Settlement report 6/20 ~ 6/24/2012

Settlement report 6/20 ~ 6/24/2012


Settlement report 6/20 ~ 6/24/2012 2


Though Japan is in such a crisis, I’m still struggling to get used to this new life. I managed the jet-lag, but still every small thing is hard, like I can’t have it systematic to have a shower or the morning “ceremony” (washing my face, brushing my teeth etc..) yet, so I’m writing this with my back-up energy. lol


I’ve been looking into Tepco’s in-house investigation report this week. They are supposed to publish the English version soon but don’t know when. Anyway, as everyone on this planet imagined, the report was a total crap, though it has 352 page, only 2 pages are about reactor4. They spend most of the part on self-justifying. Tepco is the worst parasite in the world. (They still have 3 billion yen budget for party and recreation.)

Though I have posted a lot about their reports about reactor 4, I didn’t write this on each post. This is my assumption.

Reactor 4 had one explosion and 2 fires supposedly, but they didn’t see the explosion, they only observed the sound and shock. Also, the shock was detected at 6:12 3/15 but Tepco reports it exploded at 6:14 3/15. [LINK]

I think it wasn’t the explosion of reactor4, it was the hydrovolcanic explosion underground. Fuel of reactor1 or 3 or most likely 2 sank underground and touched underground water. It was the sound of China syndrome.[LINK]

Reactor2 building was not damaged. I think that’s because the fuel exploded underground instead.

Those 2 following fires destroyed reactor4 building.

They will never disclose what actually happened. They will not mention “China syndrome” like they took months to admit the fact of meltdown.

This is Fukushima.

We don’t know what to do. Moreover, we don’t even know what actually happened. and the “something” is still going-on.

Every single fact suggets the possibility of the eruption of Mt. Fuji. I think it will erupt within a couple of years. This is why FD is following events of Mt. Fuji as well.

Also, Japan will start a war against China or North Korea or anywhere soon. Of course Japan will lose. but it won’t stop until it’s burnt out.

Massacre of radiation, eruption of Mt. Fuji, war and conscription. The question is, which one to come first and last.

Conscription will have 3 purposes. One is for war. One is to make young people go to work in Fukushima, and one is to control unemployment rate.

That sounds like a great idea for some people.

This is one of the reasons why I got out of Japan too.


However, Japanese people are finally standing up. It is expected that 100,000 people will join the Friday demonstration of 6/29. [LINK] They are really trying to fight against the power. 311 changed Japanese.

but I’m concerned, because they don’t know what to change it to be. They don’t have an ideal or principle because they are too used to spoon-feed. Unless they find it by themselves, they will waste all of their energy to take down prime minister and the bureaucratic system, which is the root of all evil will remain the same. Prime minister, president, they look as if they have power but they are acutlly nothing but the scapegoat.

Tunisian had a revolution called Jasmine revolution, but they just removed the president impulsively, ended up taking over the rotten bureaucratic system and nothing changed. Now their economy is going worse and wasted the social energy. They lacked the plan of what to do after revolution, and principal. It’s not to kill your enemy, it’s what you want to do with freedom.

Ideal and principal are the most important thing. Killing your enemy  might make you feel refreshed, but historically, it hasn’t changed anything. Power can shut down internet, they can take up your weapon. but they can’t kill your ideal and principle.


We can’t control Fukushima anymore. We can never control Mt. Fuji. but we can stop fascism / media blackout and restarting other nuclear plants, and hopefully, can help people make up their mind to evacuate. I also want to enlighten nuclear workers to inspire them for strike. Like letterpress changed the history, I hope to make the society mature enough to alter itself.


