[Column] We don’t celebrate Christmas

Soon Christmas is coming but there is no Christmas for radiation.
Molten and fractured nuclear fuel keeps reacting regardless of the calendar, also our body is affected by radiation restlessly.

Like in many countries in the world, December is a special month in Japan. Especially children like it because they can have Christmas presents, cakes, winter vacation, and new years’s day.
However, at least in Fukushima city, about half of the children have thyroid cysts and nodules. Some of them have countless number of nodules. I’m trying to imagine how their parents are feeling now.

Some of them are still in temporary housings, always threatened by the risk of radiation and additional exposure.
They can’t even be reassured to eat Christmas cake. I personally wouldn’t eat it. Strawberry, cream, wheat, I have seen all the data to show cesium has been measured from those things. Cream is made of milk, which may contain Strontium.

I can never feel like celebrating Christmas nor new year’s day.
I don’t die even if I don’t celebrate it. I will keep fighting restlessly, until I die.
I sometimes remember how it was in December when I was in Japan. but every time I look back, I remember, there was no future in the society at that time, it was ** months before the end.
so I don’t feel nostalgic.

Blogging. This is all I can do for the people remaining in Japan. I know the readers decrease in this holiday season, but I’ll just do my best whether it’s sunny or rainy.
However, I don’t want to be packed in this small channel forever. I hope to have my voice reach further and wider somehow. Now I’m looking for the way.

While I’m writing this, some malignant growth might be growing in my thyroid, bone or brain as well. Having an acute symptom to fall down somewhere I don’t know is one of my biggest nightmares. That will be the end of Fukushima Diary.
but until the very last moment, I’ll be writing an article or column. I will fall down in the pose of typing the last alphabet.
I want to make this web-journalism industry as powerful as massmedia. I want to end them. I don’t have much to lose but want to burn the rest of my life for that.


Français :

[Édito] On ne fête pas noël

C’est bientôt Noël mais il n’y a pas de Noël pour la radioactivité.
Les combustibles nucléaires fondus et brisés continuent de réagir sans se soucier de calendriers, nos corps aussi sont irradiés sans pause.

Comme pour beaucoup de pays du monde, décembre est un mois spécial au Japon. Les enfants l’aiment particulièrement parce qu’ils reçoivent leurs cadeaux de noël, des gâteaux, ont leurs vacances de noël et le nouvel an.
Ceci dit, au moins dans la ville de Fukushima, environ la moitié des enfants ont des kystes et des nodules thyroïdiens. Certains ont d’innombrables nodules. J’essaye d’imaginer ce que ressentent leurs parents en ce moment.

Certains d’entre eux sont toujours dans les abris provisoires, toujours menacés par le risque radioactif et à des expositions supplémentaires.
Ils ne peuvent pas être rassurés par une bûche de noël. Personnellement, je n’en mangerai pas. Fraises, crème, farine, j’ai vu toutes les données montrant le césium qu’on a relevé dedans. La crème est fabriquée à partir du lait qui contient du strontium.

Je ne pourrai jamais fêter Noël ou le nouvel an.
Je n’en mourrai pas. Je continuerai à me battre sans cesse, jusqu’à la mort.
Je me souviens parfois de ce qu’était décembre au Japon quand j’y étais mais chaque fois que j’y repense, je me rappelle qu’il n’y avait pas de futur pour cette société à ce moment-là, c’était ** mois avant la fin.
Alors j’ai la nostalgie.

Blogguer. C’est tout ce que je peux faire pour les gens qui se souviennent au Japon. Je sais que le nombre de lecteurs diminue en cette période mais je fais de mon mieux, qu’il pleuve ou qu’il vente.
Enfin, je ne veux pas être réduit à ce petit canal pour toujours. J’espère arriver à ce que ma voix porte plus loin et plus large d’une façon ou d’une autre. Je cherche comment.

Pendant que j’écris ceci, une tumeur maligne est peut-être en train de pousser dans ma thyroïde, mes os ou mon cerveau, aussi bien. Avoir des symptômes aigus et m’effondrer dans un coin que je ne connais pas, c’est un de mes pires cauchemars. Ce serait la fin du Fukushima Diary.
mais jusqu’au dernier moment, j’écrirai un article ou un éditorial. Je tomberai en position de taper ma dernière lettre d’alphabet.
Je veux que cette industrie de web-journalisme devienne aussi forte que la grande presse. Je veux les fermer. Je n’ai pas grand chose à perdre mais je veux passer le reste de ma vie à ça.

