92.2% of people have health problem from medical checkup, “worse than ever”


Healthy people are decreasing more and more in Japan.

In2011, the ratio of people who received the result as “Normal” in medical checkup was the lowest since 1984.

In Japan, a certain percentage of company workers and other people have thorough medical checkup annually. They started making the statistics since 1984.
In 2011, about 3,130,000 people have the checkup, and 92.2% of them turned out to have health problem, which is the highest rate since 1984.

It was 70.2% in 1984, and 91.6% in 2010. Mr. Sasamori, the chairman of Medical checkup association presumes it is because the criteria about lifestyle-related diseases is becoming more serious every year, and also aging society is affecting.




  1. It is good to note that Noda and NHK are trying to shift attention from this fact by stirring up a lot of non-existent ultranationalistic activities on all fronts in Southeast Asia and East Asia by fabricating tension and news. This does not do Japan and Japanese any favors. We should be on the lookout.

  2. I had high blood pressure and the doctor gave me a med that helped, but had I only relied on the doc I would not have attacked the roots of the problem. With the internet I was able to educate myself and over time get my BP back to – almost – normal, and now without the med at all. It took a lot of effort but it is worth it. But if you only listen to your doctor they will never ever advise you how to look after or improve your health, other than a few glib comments here or there. They will even advise you to get highly radioactive medical scans that bombard you with millisieverts of radiation, and say it is “safe.”

    Modern society, mostly densely populated cities, is mentally deranged by definition, we have abandoned the spiritual path set out for us and adopted the easy life. In so doing we have sacrificed our mental and physical health.

    There is an alternative health route though, and people can now research a plethora of healthy ideas, but they have to make the effort.

    Good luck and good health!

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