“Throw them to the pool”

Following up this article..1.04 million Bq/kg at the poolside of a school in Koriyama Fukushima


On 6/5/2012, the board of education of Koriyama city announced all of the elementary schools and junior high schools are going to have swimming class this year. The pools are outside.
They state the atmospheric dose of poolside is the same level as playground after decontamination, but the atmospheric dose of playground is not published.
36 of 86 schools finished decontamination supposedly. The pool water is supposed to contain less than 10Bq/L of cesium but no information is given about how much cesium is accumulated as time passes.

Mr. Suzuki, a freelance journalist tweeted like this below.



The managing staff of Koriyama ciry board of education stated 80% of the parents want schools to have swimming class but it was actually only 80% of managers of PTA (Parent‐Teacher Association) and principals. Mothers are upset, ” No even questionnaire, we were not asked anything.”





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