  1. we all have our causes.

    yours is to stand calling out, seeking to warn all those who will listen.

    perhaps you can use the holidays to tag and index your material.

  2. Actually, for many Christians, the Christmas holiday is perhaps one of the few things we CAN celebrate in 2012. It is the season when we celebrate the birth of our Savior. If you have no religion, you might not understand this, but knowing the meaning of Christmas actually gives me a measure of joy, hope and peace that has been difficult to find in 2012 Japan.

    Linus explains in this youtube clip: youtube URL and then watch?v=JQeKdvXliIU

    1. I agree. Christmas is one time of year for me that no matter how horrible things have been throughout the year, I can take time to be happy and hopeful.

      I know how hard it is to feel the great suffering of others, but I think that if you’re fighting for change, you shouldn’t deny yourself times of personal happiness. Even those suffering will have times where they can laugh and smile with each other. Too long without happiness will drain anyone and make it harder in the long run to fight. Please, this Christmas, look back on the good work you’ve done fighting for justice and take some time for yourself to find some peace and joy in the world.

    2. Sorry anonymous – the Christians cobbled together Christmas from pagen celebrations dating back to neolithic times. You’ll find the Wikipedia discussion of winter solstice to be instructive.

      The “true meaning of Christmas” you profess to understand is a carefully crafted myth. Feel free to take comfort in your own illusions, but don’t patronize those of us who are still capable of critical thourght.

      1. Sorry, Terry, you were not there at the time of Christ. There is plenty of evidence to support the biblical Christmas story of his birth. I’ve been to ancient churches/basilicas with the archaeological record and history of early Christian torment at the hands of pagan Romans before your very eyes, extensively well-documented, and easily confirmed by carbon-dating…The story matches up…and beyond that, the true, underlying Message is even more significant. Don’t deny The Word, Message, and Truth. It is more important than ever…now!

      2. Well said. You’ll note all the self-reference in the religious responses. All the “I feel this” and “I can have that”.
        To be a true believer in organised religion I had to employ a lot of ignorance.In the end I couldn’t do it!
        Go in and out of as many churches as you like, you will not find the answer to this threat that man has created out of human hubris. It’s easy to be religious when you live a safe life where your needs are met,and your life is not threatened.
        To the anonymous religious patronisers, go on, happy-clap and chant in the buildings your organised religion tells you to,try not to think too much, now, and tell yourselves whatever it is you need. But leave Mr. Mochizuki out of it please as he does not need your pompous condescension ;). May 2013 bring some happiness and answers through hard work, co-operation and new science to combat this threat, whether discovered by arrogant young men or not!

  3. Keep strong. Your voice is being listened to all around the world. You are a very brave person and I will follow your courageous work and try to promote your site any way I can.
    Best wishes.

  4. I live in radioactive Tokyo still. I agree with some columns. I wanted to be a cautious optimist without overvaluing or undervaluing, but it was too difficult. Anyway, お疲れが出ませんように。 Thank you.

    1. Divine Message received March 16, 2011 said, Tokyo should be evacuated, recommendation given to the Govenor of Tokyo and the Government, and repeated many times. Nobody seemed to listen ; now people – especially the youngest – are living through this nightmare of all sorts of diseases. They could have protected themselves by daily intake of 20 g of sea salt to saturate the thyroid with ioidine, Divine advice given from the beginning of the nuclear catastrophe of Fukushima. Many problems could have been avoided. Much suffering has been predicted ; it’s coming true….
      All advice and warnings have been published immediately on my blog
      Being able to communicate with the Other World, I’m receiving numerous Divine Messages with the request to publish them in order to warn, protect and help. All you have to do is : believe in Divine Truth.

  5. How to make people being scared by Fukushima Diary:

    1/ be negative. Whatever you write be sure to be negative if there is some good news out there.
    2/ playing with other’s feeling. You have to show how fukushima’s people are so sad, crying all time, and dying mired and more everyday.
    3/ making a new image of himself: I am poor, I’m dying (maybe) but I will till the end. I am a hero ( who quit my country tough)

    I wonder how people will fall in his trap.

    As French going to Fukushima for work, I can see people laughing, enjoying life and those people who fight hard to help people without receiving anything in exchange.

