In fact, our bodies rely on receiving a very small dose of radiation each day. Most of that comes from Iodine salts in our food. Iodine salt is slightly radioactive by default and it is required for a lot of chemical processes to function properly.
        The thyroid is one of the glands with these kinds of chemical processes. It needs a very tiny bit of radiation from iodine to function properly. Too much will cause thyroidcancer, but receiving too little of the stuff also causes thyroid cancer. It all depends on the dose.

        Fortunately most of us receive the required dose automatically from bread, soy sauce and other kinds of food.

  6. great idea and reposted your comments to nuclear-news.net

    put my name on the list.. i have a web-site space in iceland that might be of use.. and we have the blogs for marketting the groups aims and objectives anyway..

    you have my contact details, let me know when you are online discussing it and where the Temporary FB page is..
    we need to see if this might be dealt with by some established avtivist group for co-ordination.. there are many available but which will be the most appropriate..

    A “group” with certain aims and objectives can be formed by people “with differences” .. in fact the best groups are actually formed by the most different people that can “put in” towards aims and objectives..

    i can work with a pro nuke if we get rid of the icrp dose model for instance.. but i may then later go after the lesser and safer agrred limit if i thin it is too high..

    Sun Tsu!

    the important component for this to work is a “neutral” fascilitator, trained in group work techniques..

    as Iori says “we need to work together or the private security and government agencies will “have us all for dinner”..

    example of a disperate group working to one aim here and winning.. slowly 🙂


  7. It’s all about getting the message to the widest possible audience. Some by association with and access to followers of other similar causes, some through entertainment, others by happenstance.

    We can certainly vet the entrants to such an internet site or movement, but we can’t be so precious about who we share space with that we diss a very good opportunity to gain the spotlight in mainstream media for the cause.

    Lots of Noise, bright lights, a sensible non threatening approach from a well organised and dedicated throng preaching a message from the heart will stir public interest, gain followers and add strength to the mission.

    Idea: Do something different like Have a naked city to the sea run in every city around the world with body paint signage on bums and push bikes for the less athletic. Instant uni student participation, air time on TV and a good fund raiser. It certainly works for PETA. Count me in.

  8. I would go very carefully on this. People with very different aspirations will infiltrate well meaning groups when they are set up…I’ve seen it happen. Also do you have to support the aims of all the groups who join you.? They may change over time. Best wishes.

  9. Awesome theory and Intent, Iori-san. I’d love to see that in action. Not to mention, though all the activists’ issues of the world are spread out and separated by physical details and elements, the issue of man-made nuclear radiation involves EVERYONE on the planet! It CAN BE a unifying force!

    Unfortunately… do people have enough unbiased capacity – to not end up simply defending their opinion, their personal perception, their ego-stance? Are there enough who are Strong enough to act/speak from an objective Integrity rather than a rigid judgement based on habit or what they want solely for themselves and their beliefs (regardless of the actual Truth of the matter and the struggles that we all share in)?

    For example, look at the last US presidential elections. The chaotic stalemate-inaction was based on defending opinions (and party stance) at all costs, with no regard for REAL UNBIASED SOLUTIONS. They still cannot get together at least in common sense, let alone objective assessment.

    I’ve seen way too many communities and movements turn sour because people could not put aside their ego, the gritty surface details of their personal views and beliefs (including religious), to unite the core of Truth of all matters. The movements sparked out of a Passion to change the system often turn into a place to rant, or an exclusive social club, or just another cyclical system of the same structure – new face, same underlying structure, same “fate” in a sense. Ends up feeding the same System. Repeating the same template.

    Revolutionary take-overs throughout history had the motive of freedom from oppression and suffering at their core. But the ones who “win” the war start over with yet another cycle of oppression, reversing the order or creating a new “enemy-in-the-making”. The other definition of “revolution” [“a procedure or course, as if in a circuit, back to a starting point”… something that spins, revolves, so the same course over and over…]. Like a computer program that keeps the same base sequence of ones and zeros, even though the graphics appear different because of minor “accessory” adjustments.

    For example, Karl Marx had a beautiful idea. But in actuality, Communism greatly distorted from that concept (like for instance, Stalin massacred it, etc). Same as Democracy too: in theory, it sounded like a great way to manage as a collective, and account for everyone. In actuality, the theory didn’t hold up. As a matter of intricacies and laws of physics and energy, (let alone personal motives, survival instincts, and narcissism… on up to money, presiding corporate interests and religious dogma…), the theory cannot work. Not with the direction and size the System (as an entity of itself) snowballed in. Like that computer program with no stops in place, exponentially accelerating.

    Even with that said, i love the idea of networking to unify, in the concept of Changing the devastation accumulated throughout history. Attempt to turn it into an Essence so Strong that it can only actualize. But the Intents involved must be clear and pure, in other words, unfazed by pettiness, subconscious prejudices, and the will of the ego…

    I’d been to huge protests in DC where people were so charged-up and self-fulfilling, scattered to the point that the focus broke off in all directions (“oh, there’s a Starbucks, lets stop here and protest them”… “there’s the federal___building, everyone go this way!…” on and on). The old saying, “divide and conquer”, except that it was the particular protestors which were sabotaging their own agenda. It breaks down communications and the collective force real quickly, until it dissolves back into the System which it is fighting against.

    I still think your idea is worth a try. As i said, regardless of the more personal activist causes based on individual identities and locational circumstances, this cause of nuclear systems and radioactive contamination can be a single, unifying, all-inclusive matter. As bad as it is, it could be a source of REAL CHANGE. Maybe it can unite all the different issues under one common goal…. i mean first of all, logically and practically speaking, do we want to continue living on this planet?? Or keep on the warpath of conflicting agendas, increased sickness and suffering, then right on towards extinction…???

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