“What is the most contagious parasite?”
“An idea.”
-from Inception




  1. You say we can not control Fukushima anymore, but if we do not try, there will be no more “we.” We have to try. Nature’s power is inevitable; agreed. A hydrovolcanic explosion is inevitable; agreed too. No question that Mt. Fuji will erupt. But these need not be a death sentence for Japan and the rest of the world. I am now urging people to email PM Noda, Tepco Chairman Matsumata, and ask them to accept outside help to fix spent fuel pool 4. Urging others to intervene will not work if those in Japan will not accept the help; if PM and Tepco ask for help it will be given (I don’t doubt).

    If the 100,000 at the PM’s mansion make this their one and only demand, it may work; won’t cost the PM and Tepco anything but their self-importance, or sense of “honor.” So mis-named.

  2. Wey… slow down! Let’s just stick to the situation at Fukushima, and Mochizukis financial reality.

    Are *you* an authority on hydrovolcanism? As for Mt. Fuji, yes it will; but so will most other active volcanoes not currently active. However, that is a completely different subject to Fukushima (and a little knowledge of Geography will tell you Mt. Fuji is unlikely to affect Fukushima at all).

    Now to Mochizuki, I wish I could help financially, but like you I have my own realities to deal with. In my case, I did not get any pay at all this month (due to Norway’s daft rules about holiday pay – which for those in new jobs means a deduction from their wage that is larger than their pay in the month of June). Like most people in the West, I am noticing that we are living in very different times, and as a single person it is even worse: food is now much more expensive, and the costs of living (paying rent, insurance et cetera) eat into more and more of one’s income. In my case, 68% (nearly 70%, well over 2 thirds) of my expenses are such fast outgoings that I cannot reduce.

    I think that all this talk about war with China, and conscription is too peripheral to the question you are covering: to wit Fukushima. Rather than adding to anything, it gives you the unfortunate appearance of stabbing wildly in the dark to find as much as you can to be bitter about the country you have left. That is not what you mean, but you risk this impression.

    Stick to Fukushima. Let’s not spend too much time on how the explosions occurred. That is now academic. As for bringing people to justice, shall we first get Fukushima under control? As the previous person commented, if Reactor 4 isn’t made safe pretty soon, then the consequences sound extremely grave. That is therefore what we – and you – have to focus on.

    When we are in that fortunate position that Fukushima be stable, THEN you can move on to the next step of calling for responsibility. Then we can start demanded they haul certain people before the judges!

  3. Iori –

    Don’t worry about conscription. The rascals in power would much prefer to give lucrative cleanup contracts to their cronies, who will then hire the people who can’t find jobs doing anything else. Don’t worry. It won’t get to the point of conscription. And, if I’m wrong about that, and if they ever did conscript, the Japanese people would insist that they take the OLD people first. Younger people would be spared.

    As for China, I would not worry about a shooting war with them either. Right now, China is winning the economic game; they don’t need a shooting war with Japan to defeat us. They are learning how to manipulate the capitalist system. You think Citi, Goldman and Bain Capital know how to game the system? You cannot imagine the economic power and effect the Chinese government will have. Today, their economists could crush our companies and in turn our largest economies quite easily if they wanted to. No, if China attacks Japan, it would be economically, not militarily.

    Mt. Fuji: Over the past few months there have been a number of smaller quakes at almost exactly the same place as the last one you posted about. However all of Higashi Kanto has been very active over the past 16 months, so I don’t think this is so unusual. Have a look at
    If Fuji was ready to blow, I think you’d see a lot more happening around Mt. Fuji. No, these look more like they are just the new normal.

  4. The nuke industry is woven into the fabric.
    So is the vast,invisible network of useful idiots (free maisons) and the “noble” orders.
    Every activist group is started or co-opted by “them”. All “revolutions” are planned and implemented by the “master race” (self-described separate species, the Olympians). Read their writings.
    Arab Spring? Think Soros and his bosses.
    Humans can only riot, starve, and “eat their dead”. Next stop, the post-human era. You’re not invited.

    And yes, conscription, international “help”, Japan as world’s nuclear waste dump, and more.

