A very strong typhoon 04 is hitting Fukushima on 6/20/2012

A very strong typhoon 04 is in the course to hit Fukushima on 6/20/2012.

The central pressure will be 955 hPa, Maximum wind gust speed will be 60m/s(115kt).

The state of reactor4 is concerned.

A very strong typhoon 04 is hitting Fukushima on 6/20/2012


A very strong typhoon 04 is hitting Fukushima on 6/20/2012 2


A very strong typhoon 04 is hitting Fukushima on 6/20/2012 3


A very strong typhoon 04 is hitting Fukushima on 6/20/2012 4


A very strong typhoon 04 is hitting Fukushima on 6/20/2012 5


A very strong typhoon 04 is hitting Fukushima on 6/20/2012 6









  1. Yes, this super typhoon and possibly several more smaller typhoons in the coming weeks will be a test for the entire complex.. Lots of strong wind gusts and inches of rain.

    The volume of water that will infiltrate the subsoil will probably produce more of the radioactive steam we have seen once again the past two days. The coriums are far from cooling down and the scientists will get more opportunities to discuss the hydrovolcanic effects which has been quite a learning process for their general lack of understanding on how massive 100-ton chunks of runaway nuclear behave in the China Syndrome process. They had hoped the soil would cool the coriumx by now. They were very wrong in the initial stages of the meltdowns and they are still very wrong in their estimates. These triple underground nuclear fireballs are far from a “cold shutdown condition”.

    1. http://www.hurricanezone.net/tcgraphics/wp0512.gif?1339986125

      Joint Typhoon Center has moved the track more Easterly in the last 6 hours, now making landfall near Kyoto and skirting the coast to go over Tokyo at midnight with dimished winds because of the land/mountain drag on its power to 65 knots. Current guess is it will EXIT land near FukuD at about that speed. As soon as it slows at landfall, Japan will be drowned in its load of rainfall, swelling highly radioactive rivers into torrents, making a new plume of radioactivity into the Pacific…how awful.

  2. It’s an experiment, it wouldn’t “fall” all through the other storms, so now they will modify the paramaters by adding a 60 ton PRESSURE COOKER LID with no safety relief, I wonder what the hypothesis is?
    I wonder gow the conclusion will differ from it.
    Some experiment.

  3. if the stockholders of these plants are mad or sad… Nobody’s forcing you to hold such stock and /shame on you cowards, I hope you lose your “gambling $”
    Don’t gate the player, hate the game.

    1. Where do you want them to put their stock?
      No viable long term storage solution exists yet…

  4. FUKUSHIMA DIARY FR – Un très fort cyclone de classe 4 atteindra Fukushima le 20 juin 2012.
    Par Mochizuki le 17 juin 2012 · 3 Commentaires


    La pression au centre sera de 955 hPa, Les vent maximum atteindront les 60m/s (115kt, 216 km/h).

    Vu son état, le réacteur 4 est dans la balance.

    Source : http://www.jma.go.jp/en/typh/index.html

  5. lost my post, but the gis is, there are serious flwas in humanity that no one is exempt from and we are all going to bear witness them, no one is studying those who are responsible for many many things nor are they studying their behaviours.
    Reactors will be restarted and japans throats stomped on as a lot of Deniro was invested in this system and those who control the death have tunnel vision, like a child at the ice cream truck. They are threatened cowards when it comes to clean energy solutions, there are many answers for japan, but no one is asking.
    Consensus and groupthink and the perceptions when viewed within that box can be problematic. The emperor wears no clothes, japan isn’t a country conducive to having a civillian population anymore when the people become “nothing” and are treated as such, the machines globally have forgotten that it’s in it’s own interest not to harm or kill who feeds it. It is a gluttonous immoral child killing mass murduring diseased sociopath anyways.

  6. The world will come to see that when secrets or truth can no longer be “TOYED!!!!!!!” with, that nuclear is the greatest polluter of all, it is pandora’s box, clarity will be brought at great cost, it would seem to most, nothing is apparent until it is, well time ticks and with that there will be clarity. The governments of the world played a strange game of moral failure en masse’, the intelligent non corrupted of the world no longer have a speck of confidence in them. That paradox works both ways henceforth we look at eachother with disdain and hatred, but only one side can be righteous and the other the opposite, I won’t argue semantics about which is which.
    ….fema coffins

  7. I personally wouldn’t support or feed someone who ENJOYS killing children.
    YUKIO EDANO, /ALL GOVERNMENTS or quite the opposite.

