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Confirmed effects

Yamashita “I cut down the compensation amount to save the Gov, and the people.”

  The Fukushima prefectural government neither offers medical care to Fukushima residents nor accepts responsibility for helping them evacuate. It is even trying to convince former Fukushima residents to return from other


Major supermarket chain Aeon sells contaminated food up to 50 Bq/Kg

It’s becoming increasingly impossible to eat safe food in Japan. A major Japanese supermarket chain, “Aeon,” has stopped selling radiation-free food. On 11/8/2011, Aeon announced that they had set their


Incineration facility gets full of radioactive material, has to restart incineration

  Radiation keeps getting accumulated in the environment. Even incineration facility is getting full, they are going to incinerate radioactive material. Incineration facility restarted incinerating radioactive material in Kashiwa Chiba.

Natural disasters

M5.1 hit Fukushima JMA seismic intensity 4 “Live cam recorded Fukushima plant shaken”

M5.1 hit Fukushima offshore at 3:37 8/26/2012 (JST). JMA seismic intensity was 4, at where Fukushima plant is located.  It’s recorded in the live camera when Fukushima plant was shaken.

Food contamination

Shipment restriction of fish extended to Aomori, 380km from Fukushima plant

  Fukushima Diary reported the increasing amount of cesium in Pacific cod before. (cf. [Sea contamination] Cesium in Pacific cod is increasing offshore Hokkaido) Marine products contamination is spreading over


13,299 Bq/Kg from home-grown rosemary in Kashiwa

It’s very difficult to judge what to eat, what not to eat in Japan. Radiation measurement of local governments and supermarkets may not be trustworthy. However, it seems like we

Natural disasters

M5.9 Hokkaido, JMA seismic intensity was 5-

M5.9 hit Hokkaido, Tokachi area.It was scale 5- It’s not reported about the state of Fukushima plant.     Source     Iori Mochizuki


Doctors keep leaving Fukushima

  Japanese government is trying to make people believe Fukushima can be reconstructed. However, they can’t stop doctors escaping from Fukushima. Doesn’t it mean it’s too dangerous to live in


92.2% of people have health problem from medical checkup, “worse than ever”

  Healthy people are decreasing more and more in Japan. In2011, the ratio of people who received the result as “Normal” in medical checkup was the lowest since 1984. In

Food contamination Misinformation Sea contamination Support by eating

Japanese new propaganda “Eat fish”

  38,000 Bq/Kg of cesium was detected from Fukushima fish. (cf. 38,000 Bq/kg from Fukushima fish) Radiation is still leaking from Fukushima plant, fishery food is obviously contaminated. People avoid