1.04 million Bq/kg at the poolside of a school in Koriyama Fukushima

Following up this article..Elementary school to have students clean the pool gutter


Mr. Suzuki, a freelance journalist tweeted like these below.


1.04 million Bq/kg at the poolside of a school in Koriyama Fukushima


In an elementary school of Koriyama city Fukushima, they measured 1.04 million Bq/kg of cesium at the poolside. However, Koriyama city board of education let them have swimming class.





In Iwaki city, school is going to have students wait in the poolside even though they cancel the swimming class. It is because in case of another major earthquake, teachers can’t save them if they are away from the pool, but mothers are questioning because poolside is contaminated too.





A mother offered not to use pool outside. The director of Koriyama city board of education said, radiation is the matter of mentality.




  1. The director of Koriyama board of education said radiation is a matter of mentality. I agree with him. He is a mental case.

  2. Keep doing the documentations Iori. All of this information is grounds for a class action lawsuit-for many citizens from many countries. Everyone that reads this site is bookmarking and downloading the information for future use.

    It is possible that the Koriyama board of education members are already suffering from unstable mental states due to continuing radiation sickness effects on the central nervous system.





    Those in charge need to be medically tested to see if they are of sound enough mind to be able to rationally and effectively complete their duties.

    If they are found to be irrational or incompetent they need to be removed from duty-immediately.

  3. I crushes my heart and soul to think of the beautiful children of Japan living, eating, breathing and even swimming in this death. What kind of ignorant monsters can allow this genocidal experiment to continue. Please place them inside the Fukushima Daiichi reactors with their families.

  4. Where is the international court?!

    This consistent pattern of disregard for nuclear danger is a crime against humanity and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  5. This mentality is prevalent, sadly. I live in Tokyo and just after the accident I asked my wife about the PTA and what they are doing to educate people about the situation at our elementary school. Basically they did nothing and never have and never will, other than have drinking parties. The school grounds are grass in this case so the content of soil was a concern, but the government has never measured the soil. I took gamma readings and they were a little high, such as 0.25 microsieverts per hour in some spots, which indicates contamination. The woman who was in charge of getting the school grounds turned into grass said that we should not complain about contamination since the people in Fukushima have it worse, so we have to “stand strong”. In the meantime children are playing at the grounds and who knows how many may have absorbed hot particles and the like. The only time the government has measured anything was at select locations and not at the school, but at some other areas around there. Even then they only measured one meter above and 5cm above the ground. This is absurd and I have done measurements and found quite a few hot spots, even as high as 0.29 mcr sv pr hr. This country is completely bonkers and they may take the whole world down them with their utter stupidity.

  6. Concrete man thanks for your post….this is exactly why I left Japan with my family as soon as I could last year. I feared that this is exactly how things would play out due to my understanding of the Japanese government, corporations and the thinking/docility of Japanese.

    I must say that up until last year I always felt very proud to be of Japanese descent despite Japan’s many problems but I feel nothing but shame and despair now. How could Japanese be so utterly stupid and blind to what is happening around them? I thought we were a technologically advanced and intelligent people but sadly our basic way of being is our undoing. This will sadly be Japan’s fate I fear….finished.

    Thank you again TEPCO you utter fucking monsters beyond anything imaginable. Truly disgusting, not even human.

  7. You are unfortunately right Concrete man. It is only getting worse, not better. Thats why I am preparing to get my clan out of Japan. It is not an easy thing to do but anyone with a brain functioning had better have an exit plan and face the facts on the ground here. The powers that be here are pushing to open Oi plant in Fukui which sits on a large fault line. So if there is another melt down whose fault will it be , the fault line causing an earthquake or the fault of the idiots who operate nuke plants on fault lines? Whose fault will it be when the children get sick and start dying.
    Bonkers one and all. In Japan it is up to each individual to take responsibility for their own saftey. There is no sane leadership in high places. There is spiritual wickedness in high place like the Bible says.