    Curium-242 will generate three watts of thermal energy per gram this is far greater than the half a watt per gram generated by plutonium-238.

    Behind the veils of secrecy:
    Meltdown –> corium –> curium –> NASA (Lift, take up; LEADER)

    Curious about Chernobyl’s missing corium? Think curium.
    Curious about why every nuclear reactor in the States is built on a known seismic fault? Think.

    Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, unless you’re an Olympian. As above, so below.

    But an idea, an idea could change all that.

    1. It’s because for some reason we’re idiots, what a let down.
      I don’t think it’s acceptable that we have to have what amounts to human sacrifices “throw the virgins in the volcano, same thing”, even if they are OLD like you say. Nothing nuclear sits well with me and I have no tolerance for the SPITEFUL arguments from the other side about not having nuclear, I guess when you need baseload power and all you have in your head is nuclear as the answer, well then you can’t be argued with, but some people in this world are smarter than that “working to put all you sicko’s out of work”. It is extremely sadistic and cruel. You yourself have serious thinking errors, your not alone but it doesn’t make it right “It will just be old people” well can’t argue with that can I? It’s a shame that much of the human race is bankrupt of true ethics, morals, compassion. That’s a serious thinking error right there and I just proved it, and it’s doubtful it will chink your armor. That logic is an important part of our FAILURES.
      You’re the enemy, and so is nuclear and it will be seen. PERIOD

  5. It is hard to see when we have depression. It is very understandable how you are having a hard time with ~energy! I am fighting depression daily, I have become reclusive and don’t have the energy or desire to do anything I love or need to do for ME. I only do what others need from me, making a meal for family or doing their laundry. I have no appetite myself. . . I find if I force myself into “ceremonies” it helps. Valerian herb also helps.
    You have so many things that are contributing causes for depression. My issues are minor in comparison. I hope that you can find a way to get your energies back. We are all behind you.

  6. Lori-San

    Focus on the fukushima events and japans nuclear power, the foreign policy stuff can be done by many people.

    I honestly believe Japan will not start any wars with anyone with a declining population, and Fukushima will accelerate this, Japan does not have any internal pressure to expand, plus China is huge and growing rapidly,
    at this point, Japan strategically needs to hold a defensive pivot and worry about sea lanes and resources.

    North Korea is silly, they are dying. Their economy is vying with Somalia. The chinese can throttle them at a moments notice, so they live only due to Chinese patronage and South Korean fear to advance.

    If South Korea were to tighten up they could handle North Korea in 2 weeks.

    I honestly believe North Korea has a Potemkin Army and one day the NK people will just quit and the whole sham will end.

    But as for Fukushima, collect the data, do the anlysis, help us prevent another such disaster.


    1. N.korea has the best security in the world, mutually assured destruction, why the u.s uses it to keep it’s civillians safe and yes it’s madness but it’s working well. N.korea is a powderkeg, you wouldn’t believe how much destructive weaponry and all sorts of other things that kill people they have “it’s really important to have a lot of human killing power nowadays”. Anything happens to N.korea, the agressor countries will be destroyed, not usa, but any country in the area that thinks it’s a good idea to poke them with a stick. Go poke usa with a stick see what happens, poke iran, etc. If japan does it, it’s gone, south korea should they decide to do it will be gone. If someone wants to attack someone with a M.A.D. DEFENCE SYSTEM fine, I’ve seen TOO MUCH IDIOCY NOT TO RULE IT OUT, JUST DON’T BE SUPRISED when the attacking countries are literally dead, and rightfully so, it’s written here as what will happen for all to see, just don’t play dumb afterwards.

      1. The only way to beat N.korea would be a massive nuclear first strike that would take out 90+% of their artillery “short/medium/long range” That would take many nuclear bombs and really poison nearby countries “=death” + they’re fortified installations would go live and capitulate “M.A.D” it also wouldn’t look very good when N.korea is not attacking anyone. It’d be like bombing the hell out of russia tommorrow.

