The national institute for defense studies “China is highly likely to send military to disputed sea areas.”

Japanese government is finding more and more external threats.

On 12/19/2012, the national institute for defense studies announced that there is a high possibility that Chinese government sends military to disputed marine areas such as Senkaku islands and South China sea in order to obtain and maintain marine rights and interests against neighboring countries including Japan.

They reported, the guidance department of Chinese government is having sense of impending crisis increasingly, they are having chinese military, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, national marine department and agricultural department organized better to pressure neighboring countries.





Français :

L’institut national des études de défense : “La Chine va certainement envoyer son armée dans les zones marines contestées.”

Le gouvernement japonais s’invente de plus en plus de menaces extérieures .

Le 19 décembre 2012, l’institut national des études de défense a annoncé qu’il y a une forte probabilité que le gouvernement chinois envoie son armée dans des zones marines contestées comme les îles Senkaku et le Sud de la mer de Chine pour obtenir et garantir ses droits maritimes et ses intérêts contre les pays voisins dont le Japon.

Ils disent que le département de la prospective du gouvernement chinois a un sens aigu de l’irritation progressive des crises imminentes, qu’ils ont une armée, que leurs ministères des Affaires Étrangères,  leur marine nationale et leur département agricole se sont organisés pour augmenter la pression sur les pays voisins.


  1. It took 60 years to control 300 million people under one American government and look at the damage it did to the world .

    China’s over two Billion under one corrupt quasy ‘communist’ leadership , therefore , should transform the human civilization in the next 3 decades , it’s just a matter of time and part of their plan , why elese wouldn’t they offer to SHARE the oil/gas in the neighborhood of those stupid islands and achive Peace ? And why else they built complete cities that stay empty with only minimum maintenance wile they legislate one-child famillies ? For Martians ?

    And to make matter worse , silly leaderships in Philippines , Vietnam and Japan bark while knowing their countries are used as proxies by both China and US/EU , after all Japan would be squashed like a little fly by China ( or Russia ) .
    So you can lough at the stupid transparency of the Japanese government provoking China while fully knowing that it needs USA to fight on it`s behalf , and of course , the joke is on the Japanese people , sad LOL .

    An island to be turned in for peace , a wisdom that governments that allow nuclear power in their country sorounded by ocean currents just don’t have … yet voted in time-after-time by the japanese people as it happened again now . Do you think that the average japanese feels Responsible for the nuclear mess and the damage they done and keep doing to other nations ? NOT , according to the latest Vote … enough said .

  2. China would find Japan a very painful pill to swallow. It is the same reason Japan does not roll over N. Korea. The cost to the attacker is much greater than any potential reward from doing so. Fortunately the planners usually think a little more strategically than blog posters.

    1. I think you’ve got it backward…in reality, wars are started by extremely un-strategic decisions and it is bloggers like us who will be decrying their mistakes, to no avail as the nation marches off to war.

  3. You’d think the world’s populations would learn some damn history by now. There is no excuse left with the proliferation of the internet for such ignorance on a massive scale. You’d think a country ravaged by 3 complete meltdowns and another 4th damaged and exposed fuel pool would unilaterally be against nuclear power, but nope not the case. People still support military engagements to secure power and wealth for a handful of people. What have we as seperate countries gained from all the murders and bloodshed committed in the name of “national security?” – The proliferation of economic methods of population control and the take over as well as exploitation of other countries’ labor force and natural resources. WTF WORLD???

  4. Japan is safe. Abe said he will “train” all the 25% of over 65 years old citizens(read “draft”) to use computers and fly drones against Chinas massive reformed army, and its 140 million young labourers who can reach Japan in less than an hour.
    Also Japan can send its militrised whaling boats from their mission in the Antarctic Whale Reserve to join the fight. We don’t need to worry about the effect of USA running away like they did in Georgia, cause Japan’s military spending is one of the highest in the world.
    My advise…before you enter a fight, carefully weigh up what you can gain, against what you might lose…
    If China invades, they will have to deal with 22000 years of nuclear disaster. Japan can’t lose.

    1. whatever it cost, china will bring down japan once and for all. even if it means 1 billion chinese dead in the war. chinese ppl remember clearly what japanese done in WW2… it is time to pay up your grandfather sin!! this

      1. Almost no person alive today in japan was involved in a war atrocity.

        forcing a generation today to pay anything other then civil damages is barbaric.

        “The Sins of the fathers shall not be visited upon the children”

      2. Chinese people don’t remember squat. They, like you, have been brainwashed by a government that prevents free speech and free debate. How can the truth survive in such an environment?

        1. Don’t make me laugh… you really don’t know anything do u? chinese citizen don’t buy the crap from the communist gov for a sec. So stop saying bullshit like chinese ppl are being brainwash by the gov. About japanese and WW2, those are facts told by parents and grandparents in every chinese family… they’ve been through WW2 and know exactly what happened during that time. They showed us proof of how the japanese tortured the chinese to death during the invasion between 1937-1945. Talking about brainwash, look at japanese government right now, keep brainwashing their own ppl about fukushima. Telling ppl it’s ok to eat radioactive food. Freedom of speech and free debate? They either ignore u or get u arrest/murder if u post a threat in japan. look at the people who protest about incineration of radioactive debris, the japanese gov are basically a gov run by mafias and gangsters.

  5. let me get it through you-all-thick-skull:

    1 in 5 people on this planet is a chinese. don’t try to fight it. they are not bad people. they have a very long history and culture.
    the worst that can happen is that that the rich-old chinese culture is being contaminated by (especially) usa culture.
    THAT would be a disaster:
    one-two-three-four-american! *OMG*

    1. this is no hatred. it’s just the unfortunate truth. japanese will eventually try to invade other countries again as their ancestors did… as long as they are living on an island with major earthquakes once every few decades. look at what’s going on in japan right now. it’s happening again. If they can really accept to live in japan forever with all these disasters, then of course there won’t be any problem. unfortunately it’s not the case here.

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