M5.9 Hokkaido, JMA seismic intensity was 5-

M5.9 hit Hokkaido, Tokachi area.It was scale 5-

It’s not reported about the state of Fukushima plant.

M5.9 Hokkaido, JMA seismic intensity was 5-


M5.9 Hokkaido, JMA seismic intensity was 5- 2





  1. lori, since TEPCO has said that they do not know where 100 tonnes of the core of the reactor has disappeared; I think that it is too late to worry about food. Those of us who have followed this crime against humanity have long ago determined that the plant suffered a meltdown, melt out, China syndrome, worst case scenario and that there is nothing to be done. How credible is the nuclear energy industry when they say such an outlandish statement? They know exactly what has happened. Unlike Chernobyl which was situated on soil, Fukushima has been built on rock, over a fault line so that the actions to be taken do not apply. By now even the water table has been contaminated. The air, the rain, and the water have all served to spread the dangerous radiation throughout Japan. As well as the distribution and burning of nuclear debris. The poorly designed plant, on a known earthquake fault line, next to the Pacific Ocean was a crisis waiting to happen. The lack of leadership and the determination to lie and spin wheels while this environmental catastophe continued was done to keep people unaware; but worse to continue to make profit while people worried about their children’s future and their own health.

  2. Hello,
    Just got here today and find this a great source for the problems Japan and the world are facing. Great info.!!!!!!
    As I sit here in the state of South Carolina in the USA I wonder if there is a better way to explain what all the tech. sounding stuff is in a more laymans language?
    Thanks for letting the unknowing finally be in the know. Joe Johnson

  3. FUKUSHIMA DIARY FR – Séisme M 5,9 sur Hokkaido, 5- sur l’échelle JMA
    Par Mochizuki, le 25 août 2012 · 1 Commentaire.

    Un séisme de magnitude 5,9 a frappé Hokkaido, dans la région de Tokachi. Il était de 5-
    sur l’échelle JMA.
    Rien n’est dit sur l’état de la centrale de Fukushima.


    Source : http://www.jma.go.jp/en/quake/

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