  8. Big lies and little games, double speak and semantics, discounting and disdain and distractions, meanwhile…

  9. Here’s the straight dope.
    1-There are TOO MANY variables at play since day one.
    2-There is NO control “can you move the moderator rods? oh they melted? you found them in peoples fingernails and spiders?”
    3-It has gone on to long with no control to even have any hope of obtaining any semblance of control.
    4- chernoble “same thing, too bad, it is” Had a flurry of activity of hundreds of thousands “700,000 or so” to “tame” the beast, where is that here? times 1234.
    5- The whatever you want to call it behind the reason that point #4 is not happening, could be “don’t wanna” could be “too radioactively hot” what else reasons could there be.
    6-If it is too “rad hot” then that means lack of people, can quince or “asimo” simulate humans which are needed to gain ACCESS AND CONTROL, no sadly.
    7- Abandoned plant, no control, no moderator rods, cameras, you have cameras, can cameras cool or control corium, fuel pools? no sadly.
    So you have four chernobles with none of the efforts, I know much of nuclear and can deduce, surmise, hypothesize that this will go to the final conclusion, henceforth it all burns, there are not 700,000 people times 4 working to prevent that, there is nothing different here, nuclear fuel here isn’t magically different than chernoble, it fissions, that’s what it does.
    Walking away or watching cameras is not a solution, it is festering, I have no doubt.
    Look how peoples lives were jeopardized through unfathomable actions/behaviours, and the response, there is a commonality that gives great insight, distilled and translated is “get out of japan”
    When you hear such things as “if four falls we’ll evacuate tokyo” ok,,, sounds reasonable right???, how about everyone in between? and in such a projection did variable wind direction get inputted into such a plan? It is quite important.
    The variables are too great and too many for anyone to have control over “unknown unknowns” don’t help. Too assume such is a decent into madness.
    To be sure, there are lives at this very moment at stake here, real livesd and in their safety and security I have NO CONFIDENCE, NONE, their lives at stake seem to lack external value “not to me”, from an observational standpoint the japanese lives don’t seem to be seen with the same value, meaning and clarity as I behold them.
    What I am saying is to be clear, there is %100 no confidence in your safety when there is %100 NO CONTROL over something so dire that can change your destiny.
    The threat is too great not to evacuate, with no control, think about it, it is very clear too many, and many are trying to make it clear to you.
    Leave, take a vacation, say “I’LL COME BACK WHEN YOU ARE IN CONTROL AND I HAVE 100% CONFIDENCE” give those who CONTROL a reason and a responsibility to, or all they, and you will be left with is a no mans land. It is NOT A GAME, IT IS NOT TRIVIAL! DO NOT TREAT IT AS SUCH, YOU KNOW ABOUT THE TOKYO AIR/SOIL SAMPLES, THE CEDARS, ETC, WHY WOULD YOU QUESTION THAT, YOU HAVE BEEN AMPLY INFORMED AND WARNED, I wish you life, in a land where it becomes less and less possible every day. FINAL WARNING.

  10. According to the last forecasts, it will be a class 1 typhoon or a simple tropical depression when it will be offshore of the nuclear complex, delivering winds under or around 100km/h in average at its center, thus weaker on the damaged reactors.
    Cross your fingers however.

    Source : http://www.tropicalstormrisk.com/ (click on “GUCHOL”)

  11. ここでストレートドープのです。
    NOのコントロールが2ありません “あなたは司会棒を動かすことができますか?ああ、彼らは溶けた?あなたは、人々の爪やスパイダーでそれらを見つけましたか? ”
    4 – chernoble “同じことを、あまりにも悪い、それはされている”獣 “を飼いならす”する “ように70万以上”千数百人の活動の突風、それはここにあるていましたか?回1234。
    5 – あなたはポイント#4が起こっていないことを理由の背後にそれを呼び出すようにしたいものは何でも、 “たく​​ない”理由があるかもしれません他に何が “あまりに放射能熱い”ことができるかもしれません。
    6場合、それはあまりにも人々の不足を意味し、 “ホットラジアン”されている、マルメロや “ASIMO”には悲しげに、アクセスと制御を得られないために必要な人間をシミュレートすることができます。
    7 – 捨てられた植物、制御なし、なし司会ロッド、カメラは、あなたがカメラを持っているカメラは、燃料プールの真皮を冷却または制御できますか?悲しそうにありません。
    人々の生活は計り知れない行動/振る舞い、および応答を介して危険にさらされたかを見て、蒸留し、翻訳 “日本の脱出”されている、偉大な洞察力を与える共通点がある
    あなたが間に皆について、[OK] “4つの我々は東京を避難させるよになった場合、”合理的な権利を音?、どのような事を聞くと?このような投影法に可変風向は、このような計画に入力されたのですか?それは非常に重要です。
    変数が多すぎると “未知の未知”のコントロールを持っている誰も助けないためにあまりにも多くあります。あまりにもそのような狂気にまともであると仮定します。
    確かに、ここで絡んで今この瞬間の人生、本当のlivesdとその安全性とセキュリティに私は自信NONEはありませんがあり、危機に瀕して自分たちの生活は、観測の立場から、 “私にはない”外部の価値を欠いているように見える日本の生活は、私はそれらを見よと同じ値、意味と明確に見られていないようです。
    休暇を取る、残すは、その理由と責任を制御したり、すべての彼らと、あなたが残されますがないルマンではない人々に与える “あなたがコントロールにあり、私は100%の自信を持っているとき、私は戻ってくる”と言う土地。それがゲームではない、それは容易ではありません!そのように扱ってはいけません、あなたが東京のAIR /土壌サンプルについて知って、杉、ETCは、どうして、あなたは十分に情報を得警告されていた質問と、私はあなたの生活をしたい、それが少なくなり、土地の毎日可能。 FINAL WARNING。
    This is something that can destroy a nation, unmanned=no control= hairs breadth away from it. Gambling made this mess, it is not a solution to solve it.