    Being in Japan or not is a huge difference…

    1. u simply don’t understand japanese people and their culture. They PRETEND to be nice, happy to outsiders most of the time, even among japanese this occurs as well. Plus many of them IGNORE facts until it really hits them. They get used to doing craps like that because there were too many disasters in japan and they tend to find ways to ignore their pain. Well maybe you have no idea what it’s like without support at all in some foriegn country. Try having a major infection without medicine and you will see what it’s like. Maybe in your point of view there are some good news in fukushima. However, it’s already OVER. That place is filled with radioactive isotopes and you are just as stupid as the japanese who sticks around the area. Look at the fucking numbers about the radioactive fallout, the amount of plutonium around there is enough to kill all lives on earth many times. If you can’t think properly, watch the history channel then, look at what happened to people after chernobyl blew up. Radiation is an enemy that u cannot see, by the time you realize something is wrong, it’s already too late. I say u get outta there or u wait for cancer.

    2. Divine Message received in French 2/8/2011























    3. Fukumasuta … if you believe the measuraments , the Earth radiation present in the atmosphere has increased since both Chernobyl and Fukushima while none of those damaged reactors are under control hence still pouring radiation out .
      Conclusion : only an ignorant would not worry . How about You , Fukumasuta ?

      Keep it up Iori , don’t listen to fools , and take your vitamins + don’t cook the veggies + flax or hemp-seed-oil + eat according to your blood type ( see book By Dr. Peter D’Adamo ) = better health .

      … as for the loving lights of Christmas : they are beautiful even without the BS of religions …

      If they would Trust their allah/gods to Protect them , they wouldn’t built armies as they did and do … + gods don’t feel pain and they know the future Hence since Christ was a god ( or magician turning water into wine and walking on it ) both christ and god new the outcome of the Crucifiction while christ didn’t feel any pain on the cross , hence it was a Soap-Opera for fools …. and one must be a fool to believe that the 24/7 gore and cruelty of Killing to survive as in the ‘designed’ Prey/Predator animal kindom is the result of a Good god ! So at ‘best’ religions pray to Evil gods , LOL !
      Hence we can certainly deduce that Religions are the ultimate proof of Stupidity !
      Merry X-Mas !

  6. Hi Mochizuki,
    whether it’s christmas or not, I hear you – Fukushima is ongoing. Every day. So, don’t slow down. I read your news, every day. And now that there’s a holiday, I have more time to read your site. I truly hope you do get to be more widely read; what you have to say is So Important. Keep saying it! I am spreading the word; I won’t let people forget Fukushima, or think that it is somehow behind us.

  7. Hi Mochizuki,

    I just would like to say thank you for everything that you are doing here at the Fukushima Diary webpage. There are many of us that rely on the truthful nature of your reporting and the valuable information that is presented here as well as the frequency of which it is updated. I personally visit this page at least once a day.

    Stay strong and always know that you ARE doing something that matters. You are making a huge contribution to Humanity simply by taking a stand against censorship and presenting only the facts instead of telling lies and spreading propaganda.

    Keep up the good work!

    Warmest regards,
    Agassiz, British Columbia, Canada

  8. Ask for help.
    Ask Greenpeace. Ask avaaz.com Ask Freedom of the Press Foundation.
    Ask Anti-Nuclear groups world wide for help.
    Ask Ted.com
    Ask on this site for some brainstorming from people who read Fukushima Diary.
    People working on this problem in many places in the world are reading Fukushima Diary.
    Put a think tank page up.
    Fukushima people and the children need help now from international hospitals specializing in radiation medicine.
    Ask the former ambassador to Switzerland for help.
    I ask powerful people in my country directly face to face for help on problems that affect many people. Sometimes it works out that you get good results.
    There is no problem asking. There is no problem getting assistance.
    The 4 reactors at Fukushima need stabilizing.
    How is it going to be resolved? What are the engineering plans?
    As the BP disaster in the Gulf showed, sometimes many strategies are necessary and an intractable problem can be worked on, and worked on until there is some resolution.
    When I read about Reactor 4, I imagine a trucks pouring a mountain of zeolite water retaining crystals into a dam structure made up of concrete slabs erected around it. So if structure gives way, there is a big jelly pool of zeolite to suspend rods, so more water can be continuously poured on, to continuously cool rods, for some temporary emergency relief.
    Even those plastic road barriers, that get filled with water, put in a topological barrier on the site, with big plastic pool liners, and zeolite, to capture escaping water if there is big earthquake.

