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If you live for nearly 30 years, you get to know your mood has nothing to do with your-actual-self, and emotion is nothing but a communication tool. You become able to see it passing by like floating clouds in the sky.

However, as I watched the scene of the train, supermarket and street just after 311 in this documentary, I couldn’t help feeling something.

The BGM of the shop, way of people’s talking, uniforms of workers, they all build up the atmosphere of “everyday life” as if nothing happened.
It’s all the same in Japan, still.

Should I let it be like that ? What about people going there from now full of hopes ?
Countless questions came up in my mind.

I know the blood will come back to my fingers in a couple of hours. This is just a mood.
I do never let it overwhelm myself.

I moved sooner than most of the people because I sensed something.
I immediately noticed everything was fake from the way of news announcers’ talking.
After 311, the entire city looked like empty plastic toys like Disney land.

People get lost and often ask me what to do, where to go like I was a leader.

I always hated leadership. I’m independent like a cat.
but in this mess, I know what to do, I know where is the least smoky for some reason.

so if someone wants to think I’m a leader, just think I am. Looking around, I seem to be the only one to know what to do. My intuition has been crucially true.

However, I know shouting is not the way to make them hear me. The louder I am, the more they cover their eyes.
They listen to the songs because it’s interesting, not because it’s loud.

You can be louder because your audience want you to be.
This is the most important and difficult part.

I can’t force anyone to do anything, but I can’t leave them and say just die.
Probably this is the common anguish among all the movements.




Français :

[Édito] Sens


Quand on a vécu près de 30 ans, on sait que ses humeurs n’ont aucun rapport avec votre état actuel et que les émotions ne sont rien d’autre qu’un outil de communication. On devient capable de les regarder passer comme les nuages dans le ciel.

Ainsi, alors que je regardais la scène du train, du supermarché et de la rue juste après le 11-3 dans ce documentaire, je ne ressentais rien.

La musique d’ambiance du magasin, la façon de parler des gens, les uniformes des ouvriers, ils donnaient tous l’impression d’un “jour comme un autre” que rien ne s’était passé.
C’est exactement pareil au Japon, toujours.

Devrais-je le laisser comme ça ? Et les gens qui y vont maintenant et plein d’espoirs ?
Des questions sans nombre sont venues dans ma tête.

Je savais que le sang allait revenir dans mes doigts d’ici une paire d’heures. C’est juste une humeur.
Je ne les laisse jamais me troubler.

J’ai déménagé avant la plupart des gens parce que j’ai senti quelque chose.
J’avais immédiatement  noté que tout était faux dans le ton de la voix des présentateurs.
Après le 11-3, toute la ville ressemblait à un jouet en plastique vide genre Disney land.

Les gens étaient perdus et me demandaient souvent quoi faire, où aller, comme si j’étais un leader.

J’ai toujours détesté commander. Je suis indépendant comme un chat.
mais dans cette pagaille, je savais quoi faire, je savais où était le moins enfumé.

alors si quelqu’un veut penser que je suis un leader, qu’il pense seulement que je suis. En regardant autour, j’avais l’air d’être le seul à savoir quoi faire. Mon intuition a été crucialement vraie.

Ceci étant, je sais que crier n’est pas une bonne façon pour se faire entendre. Plus je crie fort, plus ils se couvrent les yeux.
Ils écoutent les chansons parce que c’est intéressant, pas parce que c’est fort.

Vous pouvez être plus bruyant parce que votre audience vous veut comme ça.
C’est le point le plus important et le plus difficile.

Je ne peux forcer personne à faire quoi que ce soit mais je ne peux les laisser comme ça, comme dire qu’ils en meurent.
Sans doute est-ce l’angoisse la plus courante dans tous les mouvements.

  1. It seems the plastic toys in Disneyland are not just in Fukushima-ken. Apart from a small voices from Greenpeace, no one in the whole world is caring. Maybe the mass media is too powerful, or the nuclear industry?
    On NHK WORLD yesterday, there was an article about how radiation had fallen by 40% in 80km zone. Using the Science Ministry as a source, they said that “radioactive substances lose about 21% of their potency a year because of natural decay”.
    Plutonium’s 22,000 years and Strontium and Cesium’s 30 or so years are only ‘half lives’, not 100% decays, so where in the world did this “21% a year come from???
    This is published on NHK, which is like the UK’s BBC. The massive boom of tourists coming to Japan must believe this garbage news.

  2. Sometimes I forget and think life here in the United States is normal. Then I remember but then remembering the fall out is ongoing all over the world now seems normal too. I am taking lots supplements to wash out the radiation, I will soon start with encapsulated Vit C one can make for one’s self. I stopped buying any fruits and vegetables or nuts from the West Coast. I try to remember to stay out of the rain. I have given up trying to find a way to tell if my food has radiation. There seems to be an economic fall out coming here as well and the constitution is not holding up too well There are people heading for what they think is safer grounds with non GMO seeds and provisions to avoid the collapse and destruction they see coming. I don’t know how many of them take the fukushima fall out seriously. I hear of people growing food in green houses hydoponically,so their food is safe from radiation. How does one get rid of radiation in the water. Is well water OK? I am glad for your intuition Lori, I admire it very much. I started a play about a young couple in the United States and the young woman knows about the continuing release of radiation from Fukushima and wants to leave for some place safer and the young man, well he is part of the cover up. I was going to send it to a play competion where there would be performances if the play was chosen. I did not finish it in time, but was not upset. I knew I could use it elsewhere. I found some relief in thinking of having the true story of fukushima said out loud in front of a live audience. But as a writer I know it is not good to have a character say things just because I want people to hear them. Though it is terribly tempting. The play has to be about these two specific people finding there way, the circumstances are alway secondary. And all of us who come to this blog will find our way too I do believe that, though have not much to base it on but some supplements and a tiny poignant flicker of hope. Thanks so much for the truth Lori!

  3. We are having a major snowstorm across the U.S. while the Fukushima Jet Stream is overhead–many inches of snow, which is supposed to concentrate the radiation from the upper atmosphere–straight from Fukushima, Japan. And it’s falling on agricultural lands…with kids playing in it, while their schools are closed, etc….

    I don’t know what they are thinking here. There are no warnings about anything, not even minimal consideration for persons at highest risk?…

    Keep spreading the Information. GREAT reporting here!! Many people are still wondering about it in the back of their minds!! It shows up on major blogs, where people know this is about 3(THREE)full nuclear meltdowns, but there was only 1 (ONE) that caused major hazards for decades at Chernobyl. And three is a multiple of one!!!….

    Everyone can understand that! Thanks-

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