A very short message from me

This is not news.

I thought I wouldn’t lose anything to tell it to everyone.

Today I had a major pain in the middle-left side of my chest. I hope it was nothing serious but it was the same place as last year before evacuation.

It wasn’t the pectoral muscle. The pulse was 73 per minute, a little faster than usual but still in the normal range.

Unlike normal pain in your arm or leg, pain in your chest doesn’t let you escape. and the more you worry, the worse it gets.

It felt like someone was picking my heart. Don’t even want to recall it.

More and more people are dying in Chiba or Tokyo. It’s easy to think it won’t happen to me, but I don’t want to be too late.

I mean, Fukushima Diary is against media blackout. but that’s only for the Fukushima battle line.

Media blackout is everywhere. Media is almost only to conceal the world from you.

so I expect everyone to fight against media blackout on your own battle line.

Battle line is everywhere, and you can fight with a little bit of bravery and passion.

Don’t let them dominate the information. Enlighten the people and help them make the better choice.

Let the soldiers know how stupid they are.

Truth doesn’t belong to anyone.

Break the “reality” in the screen.





  2. I hope you are okay. I only recently came across your website. Thank you for bringing to light the truth, you are right about the media and government, they have gone great lengths to conceal the truth world wide. 911 is another example of that. I have sent a few people a link to your website in hopes to bring more attention & support your direction.

    Take Care!

  3. I’m sorry to hear this Iori. I hope it is nothing major, however it may be a good idea to visit a local university hospital and offer yourself for radiological tests…. at least outside of Japan you have a chance of treatment. A university may see a great opportunity as it is not everybody (yet) who has been exposed to radionuclides and you may get treatment, diagnoses or hopefully your mind put at rest!

  4. Try to stay strong! You are a needed voice for non-Japanese speakers outside Japan!
    Take a rest when you need to. I hope this passes!

    We will redouble our efforts in your name!

  5. Hello,

    What does physician says about this pain ?

    Did you go to a physician ?

    I think it is the best thing to do.

    Chest pains can have several origins, not always related to lung or heart, stress can be one of them.

    Then please don’t worry and go to a physician.

    You have done a very good job, many people read you all over the world and whish you a good life, I’m sure of it.

    Give us some news please, and thanks a lot for this job.


  6. Hi Iori,

    I get those kind of pains for 60 years already and I am still OK. Do not worry too much about the pain, stress creates all kinds of side effects, one of which is anomalies in the nervous system. Try to find a way to relax. Deep breathing is good. 3 seconds breathe in, 3 seconds breathe out. Do this for 15 minutes a day. Or more. You can do it anywhyere, even at your computer. This will lower your blood pressure and slow down your cortisol production.

    We need you. We will do our part by spreading the word about Fukushima Diary.

  7. Heart ache is sometimes emotional.
    Understandably many of us feel similar these days. I trust, you can release the pain, as your information and the work that you do helps others in their pain of ignorance. Thank you for your words, thoughts and inspiration.
    One love!

  8. My new friend:

    This is a battle, the likes of which no thinking human could have ever imagined. I know that you feel so very alone, so very much of the time. Please know that, while you may sometimes be by yourself, you are NOT alone. Rest, use your cleansing energy for healing, and take heart. Your words are being read, and responded to by a caring world.

  9. could be food, could be stress. if it continues, go see a doctor!
    maybe go for a swim and walk in nature with clean-air, green light and sleep in
    (but not too long, we need you back here) : )

  10. Mochizuki-san, so sorry to hear about your pain. Please seek medical attention and try to relax for your mind and body.

    Regarding your statement:

    > More and more people are dying in Chiba or Tokyo.

    Could you please provide a citation for this so as to prevent others from detracting from your comments. Thank you.

  11. You are doing a heroic thing with the Fukushima Diary. You put yourself out there and the information about the radiation. Some people don’t have the courage like you do. Stress can cause chest pain. I hope it’s nothing serious, but if it continues you may want to get checked out. Just to be safe with your health.