    Contingency planning. Zeolite captures humidity very efficiently, some zeolite coating on walls around Reactor sites, with containers at base can capture escaping steam near valves that might be faulty.
    Always I am thinking about what can be done on site. Woodchip and mycology baffles in the harbor where the outflow pipe are, for capturing some radiation in fungi on the surface of the water.

    Paul Stamets mycological fungi recipes for biological concentration, remediation and transmutation of radiation by fungi, is also possible tool for concentrating radiation out of radioactive water.
    There will be ways for Fukushima mitigation of radiation to go into action, through biological processes. It is just a matter of Tepco looking beyond the robots and sacrificing people for turning bolts and screws, to dealing with the whole site as a disaster area. Different point of view.

    I hope you are safe and can relax a little for now.
    Cheers Helen

      1. (if you are empty and missing the point, perhaps…) There is so much more out there!…no matter how deprived you may be.

        The big picture…so much, maybe too much, for us to understand! Thus, we must keep faith and follow the scriptures!

        It’s strange how all the self-described “atheists” I know seem either so miserable and/or deeply confused–They are still seeking, but missing the point!…

        This may be the time to rise above your doubts!…

        p.s. Radiation is “invisible,” too.

    1. Ignore the wisdom of mankind’s forefathers at your peril. People who believe they are wise enough to ignore the wisdom passed down from prior generations, arrogant young men who feel themselves bright enough to decide right and wrong by their own reasoning, these are the people who create most of the world’s injustice.

      Need proof? Take stock of your own lives right now, and see how far your world view has gotten you.

      Want to change that? Visit a church this Christmas. Come back the following Sunday. Study the wisdom of the generations that came before you.

      Merry Christmas.

      1. Sadly, the only answer now to the catastrophic magnitude of these crises is the love and mercy of God…However, many have closed their hearts!…and look at the outcome!!….. Believe…and be truly saved.

  9. Thank you for your daily dedication to this!! I’ve made a tiny donation (wish I could donate more!) and I read this all the time and keep Fukushima and Japan in my heart and remind my friends that it is still ongoing. I hope that you will achieve your dream in the coming year!

  10. Like clockwork stupid atheists come out of hiding around Christmas.
    At least we have something to be hopeful, how about you?
    Let me assure you, you are greatly out numbered and always will be.
    Nobody gives a rat’s ass what you say or think, you are a joke.

    Mochizuki San,
    Please keep up the good work, we appreciate your determination and struggle.
    I have friends in Japan and worry about them, as I do for all of Japan.
    Ganbatte kudasai!

    1. There is the typical organised religious response for you. The minute somebody threatens their evidence-free beliefs they become hysterical! Nobody gives a rat’s ass indeed! Are those the kinds of things a God would want you to think and say?

      Stop feeling so threatened! The way you seem to go all aggressive and flap when your beliefs are threatened is the joke!!

      I tell you what believer, you have a very Merry Chrstmas!! 😀

      1. I am not what they call a “religious nut” but tired of the insults this time of the year.
        I don’t feel threatened at all, however it IS always atheists who throw these insults, you don’t see religious people start this kind of hateful name calling against atheists.

        When people, regardless of their religion, should thank for what they have and appreciate friends and loved ones.
        Sadly this whole world has gone bad, just look around, all the hate, killings and the suffering, the never ending wars and on top of it environmental disasters, natural and man made.

        Anyway, hope for a better year in 2013.
        Merry Christmas to you too.

  11. I have children and Christmas is a magical time for them. Yes, the holiday is a pseudo Christian event cobbled from ancient pagan rituals. So what? Humans need rituals. We need holdays that bring people together. Yes, we’ve all been irradiated and my children and relatives and I may die of cancer. All the more reason to enjoy our time now. Marianne Williamson has a great article about Xmas as a time of reflection, in the Huffington Post:

    “… beyond the doctrinal hoopla, lies one important thing: the hope that we might yet become, while still on this earth, who we truly are. Then we, and the entire world, will know peace.”


    Anyway, Mochizuki, you are doing something very valuable. As you share more about yourself and your ideas, I’m getting you more. Your journey has been pretty incredible. I wish I oculd get my husband to listen to what you are saying.

  12. We depend on fukushima-diary.

    Here in France, our future depends on you and people acting alike. Fukushima may be a laboratory for the nuclear energy mafia or simply a test-case for a species on the verge of extinction.

    Writing about it and fueling the discussion around the globe is an almost different thing. What I think or do is not helping the japanese children. What you do, in contrast, is of utmost importance for all of us.

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