A very short message from me

This is not news.

I thought I wouldn’t lose anything to tell it to everyone.

Today I had a major pain in the middle-left side of my chest. I hope it was nothing serious but it was the same place as last year before evacuation.

It wasn’t the pectoral muscle. The pulse was 73 per minute, a little faster than usual but still in the normal range.

Unlike normal pain in your arm or leg, pain in your chest doesn’t let you escape. and the more you worry, the worse it gets.

It felt like someone was picking my heart. Don’t even want to recall it.

More and more people are dying in Chiba or Tokyo. It’s easy to think it won’t happen to me, but I don’t want to be too late.

I mean, Fukushima Diary is against media blackout. but that’s only for the Fukushima battle line.

Media blackout is everywhere. Media is almost only to conceal the world from you.

so I expect everyone to fight against media blackout on your own battle line.

Battle line is everywhere, and you can fight with a little bit of bravery and passion.

Don’t let them dominate the information. Enlighten the people and help them make the better choice.

Let the soldiers know how stupid they are.

Truth doesn’t belong to anyone.

Break the “reality” in the screen.




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