    I too try to enlighten people in daily discussions about Fukushima, now it seems to be the Zombie virus in Miami Florida. One case in California and Lousiana too. I believe the situation with people eating other people isn’t from a drug called Bath Salts. Not the kind you take a bath with either. Bath Salts is just a form of smoke and mirrors analogy, to get the public to buy into it. The government will use any escape goat in order to steer the public away from reality. I believe it’s a chemical and an experiement the government is doing. You can buy real Zombie bullets from outdoor shops. This blows my mind……I have now started to research this too along with Fukushima. The University of Florida use to have a website that informed the public about Zombies until the site was taken down. I wonder who made the University disable the site…..Zombies go far back as the 1800’s. Hawaii known for producing sugar cane; the sugar cane farmers back then, use to inject people with the blow fish venum and put the slaves into the fields to harvest the sugar cane. Other people are believing Zombies are a government experiment. The world is not as what I thought it was when I was growing up. I am very disheartened to find out the world is one big fake lie and cover up.

  12. Its probably nothing. Long term stress/fear/panic can give a person chest pains. The heart contracts continuously because the head thinks there is danger. There is a connection between the head and the heart. Most panic attacks have these same symptoms and people under stress for a long time report panick attacks, which can cause chest pains. The way to test this is to get your mind off it. Go out with some friends. Have a good time. Laugh it up a little and see if the chest pains go away. One time in 2001 I lost both my career and apartment I had worked years to earn. I had a continuous panic attack for over 2 years and couldn’ stop it no matter what I tried. Finally I just let it go and moved on. If the head thinks there is a continual threat, blood flow can constrict to the heart. If it continues for more than a few years, the lack of blood flow can damage the heart. So, gotta have fun and get your mind off your worries – at least temporarily. My way of facing worry about death is: we all have to die. We cannot get out of it. No point worrying about it.

  13. Iori-san, please take care, and do the most rational thing and talk to a Doctor about your chest pain. I shouldn’t guess symptoms, but it is true it may be a number of factors. If it is stress and anxiety, the Doctor can tell you and you can take measures to avoid more discomfort.

    Stay healthy, drink lots of water. Maybe take a day off, and start writing your book 🙂 Your memories of 311 are really exciting to read. I understand it is hard for you to talk about, but I believe it is like therapy, to get it all out so you can think about it.

    Never doubt yourself, you are true Japanese Hero! Iori fighting!

  14. Put some money aside and go get checked out, or save up to get some health insurance!

  15. Iori-san, you are an important connection in this crisis, for Japan and the world, with your Fukushima-Diary.

    YOu inspires us. We wish you good health — and also courage and good judgment.

    Your danger is real and your health is at serious risk, so see a healthcare practitioner and try to live as healthy as possible. Be sure to have an exit plan for when the radiation gets too strong.

    Also to consider, your body can play tricks under stress, so don’t over-think your health. There is a delicate balance between good judgment and too much judgment.

    Best wishes to you,

    Rokko Brokko, Fukushima Forum

  16. FUKUSHIMA DIARY FR – Un petit mot de ma part
    Par Mochizuki le 12 juin 2012 · 3 Commentaires

    Ceci n’est pas une nouvelle.