  12. Intell Agent, everything you have said is the sad truth of the “global leaders” sociopaths with the finances and power to control what the rest of humanity must accept. We are at the mercy of multi-national corporations “Fascism” has no regard for the well being of the masses. To quote Jean Paul Sartre, “Fascism is not defined by the numbers of its victims, but by the way that it kills them.”

    The world community is suffering enough from the result of decades of planning to bring us to this point of economic and governmental meltdown. The Fukushima nuclear plants have become the reality of a meltdown that will destroy every living creature on this poisoned world. With the exception of the few, nobody else is listening.

    1. Michele I so agree. Had a very low moment last night after realizing that science has really made the gap almost insurmountable.(Weather modification, HAARP etc.) Felt like just throwing in the towel on Humanity. Then I thought of Lori and his plight and the people of Japan (especially the children) and thought I rather go down fighting with them than giving into the evil masters

  13. Didn’t the JP government just announce they are reactivating 2 reactors at Fukushima recently?

    If so, shouldn’t they reconsider?

    Also, I won’t pray for you (a useless and selfish act) so instead I will save money and contribute towards disaster if it is bad again. I donated a lot of money since last year to Japan, more than happy to do it again. Because, simply, money is more powerful than prayer, everytime.. (not a matter of opinion, thank you and take my money).

  14. This is about the end of humanity. One terrible storm, one flare up and power outage, one nuclear plant ending all our destiny. It’s got out of hand. We must insist that Japan’s PM accept help from outside. Otherwise..

    1. President Obama took donations for the 2008 election from BP Oil, and our government was ineffective with the destruction of the Gulf of Mexico.

      Pres. Obama has massive donations from the Nuclear Energy Industries, he will not insist on any international involvement.

      When TSHTF he and other elites have their safe bunkers to which to hide while humanity suffers and all life is destroyed. The question is, why would you want to survive in a world of extermination?

  15. The chance of a direct hit, is probably a little low.

    That said a westerly near miss will release a lot of trapped isotopes and a easterly miss will disturb whats on the sea bottom.

    Now a direct hit will be bad, it will likely tear up the power to the station and that won’t be any good.

    1. As a Cat 4 Hurricane Hugo survivor who stood in the eye talking on a bagphone looking up at the amazing array of stars for nearly an hour, “direct hit” doesn’t mean much in hurricanes/typhoons, where the serious part of the storm is about 120km wide. “Close” counts as much as “direct hit” in these storms, unlike a tornado that eats your neighbor’s house totally but doesn’t both the flowers at yours. All of Honshu is gonna be drown in rain with high winds, depending on how much land and mountains it actually hits on its way to Tokyo. FukuD won’t matter as much as the massive washout of radioactives into the Pacific, a new plume into the ocean food supply.

      1. Hugo was a monster storm, 400 miles across, this thing is more like 150.

        It’s still trending west and Japan has a central mountain ridge,so, Fukushima looks like it will get spared.

        It’s not good if we get a direct hit on Fuku.

      2. I agree. Unlike the first time CA got hit with massive plume, many of us are more prepared. Stocked with anti-rads, food etc. Know what to eat, what not to eat etc. Trying to take a positive approach that its not over till its over. However my logical mind does tell me “if not this typhoon then the next, if not this earthquake, then the next, if not Japan than somewhere else until the nuclear industry is shut down completely”. Have a book to recommend to all. NUKESPEAK It was written 30 years ago and recently reprinted. Gives a great overview of how the nuclear industry has been able to fool and continue to fool the people and politicians alike through decades. Reading it helped me put into perspective one way of fighting back. I can read the true meaning of the words coming out of the nuke industry’s mouth and can spot and stop a shillerin their tracks.

  16. Just checked tropicalstormrisk.com.

    Typhoon course projection has changed. New course puts the eye dead center over the Ooi nuclear power plant. Will miss Fukushima entirely.

    Is He sending Japan a message?

  17. The three year window Michael Jackson tried to warn us about to stop them is closing fast. Laugh if you want but not only was he trying to warn us through his videos he also publicly called Sony Records the devil. Paranoid to the end that he was being gang stalked and now he’s dead.

    1. OMG you are sooo on top of this…. You are so right …Michael tried to warn us in many of his songs…..Listen to the lyrics Closely…. New album after his death called MICHAEL….. He speaks through his music and Sony did not want anyone in this world to hear or understand what he is really saying…..Ironic— this new album has never been promoted in the US. It is called Michael– very good album..XOXO
      I LOVE YOU MORE !!

  18. I saw in the news yesterday that Japan got hit by a 6.3 earthquake only 190 km away from the Fukushima.
    Any news yet if it has effected reactor 4? Just a bit worried as reactor 4 is so unstable.
    Is the typhoon still heading towards Fukushima?

  19. so the storm has gone and no catastrophe happened, isnt this the perfect example of how all of you blood thirsty fear mongeres are getting a bit out of hand?

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