Murata ex JP ambassador, “Coolant system of reactor4 was broken 12/8~12/11, concrete base is terribly deteriorating.”

According to Mr. Murata, former Japanese ambassador in Switzerland, the coolant system of SFP of reactor4 was stopped from 12/8 to 12/11, and the concrete base is terribly damaged already.
Knowing this trouble, mass media did not report it at all.

On 12/11/2012, Mr. Iwakami Yasumi, Japanese journalist received this email from Mr. Murata.

Dear Mr. Iwakami

I received this message on 12/9/2012..

「The pump of the SFP in reactor4 had been having the spotty trouble, but it went out of order on 12/8/2012 at the end.

Nuclear workers were collected for emergency to replace the pump but it takes more 2~3 days to fix they say. (Extra workers were brought by helicopter even at night.)

According to a nuclear worker collected for emergency, the concrete to reinforce the SFP is terribly deteriorating to be in the “dangerous state”. 」

I called Mr. Naka, the president of Tohoku enterprise co.,LTD to confirm and he admitted it was true, but it would take shorter than 2~3 days. He said, he reported it to Ohshima, a member of NRA. Ohshima told him Tepco went to Fukushima to confirm the situation at 5:00 of 12/9/2012, and the situation is under control.

In the afternoon of 12/11/2012, I called both of them to confirm the coolant system was back on.

It’s questionable why it was not reported by mass media, and if they reported it to near residents.

Also, a former executive manager of a major company commented this, which is very insightful.

“My fear has come into the truth. If it was merely the problem of the pump, it wouldn’t be such an issue but if the base to support SFP4 has some damage where we can’t see, the situation is much more serious.”

They warn the possibility of M8 earthquake, I would love the government and people to take care of Fukushima plant very well. ・・・

Mr. Iwakami called Mr. Murata after receiving this email. Mr. Murata said, “I sent this email to all the chief editors of national newspaper companies, NHK and influential people of major mass media but they all ignored it. I was shocked. I called the manager of disaster headquarter of Fukushima prefectural government but he didn’t know that. It seems like they didn’t report it to Fukushima local government. ”





Français :

M. Murata,  ex-ambassadeur du Japon :  “Le système de refroidissement du réacteur 4 a été HS du 8 au 11 décembre, la base de béton se dégrade terriblement”

Selon M. Murata, ancien ambassadeur japonais en Suisse, le système de refroidissement de la SFP4 (piscine à combustibles du réacteur 4) a été arrêté du 8 au 11 décembre et l’embase en béton est déjà terriblement endommagée.
Connaissant le problème, les grands médias n’en ont pas du tout parlé.

Le 11 décembre 2012, M. Iwakami Yasumi, un journaliste japonais a reçu ce mail de M. Murata :

Cher M. Iwakami

J’ai reçu ce message le 9 décembre 2012.

「La pompe de la SFP du réacteur a connu des ennuis irréguliers pour finir par tomber en panne le 8 décembre 2012.

Des ouvriers du nucléaire ont été appelés d’urgence pour remplacer la pompe mais il a fallu 2 à 3 jours de plus pour réparer, disent-ils. (Les ouvriers supplémentaires ont été amenés par hélicoptère même de nuit.)

Selon l’un de ces ouvriers appelés en urgence, le béton qui renforce la SFP se dégrade terriblement à en entrer en “état dangereux”. 」

J’ai appelé M. Naka, le président de Tohoku enterprise co.,LTD pour confirmation et il a admis que c’est vrai mais que ça devrait demander moins de 2-3 jours. Il dit l’avoir rapporté à M. to Ohshima, un membre de la NRA. M. Ohshima lui a dit que Tepco était allé à Fukushima le 9 décembre 2012 à  5:00 pour vérifier la situation  et qu’elle était sous contrôle.

Dans l’après-midi du 11 décembre 2012, je les ai rappelés tous les deux pour qu’ils confirment que le système de refroidissement était réparé.

On doit s’interroger pourquoi ça n’a pas été rapporté par les grands médias et s’ils ont averti les habitants les plus proches.

