Osaka bay looking yellow

At this moment, people in Osaka and Kobe are tweeting the color of Osaka bay looks strange.

From the picture, it looks pale yellow.

Osaka bay turned to be yellow


From local citizens, it became strange color before The great Hanshin earthquake (1995) as well. They might need to stay informed just in case.



Moving from parents house to Mikage. Osaka bay looked yellowish when I saw from an eminence. am afraid it’s a sign ~ ?




Now I received a message from my friend in Kobe, says the color of Osaka bay is strange. Earthquake ?




They say the color of Osaka bay is strange.. What kind of a phenomena is it ? I didn’t see it myself. Someone from Sumaku Kobe messaged “I haven’t seen it before.”.







  1. Isn’t the logical train of thought to assume it might be radiation?
    Does cesium always fly about to signify an incoming earthquake?

    1. Who here said anything about it being radiation being the cause? Are you mocking?

      I think it could be muds or gases released from the deep though, isn’t that possible?

      We have a situation of our own in the usa High Radon readings after a spike in the cpm rate. Now there are luminesent clouds showing up on the official NOAH radar map and they are spreading Radon is luminesent and 8 times heavier than air. Press the loop button on side and watch the clouds move but not the dark clouds. They are spreading in pockets. Radiation spike from michigan indiana border went to 4000cpms on one meter and 7 on another. I hope all works out with your health and all . good luck, Martin Young Coventry, ct. USA click on link

  2. I think the storms of the last month on a lot of parts on globe try’s to separate a radio active dust cloud particles…

    1. I don’t understand what you are getting at. I’m looking at the bay-water. I don’t think the clouds are reflecting on the water to make that color. It looks muddy with clay soot or something. Like geological disturbances below making the bay an unusual color. I suppose that could be caused be nuclear-geothermal activity, with polluted vents harboring exploding gases and whatnot.

  3. Sulfer would cause the water to be this color and it is in the earth. Do you know if the water in the Bay has an odor? If the earth is readying for an earthquake, it could be a sign.

  4. The same colour as the sea on the South Coast of the UK. It’s sand being disturbed in the water here, so possibly the same there?

  5. From Las Vegas NV most info is black out so we never so what is going on in the world.

    1. Which is close to area 51! The place I want to visit before I croak! So many secret technologies built at 51. Fast and stealthy air craft, fuel and other metals are produced there. With very unusual properties.

  6. Anyone reading H2S content?
    Some bacteria do release sulfide gas as a waste product. Hard to fathom that being the culprit, though.

  7. Mochizuki; can you get a hold of a water sample? Would it be possible to have a lab test it? Or have someone obtain that information for you.

  8. Any strange AM radio signals? Static?

    Some precursor signs of EQ activity is Low Frequency Electrical signals, as rocks crack under the stress.

    Perhaps that’s causing some electrical flows in Osaka bay.

    Well if Oi nuclear plant floods from a quake it’s a sign the earth does not want them to restart Oi.

  9. Look guys this is a signal of the ending times!!! run to the refuge of the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ,… If you are under His wings you must be feel safe it and Not fear just trust in his movements previous of his 2nd Coming!!! The Lord Jesus Love Japan and his people,… please see with your heaven eyes what is going on on the earth at the present,… earthquaques,… wars,… Famines,… finantial crisis everywhere!!!
    Run,… Run to the refuge of the Good Lord Jesus Christ!!!
    Blessings for you preciuos people of Japan!!!
    Loves from Santiago Chile

  10. I was watching a Korean TV series about Gwanggeato the Great, who conquered and united Korea during the 400 ADs (if I remember correctly the time period) – but in one episode, they (Gorguryeo) are going to battle with Houynan, another province back then – and both sides are discussing battle plans and trying to find ways to make the most advantage out of what they called a periodic or yearly Asian Yellow Dust storm. But that would have been in the Northern Korea to South China area which is a (small) ocean away from Japan. But, maybe it is related to that?

  11. As a follow up , have their been any reports of earthquake lights from anyone in area near Osaka Bay ?


    FUKUSHIMA DIARY FR – La baie d’Osaka a jauni
    Par Mochizuki le 13 juin 2012 · 16 Commentaires

    En ce moment, les gens d’Osaka et de Kobe tweetent que la couleur de la baie d’Osaka qui est étrange.

    Sur la photo, elle a l’air jaune pâle.×335.png

    Selon les habitants sur place, cette couleur étrange avait également été vue juste avant le grand séisme de Hanshin (1995). Ils pourraient avoir besoin d’en être informés, au cas où.

    くらふと工房 融 @craftyuu
    2012 6月 13

    En déplacement de chez mes parents vers Mikage. La baie d’Osaka était jaunâtre quand je l’ai vue d’une hauteur. J’ai peur, est-ce un signe ?

    くらふと工房 融 @craftyuu 2012 6月 13
    たにさん @bokodaichi
    @craftyuu 今しがた神戸から 友人から 同じく大阪湾の色合いがおかしいと連絡。地震?
    2012 6月 13

    Je viens de recevoir maintenant un message de mon ami de Kobe, il dit que la couleur de la baie d’Osaka est étrange. Séisme ?

    たにさん @bokodaichi
    大阪湾の色が おかしいって?どういう現象なんだろう。自分は見れてない。須磨在住の方から 「今まで見たことない」と連絡。
    2012 6月 13

    Ils disent que la couleur de la baie d’Osaka est étrange.. Quel genre de phénomène est-ce ? Je ne l’ai pas vu moi-même. Quelqu’un de Sumaku Kobe a écrit “Je n’ai jamais vu ça avant”.

    Source :

  13. It’s good to know that locals, whom recall the discoloration of the sea prior to the 1995 earthquake, are taking action. I doubt this is caused by radiation … unless it’s a secondary causation due to a large die-off of organisms, such as plankton, etc.
    I hope it’s a die-off of little creatures and not a pre-earthquake alarm. Either way, locals need to remain alert.

  14. any updates? and one nagging question – why has only one picture surfaced after all this time? thanks for the report 🙂

  15. Why is it that there is only this one picture? I’ve been to different websites telling about this but every one just has this one picture?

  16. Look for oxygen-deprived waters & you may find sulfide-emmitting bacteria.
    On a white basin, around the drain, you may see some of this pink & stinky stuff.

    Is there not also a sulferic acid plant within a hundred kilometers or so?

    Looking from what Intel Agent posted on Iori’s “Arrived in Canada” article, perhaps it is “I”.

    Please, readers, take note that my reply is only speculation. I am sorry that i do not have facts to present. Do not take action based on my speculations.

  17. I have experienced this phenomena several times before. It happens in Rainy season of June, and October to November. I sail Osaka Bay frequently, and I believe this is the sign of you are going to have heavy rain soon.

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