13,299 Bq/Kg from home-grown rosemary in Kashiwa

It’s very difficult to judge what to eat, what not to eat in Japan. Radiation measurement of local governments and supermarkets may not be trustworthy. However, it seems like we must avoid home-grown products at least.


13,299 Bq/Kg of cesium was measured from rosemary in Kashiwa.

A media writer, Chidai conducted radiation measurement of rosemary, grown in the garden of Kashiwa Chiba. Kashiwa is about 200km from Fukushima plant, known to be a hotspot.

The sample was taken by the person who found the highly radioactive yellow substance. (cf. 180,000 Bq/Kg from the yellow substance in Kashiwa Chiba) It is from early summer of 2011.

↓ The rosemary

13,299 Bq/Kg from rosemary in Kashiwa



↓ The result

13,299 Bq/Kg from rosemary in Kashiwa 2


Sample : Home-grown rosemary

Date : Early summer of 2011

Location : Kashiwa Chiba (200km from Fukushima plant)

Cs-134/137 : 13,299 Bq/Kg


Mr. Chida has been measuring a lot of other samples..

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2567 Bq/kg from soil in Kashiwa





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