En outre, un ex-dirigeant d’un société parmi les majors en a dit ceci, ce qui est très pénétrant :

“Ma crainte se réalise. Si c’était seulement un problème de pompe, ce ne serait pas si grave mais si l’embase qui soutient la SFP4 est endommagée là où on ne peut pas le voir, la situation est bien plus critique.”

Ils mettent en garde contre un possible séisme M8, J’aimerai que le gouvernement et les gens se préoccupent correctement de la centrale de Fukushima ・・・

M. Iwakami a appellé M. Murata après avoir reçu ce mail. M. Murata lui a dit : “J’ai envoyé ce mail à tous les directeurs de rédaction des journaux nationaux, à NHK et à des gens influents dans les  majors des médias mais ils l’ont tous ignoré. J’étais choqué. J’ai appelé le chef du quartier général de la préfecture de Fukushima sur la catastrophe mais il n’était pas au courant, il semble qu’ils n’en parlent même pas aux autorités préfectorales de Fukushima”.


  1. Boy, it will collapse won’t it? I think we can safely assume that at this point. We absolutely know that they will not remove the fuel…ever. (At least my lifetime and I’m hoping for several more decades.) If they cannot change the state of the plant, that leaves only deterioration from constant bombardment of the structure by radiation as well as tsunamis and earthquakes. Anyone wanna take a bet that in two years this will completely collapse? It also looks like everything the so-called “hypocondriacs” like Arnie Gunderson, the British scientist forget his name at the moment, and others are being proved right over and over. Still people don’t listen to them!

    I’d urge everyone in NA to consider an escape plan for WHEN, not if, this plant crumbles. I’m already eyeing South Africa, but I’d like to look into South America. Seems they have much more democracy and human rights than those of us in the “west.” (Perhaps not all, but many governments seem much less controlling and actually care about their country succeeding.) Just have to pick the most suitable to me. I’d gladly give my economic output, time, and knowledge to work on bettering the country that takes me in! Any offers? lol Regardless of permanent stay, I would take the example of Mr. Fukushima Diary and just flee.

  2. “It also looks like everything the so-called “hypocondriacs” like Arnie Gunderson, the British scientist forget his name at the moment, and others are being proved right over and over. Still people don’t listen to them!”

    Nate: I suppose, you refer to Dr. Chris Busby.

  3. If it were really important, wouldn’t they have a REDUNDANT system in place? Yes you would think so, but then again they allowed the triple meltdown to occur in the first place. TEPCO TEPCO TEPCO…. same old TEPCO.

  4. You can consider moving to Australia, but don’t leave it until Reactor 4 aerosols across the Pacific.

  5. I send thanks and gratitude to Iwakami Yasumi for continuing his valiant pursuit of truth. I hope you are / he is / feeling better. We all face radiation exposure now. Blessings to you for your efforts to show the truth.

  6. Leave now while you can.
    Nothing will get any better than it is now. Everything is slowly falling apart and the clock is ticking your options away.
    When #4 goes down and the candyfloss hits the fan, suddenly the truth will dawn and EVERONE will line up to leave.
    Options gone.

  7. This is an important story. SFP of #4 is unsound, they are doing emergency work overnight to reinforce it, and major earthquakes are occurring regularly. I hope Japanese people are taking this seriously…

  8. In Japanese:
    東京電力「4号機の冷却するためのポンプが停止していたという事実はない」 (まっちゃんのブログ)

    Murata got it wrong.

    So the “retired” ambassadors continue to play the tune, the UN tune, crying for outside help from the international “community” which of course means the unelected, privately owned UN. Some democracy, some choice!

    Can you hear the mercantile bankers’ orchestra playing in the background? The “North Koreans” drumming and lobbying for the right-wingers in the upcoming Japanese elections, lobbing a “missile” (satellite, manufacturer and financing undeclared) in Japan’s direction? The “Chinese” (under Maurice Strong, under David R, under the City of London Corporation) tuning their instruments, squeaking and squealing on cue about territorial rights? Watch Japan march to a new Disney tune.The emperors since Meiji have not been Knights of the Royal Garter for nothing.

  9. The entire civilized world should be in on this. That is what is at stake, if SFP #4 goes down. Just for the record, as I write this, its December 11. It seems more possible than ever, that the end of the world could possible happen…in just 10 days!

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