  7. @Iori: maybe you need to take a short vacation? What’s the scientific link between an eruption in Fujiyama and Fukushima nuclear accident? What makes you think Japan will start a war against China? Nobody can do it because China can, at least, tie with any opponent due to their nuclear weapons. North Korea? Do you have proofs? I think this kind of statements make you loose credibility.


  8. Bambam(and anyone else who does not like the way Iori presents information) do not be condescending as this is Iori’s blog. He can say whatever he wants. If you do not like it-LEAVE this blog and build one of your own. He has worked very hard to inform millions of people worldwide about Fukushima. What have you done daily for the past 400 days to keep sick people alive and aware of this tragedy?
    Now as to Iori’s post this is the reality:
    Japan, the Koreas, and China share the East China Sea, what contamination Japan now has will flow to these areas. Economically, need for supplies such as clean food and water, leads to conflict when resources are low. This is a fact.
    Iori is allowed to speculate. This is HIS blog. No one has to like what he says as they are free to do whatever research they like anytime they like. THEN come back with valuable research and post. It is amazing how people come to websites with zero research or statistics in hand even though everyone shares the same internet, without having read the previous posts to get information, and STILL takes it upon themselves to belittle a blog owner.
    Do your own research if you cannot handle what Iori says.
    Thank you.

    1. Grace,

      I am in total agreement with your defense of lori. With the exception of Fukushima Forum, which uses the info from the Diary; I know of no other web site to find info. This young man is accomplishing a great service to the rest of the world community and he needs all of the support, emotional as well as financial that the readers can give.

      I have just read that the Japanese government will outlaw YouTube info., scheduled for October. (Do they always take the slow road?) A good reason for lori to have evacuated. I hope that he can continue to receive news.

    2. @Grace: If someone arrives at this blog and reads first this entry I guarantee you he/she will be not highly motivated to read further. What I and others commented here is good advice to Iori, specially good when he is signing with name and surname. There are facts and there are rumors, to take in particular account when you sign with full name. And guess because I give advice, because I care.

      1. No one needs your passive aggressive, condescending, diminuative, manipulative, browbeating crap. Think you’re smart? Matters not unless you prove it, and I think you’ve proven quite the opposite, Iori is his own sentient entity, project your perception of ideology on someone more deserving. Direct yourself.

        1. Crap? Crap the majority of your comments with no base fruit of a lunatic with too much free time. Sure you don’t stand your words face to face, but of course you can continue writing none sense bullshit behind your anonymity.

          1. It’s good that you care. I don’t have to agree with every point Lori makes but I think over-all he’s so right.

            Blogs are a place where you can share speculation and opinion as well as journalistic reports. Those posts of his stand out apart from his reporting so they don’t hurt his credibility at all. It’s his honest opinion.

            An example of how I think he’s right….

            What can be done about China Syndrome? We’ve stepped into the realm of “science fiction.” I think we need angels, aliens, God – anybody to come pick us out of our own mess because this is not a fire that we know as humanity how to put out. Facts are facts. And in the meantime we can only cope via individual survival strategies, or as a cooperative with small communities of determined peers.

          2. I had no time to mention every single source about what I said before.
            Just study Japanese and search historical eruption of Mt. Fuji, and Hashimoto and Ishihara.
            Also, Senkaku island and Japanese history from Great Kanto earthquake of 1923 to WWW2.

  9. Nuclear energy could give us a future. Thorium reactors are cheaper and MUCH safer to use. We can’t keep living on oil forever.

    As for the Japanese war against China, I don’t see it happen. The japanese government is over it’s ears in debt.. They can not afford another war.
    Same goes for the U.S. and the E.U.

    A NATO war with Syria might be getting close, with the fighter jet that has been shot down lately, and the 2nd plane that has been shot upon but wasn’t damaged. Russia has military bases in Syria, while China also is involved by various business deals.

