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[Column] Save the real journalists

  Oshidori mako / ken They were Japanese comedian but showed their anti-nuclear attitude clearly after 311. Just like Fukushima Diary and other blogs, they quit trusting mass media never,


Fukushima worker “Human worker can’t get into torus room of reactor1, needs underwater vehicle”

On 2/20/2013, Tepco investigated inside of the torus room of reactor1 and they measured 920 mSv/h near the S/C. [URL 1] Actual Fukushima worker Happy11311 tweeted the rest of the


[Column] Don’t miss a chance

  The lady was in the black fur coat. In the narrow and old shopping mall, she was walking ahead of me. All the shops were closed, it was dark


0.5μSv/h from the street dust in Edogawa Tokyo

Over 0.5μSv/h was measured from the street dust in Hirai Edogawa ku Tokyo.       Iori Mochizuki _____ Français : 0,5 μSv/h dans les poussières urbaines d’Edogawa à Tokyo


Radiation level offshore Fukushima river increased to be 95 times much as 1 month before

  According to Tepco, the radiation level of sea ground soil jumped up by 950% from November to December in 2012. The sampling location was 2km offshore of Ukedogawa in


Fukushima youth, “I will have children in Fukushima to contribute toward Fukushima.”

  On 9/30/2012, Fukushima Diary reported “Fukushima city is going to send inspectors to Gomel in Belarus to learn their policy of health management”. [URL] On 2/23/2013, the inspectors held

Column Food contamination

[Column] The worst thing you wouldn’t want to know

Sometimes people ask me what I would do in the Arctic Circle. I always say “Live”. Some of them ask me, what’s that life for ? Maybe they live for


Public prosecutors won’t prosecute Katsumata of Tepco, Fukushima citizens demanded Tepco to surrender to justice

According to freelance journalist Tanaka, Tepco’s former chairman Katsumata will not be prosecuted due to the lack of evidence. Plaintiffs from Fukushima surrounded public prosecutors office and Tepco and demanded

Contaminated water crisis

[Another step to discharge contaminated water to the sea] Tepco to make a trial run of ALPS

Tepco plans to discharge contaminated water to the sea. In order to justify themselves to discharge retained water, they are building the new water purifying facility called ALPS, which is


Fallout detected in Fukushima Daini too

According to Tepco, fallout was detected in Fukushima Daini as well.   Sampling date : 2012/12/28 10:40 AM ~ 2013/2/1 2:30 PM Sampling location : Administrative Office Building Cs-134 :