28 Bq/Kg from Udon, “contaminated wheat”

More and more traditional Japanese food turned out to be contaminated. It’s hard for tourists to find clean food in Japan.

28 Bq/Kg was detected from Udon in Kanagawa. It’s made of Japanese wheat, which shows wheat is radioactive.


Date : 8/22/2012

Sample : Zama Udon (Zama is a city in Kanagawa, 260km from Fukushima plant)

Cs-134 : 10.6 Bq/Kg

Cs-137 : 17.3 Bq/Kg

Total : 27.9 Bq/Kg


28 Bq/Kg from Udon, "contaminated wheat"


It’s made of wheat produced in Zama city Kanagawa, where is further to Fukushima than Tokyo.

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