    NATO vs. Syria, Iran, Russia, China?
    I really don’t hope to see this happening anywhere in my lifetime, but it does appear to be getting close.

  10. Conscription—already mentioned by Tokyo’s vice-governor. Pensioners and the unemployed first? Next,armies of Green Volunteers.

    If the people become restless, a fake war would flip them around.

    Curtains rise on Japan as No.1 Human Experiment.
    The four most recent emperors have all been Knights of the Royal Garter, a rare honor requiring what sacrifice?

    Mt.Fuji is already erupting (water eruptions since last year). The ash emissions are forecast to begin within the next three years.What do you suppose will happen to Hamaoka? The Tokyo infrastructure and beyond? And why is this not an issue for those steering Planet Earth?

    Before the name America, the New World was referred to as New Atlantis (after Bacon’s Utopia, with underground cities lit by a non-solar power source).

    Direction indicated at the close of“Brave New World”.

  11. You must be aware of the paranoia of the powers that be to understand that Iori may be right about conscription (hence war).
    The Japanese powers that be did lose a lot of credibility during the past 15 months. Without credibility, their power is fragile, it appears illegitimate. Historically, oligarchs have been known to start wars in such circumstances, to redirect the anger of people from them (oligarchs) toward another country (preferably a country already disliked by the population…hence China).
    What would the U.S. powers that be think of that ? Japan and China are their two main economic competitors…

  12. Michele:

    try this site:

  13. The predictions about war coming as a result of the current tensions may be sensationalistic, but its clearly his opinion only, and there is tons and tons of people saying similar things about various hot spot conflict zones around the world right now. For instance, Turkey beginning to resassrt itself as a major player. The Falklands Islands war being revisited. The South China Sea tension – US moving 60% of its fleet to the Asia Pacific region in order to ‘keep the peace.’ Japan and Russia dispute of the Kuril Islands. Historically times of economic collapse and loss of control lead to the flaring up of regional tensions and this time is no different, I think.

  14. Possible scenario?

    Stage 1: Do nothing about the greatest catastrophe/bonanza ever.Wait a year.

    Stage 2: Have a couple of “retired” noble diplomats appeal to the “international community” and the UN to do something. That’s the UN which runs the IAEA, currently pushing for 500 nuke plants.

    Stage 3: Whip up a frenzy over cesium pollution (keep it simple, don’t say MOX) climaxing in a declaration of a War to Save the Planet.
    Robots can’t do the cleanup and can’t go in quietly later on to retrieve the products.
    Going rate for curium is about $100/mg, isn’t it?
    Russia sent in how many humans for the Chernobyl cleanup? 900,000?
    If Disneyland Japan doesn’t go for conscription, a racist neighborhood scuffle could be arranged. The parts are all in place, thanks to the usual guilty suspects:
    Call for UN intervention and US nuclear (military) experts to sort out the mess.

    Stage 4: Lock Japan down for 20-30 year radiation experiment.

    Stage 5: Wait for ash emissions from Mt.Fuji to knock out electronic equipment within a 100-km radius.The Kanto Area goes down, some nuclear plants go up.

    Stage 6: Declare Japan as No.1 Waste Dump for world’s nuclear plants.

    Stage 7: …..

  15. I am a gaijin and have lived in Japan since 1980. Worked on Wall Street in Japan (Kabutocho) thru the buble. I love Japan and have no plans to leave it. While I appreciate you putting forward the news, what you are doing,
    Anyone with some time could do.
    In the end you are weak, if you wish to run and hide, so be it, but for those of us who stay here and continue to be proud of this wonderful country in which we live – if you question what the world thinks of Japan look at the currency. Run to Europe, run to Canada, it does not matter. You are the problem not the solution. 恥ずかしいね

  16. Well, Cj:
    People have their different choices to make in life. We are not all robots yet, all making the exact same choices.
    Smug criticism of someone else’s choice just shows up the critic.

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