    Je pensais que je ne perdrais rien de ce qu’il y a à dire à tous.
    Aujourd’hui j’ai ressenti une douleur énorme au milieu et à gauche de ma poitrine. Rien de sérieux j’espère mais ce fut pareil l’an dernier avant mon évacuation.
    Ce n’était pas le muscle pectoral. Le pouls était à 73 par minute, un peu plus rapide que d’habitude mais rien d’anormal.
    Contrairement à une souffrance normale dans le bras ou le pied, la douleur dans la poitrine n’offre aucune échappatoire et plus vous vous inquiétez, plus ça empire.
    On aurait dit que quelqu’un me perçait le cœur. Je n’ai même pas envie de m’en rappeler.
    De plus en plus de gens meurent à Chiba ou Tokyo. C’est difficile de me dire que ça ne m’arrivera pas mais je ne veux pas croire qu’il soit trop tard.
    Je veux dire, le Fukushima Diary est contre le blackout médiatique mais ça ne concerne que la bataille sur Fukushima.
    Le blackout médiatique est partout. Les médias sont presque exclusivement faits pour vous couper du monde.
    alors j’attends que chacun se batte contre le blackout médiatique à son niveau.
    Le front est partout et vous pouvez vous battre avec un tout petit bout de bravoure et de passion.
    Ne les laissez pas dominer l’information. Mettez les gens en avant et aidez-les à faire le meilleur choix.
    Montrez aux soldats à quel point ils sont idiots.
    La vérité n’appartient à personne.
    Cassez la “réalité” des écrans.

  17. Japanese need you too.



  18. You’ve received excellent advice to have it checked. Then, when it likdly turns out to be nothing but heart-pain from stress (a real but non-threatening issue), you will recover. Worry about the “possible worrisome condition” makes it continue and get worse. I have had a similar problem off and on for decades; stress causes stomach acid to develop and emerge from the isophagus (even without *any* stomach pain, burn, or other typical signs!) and its burn is referred to other points in the chest, feeling like a minor heart attack–small stabbing pains here and there. A doctor (specialist) said that when we jog or walk a lot, for example, the spincter muscle of the esophagus relaxes naturally, releasing small amounts of acid in some people, which in turn can register as chest pain of a benign but annoying sort. It goes away on its own (Prisolec/Omeprazole once a day speeds up the recovery). Anyway, no sense worrying, but get it quickly checked so that the worry does not perpetuate the problem. If you look up ‘benign chest pain’ or similar on Google, you may find reassurance, once the doctor has cleared you. Please know that we all support you and many of us have had similar problems of this sort.

  19. Sounds like stress. Maybe try to get more sleep and take extra good care of yourself the next couple of days.

    Found this blog last week along with enviroreporter.com and a couple of others and I am shocked at how little (i.e., NO) coverage Fukushima is getting in the US media. It’s like it never happened. 24 hours of redundant political talk and zombies and celebs, nothing real. I should know better than to be surprised, but I am surprised. Thank you from Texas.

  20. “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” George Orwell author of ‘1984’.

    Hi lori,

    I have been reading your diary for several months and have made a donation for your work to continue. I intend to give other donations when able. Like the others who have commented, I am sorry to hear that you are not feeling well and can not imagine the constant stress that you are facing. I believe that you have a strength within you or you would not have decided to begin your diary; and your writing is immeasurably important.

    I reside in the Traverse City area of Michigan and have been following the resultant crisis from your 311. I understand the difficulty of finding the truth when information has been hidden by the very people you should trust. Last week, two separate radiation monitors in Chicago and Ft. Wayne, Indiana; registered high and were immediately taken off line. We heard of loud booms, broken large trees, helicopters, men is hazmat suits; in effect all pointing to major developments. A friend told me that the National Guard was seen driving from the north; but, none of us really have the truth of what was happening.

    We do know that the radiation has reached us and is in our soil and water, and we are finding mutated plants. We have heard that the industry and the Fed. government with its Nuclear Regulation Commission do not want any “negative publicity” and the mass media is owned by corporations. And from personal experience, most people do not want to know and/or are in denial.

    Take care, rest as much as possible, and know that there are many friends that wish you peace.

  21. If I experienced something like that, I would not be afraid, but not deny what all the possibilities are. There are plenty of natural ways to support the heart in times of stress, and you are justified in being concerned for your health.

    But I also think that you can totally take charge of the situation naturally and heal the damage over time. The question is not whether there is damage (radiation does its work and it takes time to undo it) but whether you are willing to get the supplements, take the rest, drink the water and generally heal yourself.

