Settlement report 6/20 ~ 6/24/2012

Settlement report 6/20 ~ 6/24/2012


Settlement report 6/20 ~ 6/24/2012 2


Though Japan is in such a crisis, I’m still struggling to get used to this new life. I managed the jet-lag, but still every small thing is hard, like I can’t have it systematic to have a shower or the morning “ceremony” (washing my face, brushing my teeth etc..) yet, so I’m writing this with my back-up energy. lol


I’ve been looking into Tepco’s in-house investigation report this week. They are supposed to publish the English version soon but don’t know when. Anyway, as everyone on this planet imagined, the report was a total crap, though it has 352 page, only 2 pages are about reactor4. They spend most of the part on self-justifying. Tepco is the worst parasite in the world. (They still have 3 billion yen budget for party and recreation.)

Though I have posted a lot about their reports about reactor 4, I didn’t write this on each post. This is my assumption.

Reactor 4 had one explosion and 2 fires supposedly, but they didn’t see the explosion, they only observed the sound and shock. Also, the shock was detected at 6:12 3/15 but Tepco reports it exploded at 6:14 3/15. [LINK]

I think it wasn’t the explosion of reactor4, it was the hydrovolcanic explosion underground. Fuel of reactor1 or 3 or most likely 2 sank underground and touched underground water. It was the sound of China syndrome.[LINK]

Reactor2 building was not damaged. I think that’s because the fuel exploded underground instead.

Those 2 following fires destroyed reactor4 building.

They will never disclose what actually happened. They will not mention “China syndrome” like they took months to admit the fact of meltdown.

This is Fukushima.

We don’t know what to do. Moreover, we don’t even know what actually happened. and the “something” is still going-on.

Every single fact suggets the possibility of the eruption of Mt. Fuji. I think it will erupt within a couple of years. This is why FD is following events of Mt. Fuji as well.

Also, Japan will start a war against China or North Korea or anywhere soon. Of course Japan will lose. but it won’t stop until it’s burnt out.

Massacre of radiation, eruption of Mt. Fuji, war and conscription. The question is, which one to come first and last.

Conscription will have 3 purposes. One is for war. One is to make young people go to work in Fukushima, and one is to control unemployment rate.

That sounds like a great idea for some people.

This is one of the reasons why I got out of Japan too.


However, Japanese people are finally standing up. It is expected that 100,000 people will join the Friday demonstration of 6/29. [LINK] They are really trying to fight against the power. 311 changed Japanese.

but I’m concerned, because they don’t know what to change it to be. They don’t have an ideal or principle because they are too used to spoon-feed. Unless they find it by themselves, they will waste all of their energy to take down prime minister and the bureaucratic system, which is the root of all evil will remain the same. Prime minister, president, they look as if they have power but they are acutlly nothing but the scapegoat.

Tunisian had a revolution called Jasmine revolution, but they just removed the president impulsively, ended up taking over the rotten bureaucratic system and nothing changed. Now their economy is going worse and wasted the social energy. They lacked the plan of what to do after revolution, and principal. It’s not to kill your enemy, it’s what you want to do with freedom.

Ideal and principal are the most important thing. Killing your enemy  might make you feel refreshed, but historically, it hasn’t changed anything. Power can shut down internet, they can take up your weapon. but they can’t kill your ideal and principle.


We can’t control Fukushima anymore. We can never control Mt. Fuji. but we can stop fascism / media blackout and restarting other nuclear plants, and hopefully, can help people make up their mind to evacuate. I also want to enlighten nuclear workers to inspire them for strike. Like letterpress changed the history, I hope to make the society mature enough to alter itself.


“What is the most contagious parasite?”
“An idea.”
-from Inception




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