More hospital food will be from contaminated area


Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries is spreading the propaganda called “Support by eating”.
They are pushing food from contaminated area even to hospital and senior citizens’ home.

On 8/22/2012, MAFF sent an official request to Public Interest Incorporated Association “Japan medical kyushoku (Lunch) association” to consume more food from the contaminated area.


In order to improve the consumption of food from disaster area, we request you to actively purchase and consume food from disaster area for medical facilities and nursing facilities.

When you are hospitalized, you can not choose the origin of food.

More hospital food will be from contaminated area




  1. If I need to stay in a Japanese hospital, I would politely refuse the food. If they insist, I would be less polite and the room may become messy. Tube feeding only please, and let me out soon. Have friends or family smuggle in safe food.

    If incarcerated in a Japanese prison, a hunger strike would be in order.

    If flying out of Japan on any airline, ask the flight attendant where the food comes from. Beef is often not Japanese for example. And I’m told the simpler varieties of those Bagel and Bagel bagels they sell in the airport are actually made in the US and shipped to Japan. Will get you by.

  2. I think if eating outside the u.s. I’d become very curious as to where my food came from no matter where I was. Even inside the u.s. i’m very cautious to only consume meat from Texas!!!!

  3. Sounds like government sponsored euthanasia if you can see it!. You can see how low they can stoop until they are the ones being inflicted.

  4. This is a mass murder. Here is another example of how irresponsible and incompetent the Japanese government is. Many of those who are in hospitals and nursing homes already have compromised immune systems. They are most susceptible to radiation related disease and death, not to mention small kids and pregnant women.

  5. We must not forget the fact that people working in hospitals eat such food as well. This way, more physicians will be contaminated. As a famous book published by NY Academy of Science shows, inner contamination would lead to damage to central nerve systems. Would medical doctors with their brain damaged by radioactivity be able to diagnose patients illness correctly??? Very sad to say but it is better to stay away from Japanese hospitals if you want to stay healthy… This is no good news for Japanese patients who would have to suffer from various health issues due to inner contamination.

    1. Brains of M.D.s already badly damaged by indoctrination and “training”. Note that most common cause of death: Death by Doctor.
      As for hospital food; just see for yourself how nutritious it really is! When good health depends upon good nutrition, forget the hospital cafeteria!!!
      Western Medicine (allopathic) good for acute intervention e.g. emergency room for accident, dismemberment, and decapitation (just checking if you’re really reading this, eh?) as well as burns and so on.
      Once stabilized, you are much better off with real nutrition and non-pharmaceutical medication.
      Ever notice how the cure for cancer seems to elude them? Cancer treatment makes money; curing cancer has no economic benefit — customer lost!

  6. Please help by asking everyone living inside Japan about this question:

    “Why are the health (and death) records in Northern Japan are being kept secret?”


    Physician: Overwhelming number of cases being reported from around Japan –>


  7. Interesting . . . in US it appears that food from contaminated area is being aggressively marketed. I saw nori sheets cut up and repurposed as healthful snack – I suppose for people who never made sushi/nori rolls. At least this official gave people a clue so they have choice – helluva choice. I hear no admission/acknowledgement from US government presstitutes or their keepers.

  8. I need to translate this before I can report on it. If this is true, it is shocking and unacceptable. Question for you. Where did this white paper come from?

  9. Okay. So, I translated this as best I can. It only mentions the health care industry toward the end. It does not require any hospital or health care business to buy and serve food from effected areas. However, it does encourage hospitals and health care busienss to buy and serve food from effected areas. This white paper is very careful to aviod using the word Fukushima(only one or two short mentions). It does seem to take the position that concerns about the food not being safe is unfounded. At most, this white paper shows that the J-gov is not accepting that the food from effected areas is unsafe.

    Can you provide an off site link to this white paper?

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