    You want love and mercy for the people of Fukushima. That’s enough justification to seek it for yourself. Rest, love yourself, bring back your health like you know you can. If you don’t know what to do, the internet is at your fingertips. Stop researching the disaster and research making your life abundant! You can always come back here. Maybe even every day a wee little bit, but take a couple of weeks and kick back! Please… from your support base, don’t abuse your usefulness by overworking/overworrying yourself!!! That would be a loss for everyone in the long run. And when you collapse, who would come to this diary and tell us? No, you need to stay strong and build this diary some more. What you are doing is meaningful.

    So go away from the battlefront and rest. Get whatever help you need. If you need to raise money separately for your recovery time, please let us know what is needed, so your support base can help.

    1. Among many lovely messages, I focus on this one and agree with it.

      Please note that some complex biological watch we have inside our body and mind make specific thoughts and physical symptoms appear in the same period of the year and can be even the exact same date. It’s part of integration system of our experiments on both levels physical and psychological, it’s a new phase of integrating and adapting ourselves to the conditions we go through. So it is just the opportunity to consider this and take action about it. Worry, fear and ignorance will not help and will make the process uneasy.

      As you know about media very well, I strongly recommend you not to rely only official allopathic physicians, but admit they can be useful to help distinguish the different benign or frightening issues. It is their job. Then put ONCE your full attention on the mysteries of life and regeneration possibilities. It is part of the battle… a serious and fulfilling part of the battle. Like second chapter.

      You’re like the mother of baby Fukushima Diary and we all know Mummy needs to be fit to feed her baby and she tends to forget herself too much… because she has always been young and easily recovering anything. It’s her experience up to now, but time passing brings to each the experience of not recovering as fast as a child or a young man. This mainly on the physical aspect; psycholocal major stresses don’t follow the timeline in this way.

      Best Regards

      1. Interesting points to consider about the cycles our memory has. I know that depression can be cyclic, for example based on the death of a loved one, and if that’s true, then all the stress and heartache associated would be, too.

        I think while Lori is researching about his recovery he would like to see something called “the biology of belief” by Dr. Bruce Lipton. It talks about the cellular biology of us each, and how we adapt to different environments through our perceptions of that environment.

        Also, if I thought I had a milk coronary event, I would be doing some specific things. I would be taking *magnesium bicarbonate water.* It’s so cheap! It costs nothing more than sparkling water and plain milk of magnesia. You make a concentrate and put a little in distilled water. (look up a recipe online, Lori!) It’s the sweetest, most healing water you could drink. I even double up on the magnesium when I feel the need. But usually since I have to drink a lot of water I get plenty at a normal dose. You can put it in juice, coffee, tea, whatever is liquid and it won’t harm the flavor.

        Another beverage I take that can be really helpful with dehydration and a blood sludging problem – is *sodium citrate.* I just put a half teaspoon of two cheap things into a quart of water – sodium bicarbonate (aluminum free!) and citric acid. The result is refreshing, sparkling water, which is twice as good dosed with magnesium bicarbonate. Anyone can try this and see how amazingly hydrating it is. It will help keep the blood flowing, I think.

        I would be drinking a lot of pure water in the ways I just described EVERY DAY if I was recovering from freaky chest pains. Just my personal opinion and how I care for my family. It works very well for us. I also put supplemental iodine in our water, which supports the endocrine system and the whole body as a result.

  22. Please tell us how much it is for a doctors appointment! and it might make sense to see how much health insurance looks like! Tell them about your cause!

  23. I pray for you and thank you for all that you are doing. You are a true saint and a hero!

  24. When the pain hits, remember not to fear (as you have); fear is a mind-killer.
    Take time to reflect on the beauty of life & see nature’s wonders for the miracle they are.
    Remember that while there is life, there is still hope; though it may be hard to envision.
    Have faith that you are here for a reason, Valiant Warrior.

