92.2% of people have health problem from medical checkup, “worse than ever”


Healthy people are decreasing more and more in Japan.

In2011, the ratio of people who received the result as “Normal” in medical checkup was the lowest since 1984.

In Japan, a certain percentage of company workers and other people have thorough medical checkup annually. They started making the statistics since 1984.
In 2011, about 3,130,000 people have the checkup, and 92.2% of them turned out to have health problem, which is the highest rate since 1984.

It was 70.2% in 1984, and 91.6% in 2010. Mr. Sasamori, the chairman of Medical checkup association presumes it is because the criteria about lifestyle-related diseases is becoming more serious every year, and also aging society is affecting.




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