  8. FUKUSHIMA DIARY FR – 1,04 millions Bq/kg au bord d’une piscine scolaire à Koriyama, Fukushima.
    Par Mochizuki le 12 juin 2012 · 5 Commentaires

    郡山市内の某小学校では、プールサイドで最大104万ベクレルもの高濃度汚染が判明!それでも市教委は屋外プールでの水泳授業にゴーサインを出した #郡山市 #被曝 #プール @hanayuu@YuriHiranuma twitter.com/s_hiroki24/sta…
    — 鈴木博喜(兼業フリー記者)さん (@s_hiroki24) 6月 12, 2012


    Dans une école élémentaire de la ville de Koriyama dans la préfecture de Fukushima, Ils ont relevé 1,04 millions de Bq/kg de césium au bord de la piscine. Malgré ce, Le bureau de l’éducation de la ville de Koriyama maintient les cours de natation.

    いわき市の学校では、大地震の際に助けられないとの理由から、水泳の授業を休む生徒はプールサイドで見学させるという。「被曝を回避するために休むのにプールサイドで見学したら意味がない」と母親 #プール @YuriHiranuma
    — 鈴木博喜(兼業フリー記者)さん (@s_hiroki24) 6月 12, 2012

    Dans la ville d’Iwaki, les écoles vont devoir faire attendre leurs élèves au bord de la piscine même si les cours de natation sont annulés. Ceci parce que dans le cas d’un autre séisme majeur les enseignants ne pourront pas les sauver s’ils sont loin de la piscine mais les mères s’interrogent parce que les bords de la piscine sont contaminés aussi.

    屋外プールの使用を見送るよう申し入れた母親に、郡山市教育長が放った言葉。「まぁ、放射能は心の問題ですからねぇ」 #郡山市 #被曝 #プール @YuriHiranuma @CHIBAREI_DURGA
    — 鈴木博喜(兼業フリー記者)さん (@s_hiroki24) 6月 12, 2012

    Une mère a proposé de ne pas utiliser les piscines extérieures. Le directeur du comité éducatif de Koriyama a répondu que la radioactivité est une question de mentalité.

    Mimi Mato :
    En d’autres termes, “la ville de Koriyama prie instamment sa population de tuer tous ses enfants cet été.”
    C’est à vomir !!

    In other words: “Koriyama city kindly requests its population to kill all of its children this summer.”
    It’s to vomit!!

  9. > Whose fault will it be when the children get sick and start dying.

    You called it Armstrong. Just wait until the children start showing large scale illnesses…there will be nowhere for the authorities who lied to run. Their heads will be on poles….but by then the damage has been done and spreading too far. The time for action was a year ago.

  10. what the hell and their alowing kids to swim in such high levels radiation with that amount shouldent the school be closed down>?

  11. Excuse me asking, but: becquerel per kilogram what? Are there any “becquerel per square meter” or “local dose in sievert per time” readings, how feeble they might be?

    1. Becquerels are a measurement of The activity of a given amount of radioactive material. For instance, one kilogram of potassium contains 0.12 gram of 40K (all other isotopes are stable) that has a of 1.248×109years=39.38×1015 seconds, and has an atomic mass of 39.963 g/mol, so the radioactivity is 32 kBq.

      Now quantities that are measured in sieverts are designed to represent the stochastic biological effects of ionizing radiation.

      So you could say that in the simplest terms that Becquerels are an absolute measurement of just how much radiation is in a given amount of radioactive material (say 1kg) and sieverts are a measurement of how dangerous that radiation will be to biological systems.

      Then with sieverts you’ve also got greys which are an expression of the same thing.

      1sv = 1joule/kg = 1Gy

      The gray is used with quantities of absorbed dose in any material, while the sievert is used with equivalent, effective, and committed dose in biological tissue. The latter quantities are weighted averages of absorbed dose designed to be more representative of the stochastic health effects of radiation, and use of the sievert implies that appropriate regulatory weighting factors have been applied to the original measurement.

      For example, an absorbed dose of 1 mGy of alpha radiation gives an equivalent dose of 20 mSv because alpha has a radiation weighting factor of 20. This can appear to lead to a paradox whereby the energy of the incident radiation field is increased by a factor of 20 when sieverts are used, thereby violating the laws of Conservation of energy. However this is not the case, as it is the biological effect that is being expressed when using sieverts. Sieverts do not represent the actual physical energy imparted by the incident radiation, but an estimation of the biological effect.

      It’s all sorts of convoluted and complex from so many people using so many different modes of measurement it can get confusing very quickly. So Becquerels are a measurement of how much energy a decaying amount of radioactive material will give off. Greys are a measurement of the absorption of that energy by any given material. And sieverts are a measurement of the effect that energy will have on a biological system (like a person).

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