    You will prevail; the truth is on your side.
    Many people, including me, humbly pray for your health & happy reunion with family.

    PS: Can internal hot particles be pictured (for possible removal)?

  25. also…I am sorry but I thought your name was Iori… sorry for not using your name correctly! <3

  26. Stress can do some crazy, terrible things to your body. Please take some time to relax. We all need you! 😀

  27. Something similar happened to me in Seoul during the rainy season last summer, when rainfall must have carried cesium to the ground in large quantities. If I lay on my left side for a few minutes, then tried to sit upright, a pain developed in the heart region. The pain subsided after a few seconds. No definite diagnosis was made, but it did make me wonder.

  28. Iori,

    Wellness and peace and joy to you! And love and peace to your heart. Have courage; I have had many such pains, it was not my heart, the MD said.
    I need to say, You have done the most stressful thing possible: You got up and left Japan in a flash, instantly relocating to another country, another language, another culture, another world. With no friends, no family, no partner beside you. You spend all day, every day researching the accumulating cataclysms in your homeland, which are affecting your loved ones, beloved places and memories, in large part for the benefit of people you may never see in places you may never be. Each new story brings fresh anxieties, angers and sadnesses. You rely on very tenuous support, never certain about your fortunes or outcomes. Possibly, you have no genuine home right now.

    I am not surprised you feel terrible. The level of stress is so high.

    Please be more kind to yourself, in the way of taking excellent care of yourself, your mind, your body, your emotions, and your heart.
    And your spirit.
    I would encourage you to meditate, no religion, just sit.
    You have a new family now, in addition to your old. Whatever happens in the future, we all go through it together. That is certain.
    We look out for you, as you look out for us. You might even visit some of us sometime. In the meantime, we still can give. And you must give to yourself: surprise, time! Time away from stressful activity. It is no burden to us having less news sometimes. We are used to no news (from MSM).
    It’s with gratitude we recieve the reality from you.

    Please forgive my writing so bluntly about certain matters, I only want to give from the benefit of my experience, how important it is to be aware of one’s own state – and to remediate. I wish you well and I have confidence you will soon be in a much better place -on all levels.


    1. Lori sure does have lots of new friends! Great post, Nick. It’s so awesome to see a flood of caring responses for this man, considering how isolated and stressed he must be.

  29. The short reply from everyone: Please, don’t ignore your symptoms- we all care about you; we all appreciate you and your work very, very much.

    If cesium is suspect (along with incredible stress)- maybe take extra supplements: *calcium, potassium, magnesium* (for your heart-muscle), vitamins C & D & a B-complex (to help with the stress)?

    Do try to get to a clinic if you possibly can. And please keep us apprised.

    Lots of love, and many thanks.

  30. I totally agree with Nick’s post above. Iori, you have been through so much in such a short time. Please, please, take it easy on yourself.

  31. Also, I agree with Jessica and others: take time away, for yourself, for rest & recovery…and if you need to raise money to get to a doctor. Okay? Okay 🙂

  32. Do you have pets, if so lett them sniff or crawl on you, time to time, during a day. Like playing.

    If they start to behave strange or sniff at sertain places , repeatedly, and sudenly with high intress and with varying conserns, depending on your expirience with animals.
    Whatch them closly and be familiare with them, they may save your life.

    They can detect canser, at a stunning high rate.
    Not largly known, but wel documented, in fact.

    Try it at leats.

    Otherwise, go away for a long jurney, to a place where there is no conserns.
    (not drunk for a week, hehe) but gett back your inner silence.
    Then its easyer to persive again, with a frecher mind.


  33. yes please keep strong and I doubt if it will be the result of radiation. I hope you receive my donations and they are not blocked. I am so sorry how your country has been attacked so many times and I follow all the time when I can. I know it was Israel and some of the sick reasons why and the whole world is now at terrible risk. Keep up the good work.

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