Fukushima is going to start selling marine products

Fishery cooperative in Fukushima is going to start fish from 6/22/2012, after Typhoon 04 passes. [LINK]

6 chairmans and 50 staff from fishery cooperative held a meeting in Iwaki city [LINK] on 6/18 and decided to restart fishing for sale offshore of Minamisoma city. On 6/14, they fished North Pacific giant octopus, Octopus conispadiceus, and whelk and no radiation was measured from all those samples.
They haven’t fished for one year and 3 months since 311.
They state they prepared the proper radiation measurement system and confirmed the safety of those fishery products, will start selling those 3 kinds of the marine products.

Mr. Nanbu, the chairman of Soma Futaba fishery cooperative comments, “we are looking forward to restarting to fish. This is our first step. We are sure that consumers can be reassured with our marine products.” Mr. Nozaki, the chairman of Fukushima fishery cooperation talks, “this is an experimental fishing, which is not profitable yet, but we are going to try to restart it step by step.”


Fukushima is going to start selling marine products



  1. I am very, very surprised that those fishes don’t show any sign of radiation contamination. So, my question is:
    If indeed, this is true…What did they do to the fishes?
    i know that there are experimental processes like the John Hutchison effect that can eliminate radiation….So, it is possible.

    1. The process they used that removes all radiation from fish is called lying, and they seem to think it works, /ag ra va ting.

  2. Hard to believe no radiation was in those samples and the bluefin tuna and other fish in US is higher than normal with radioactivity…SOMETHING”S fishy!!! “(((

  3. that is indeed hard to believe,live samples should be sent to another country japan cant clearly be trusted when it comes to monitoring radiation

  4. The “samples” probably will be sent to another country, until someone tests and discovers radiation. It seems radiation is ignored,as is the damage until someone outside Japan discovers contamination.

    1. I seriously doubt they tested the seafood properly. Testing food requires more expertise and much more expensive devices. Just waving a cheap gieger counter wand over an octopus is a worthless procedure. Caveat emptor Japanese consumers!

  5. FUKUSHIMA DIARY FR – Fukushima va recommencer à vendre des produits de la mer.
    Par Mochizuki le 18 juin 2012 – 3 Commentaires

    La coopérative de pêche de Fukushima va reprendre ses activités le 22 juin 2012, après le passage du cyclone de classe 04. [http://fukushima-diary.com/2012/06/a-very-strong-typhoon-04-is-hitting-fukushima-on-6202012/]

    6 présidents et 50 membres de la coopérative de pêche ont tenu une réunion dans la ville d’Iwaki [cf. http://fukushima-diary.com/2012/06/derangement-lets-drink-tap-water-campaign-in-fukushima/%5D le 18 juin et ont décidé de recommencer leurs pêches destinées à la vente au large de la ville de Minamisoma. Le 14 juin, ils ont pêché de la pieuvre géante du Pacifique Nord, Octopus conispadiceus, du bulot et aucune contamination n’a été mesurée sur tous ces échantillons.
    Ils n’ont pas pêché depuis un an et trois mois, depuis le 11-3.
    Ils affirment qu’ils ont préparé un système de mesure de contamination adapté qui a confirmé la sûreté des produits de ces pêches, qu’ils vont commencer à vendre ces trois genres de produits marins.

    M. Nanbu, président de la coopérative de pêche de Soma Futaba déclare “nous cherchons à redémarrer la pêche. C’est notre premier pas. Nous sommes sûrs que les consommateurs pourront être rassurés sur nos produits”. M. Nozaki, président de la fédération des pêcheries de Fukushima considère que“c’est une pêche expérimentale qui n’est pas encore rentable mais nous allons tenter de redémarrer, pas à pas.”


    Source : http://www3.nhk.or.jp/news/html/20120618/k10015916781000.html

  6. I have no faith in Canadian officials to provide ANY reliable data on ANY subject any longer. They have traded economic matters for people’s lives.
    They seemingly lie with impunity.
    They specifically told the general population NOT to use ANY potassium iodide during the early days of the crisis. Even if one chose to use it, it was unavailable. I started ingesting a little extra table salt (with KI) that day. As i read the list of ingredients (yes, there is a list); amongst them is sugar.
    I for one, am personally boycotting all marine products. I expose where products were harvested whilst in the supermarket to strangers. Often they are shocked to discover that their seafood was labelled as from CHINA!

  7. This is all a bunch of BULL SHIT LIES! COME ON NOW………….REALLY?????? HOW SHEEPISH AND EMPTY MINDED DO THEY THINK SOME OF US ARE??? I can’t help myself with my opinion here with this information. WOW, lets all just act like nothing has happened and the birds are chirping and the sun is out and life is wonderful! A positive thing to come out of this disaster is people for once finally realizing how precious life and living things are. It’s not all about money, money and money. Once you start to live and breath for the sake of money, life is over! Might as well forget it! This topic can make me go on for days and days………..life is suppose to be about living it the best you can. Loving; not hating. Take pride in the world and air you breath and not pollute it and we are not suppose to be creating so much stress and negativity and evil! I sure don’t fit in the world I was born in. Because I don’t agree with a majority of how things are done in the world I live in today. Everything is about money and more money. The majority of people don’t have money…..so who own’s this world???? The stupid fat cigar smoking oil tycoons who work with the automobile industry and the government. Always cutting deals behind closed doors. Undercutting and dirty deals in order to gain more money and more power and screw those who are the average working person who is trying to live a deceent life.

  8. I remember when they said,

    THE AIR IS CLEAN at the 911 site !

    There is no oil or Corexit in the seafood from the Gulf of Mexico !

    Government’s lie, thats what they do, … Don’t get me started on the False Flag wars we have been drawn into !

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