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(To this post Infant death of heart disease doubled as 2010 in Fukushima)

Dr. Yuri Hiranuma
Submitted on 2012/05/23 at 5:15 am
Mr. Mochizuki,

I really think you ought to either study proper English or have someone else do the translation. I have been reading your articles completely unimpressed, sometimes disgusted, with your English skills.

In this article, the title is inaccurate. This isn’t about infant deaths. It’s deaths of children between the ages of 0 and 19. You make it sound “sensational” but it does not serve the public well when they are given misinformation. This information compiled by Mr. Nakate is too important to be transmitted inaccurately and incompletely in your usual manner. Also your grammar is terrible.

I respectfully request that you withdraw this article. I will translate it properly and put it up on the Fukushima Voice site,

Dr. Yuri Hiranuma


For some reason, people are allowed to be childish and rude when they talk to someone busier.

FD serves information that you would want the most if you were in the middle of the disaster like I needed when I was in Japan. Obviously there is no time to translate and “polish” it to be the perfect academic report. No time lag is allowed. FD warns you a dump truck is 10cm behind you. It doesn’t matter if the dump truck is Mitsubishi or Benz. Late and perfect academic report is more useless than toilet paper.

I have not met this person, I have not talked to her, but a lot of people like her come and attack me like this.

I can’t understand why I have to be bullied like this.



I’m going to US. but I’m worried because I have been out of Japan for so long. I might be rejected at the airport.

I have been trying to find the article of the regulation, calling American embassies in Japan, Vienna, calling Japanese embassy in America, calling immigration office in America, and even CBP gov.

but I found nothing. They were like, we are not responsible for your case so please call at ***-***-***. and the ***-***-*** says, please call at ###-###-### … skype skype skype.

The best one was American embassy in Vienna. I even went to their office. but the woman told me to call a phone number though she was standing in front of me.

I called. and it was Austrian government. The wrong number. Maybe it was a joke, supposed to be funny.

I took a whole day and found out there is no information.

I sometimes have anxiety attack if I’m rejected at an airport. That would be a disaster, so I triple check all the time.

but still it’s up to the custom officer, I can’t control the risk 100%.

This is why I shall go to sleep early today.



  1. Mochizuki-san,

    I work as an English-French redactor/translator for a web-based company in Belgium, and I have to supervise the texts of many interns. I can assure you that I wish they would have even half of your written English skills! So don’t worry about what that person says. I’m guessing she’s the one lacking proper Polite English skills, hence why she’s unnecessarily utterly rude.

    Good luck at the airport!

  2. This is a response to Dr. Yuri Hiranuma’s criticism of (all things) Mochi’s “english. I do not know mochi but considering the fact that english is probably not his first language and that english is a language that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense in the first place. I would say that his english is quite acceptable. I would hope that an educated person like yourself would grasp the art of “nuance” and be able to see the forest through the trees. His dedication and commitment, not to mention his courage in reporting what so many others will not is what is important, not if he forgets an adjective or adverb. “Fukushima diary is like a finger pointing to the moon, if you spend too much time focusing on the finger you will miss all of the heavenly beauty of the moon”

  3. How rude of that doctor. Your efforts are appreciated. I can understand all of your diary entries. I don’t however understand why people behave in such a way especially in this situation where time and action are so critical. All the best to you from here in the United Kingdom.

  4. Mochizuki-san – Actually I was told by a US immigration attorney once that the LAST thing you want to do is call a lot of attention to yourself by making all these inquiries. They are more likely to notice you if you ask a lot of questions before traveling. If they do reject you, the worse thing they could do is send you back to Japan (for free if you refuse to pay for the ticket). Once here, post a note and ask your Japan readers for help getting out again. You might be here a week or two at most, during which time you could also raise money on the street, give speeches, etc – you’re famous dude! People here will help you if you ask. Have faith. Don’t worry. Drink scotch.

  5. I find Dr. Hiranuma’s attitude to be very rude and discouraging. If she truly wants to bring accurate information about the situation in Japan to a wider audience, she should be offering to help you with the translation so as to improve the level of clarity of the articles. I find it offensive that she has took the time to translate the article, only to re-approrpriate it and use it selfishly on her blog. After all, it looks like she has been referencing your blog for information, and her message to you unwittingly proves this. I wonder what her priority is when she is so unwilling to collaborate with another Japanese national who is obviously concerned with and invested in the well being of their home country.

    Please keep up the good work, and I wish you the best of luck in your travels.

  6. Hi Mochi san,

    Please don’t let some like this Yuri Hiranuma shill discourage you.
    You are doing an amazing job, and he/she was probably paid to write these lines.
    Don’t forget, this is psychological warfare !
    Please keep doing the good work !

  7. Iori Mochizuki You are doing a WONDERFUL job–please keep up your wonderful work

  8. You have courage and you’re writing about the facts of a nuclear fall out! You’re informing people and I commend you for your great reporting. Keep doing what your doing! I appreciate your web site! Thank you! Good luck! Peace and happiness during such a horrific tragedy!

  9. Hi,

    Are you able to post the Settlement reports in another section of your site so they do not contaminate your great rss feed? Thanks very much!

  10. From my own experience on other fights, when such attacks rise it is mainly when you get audience/power: Those who are making their own personal profit against, or with, the matters you work are rising concerns because of your work which shadows them. It is a kind of politicians usual battles-rubbishes.

    Each times, it raised me the feeling of a great honor: What I do is efficient and just. If they threat me, or lie on me, whatsoever, it means that I am on the right, especially when they don’t discuss on the core, but on the style…

    So, Mochizuki san, be proud of their threats, broadcast it, never forget to stay humble in front of your own “new” power, hold tight and stay cautious at the utmost: The financial opponent you have is moral-less, like any tyrant worldwide.

    I am not joking. Remember this women (I don’t remember her name right now) who “get a car accident” while trying to reach a newspaper with a big nuclear investigation file. She died after her car went out of the road, the car went out of the road rightward. There was no file with her body, but the car showed a “consistent” choc at the rear … left.

  11. I only got to this site last week, but the first thing that impressed me was your transparancy in listing donations and expenses. “From each according to their ability, to each according to their need”. (Unfortunately my ability is limited). I hope your transparency encourages donors.

  12. 望月さん、

  13. There is a “saying” that if you can’t attack the message, attack the messenger. That is what the US press do all the time. So there was a famous blogger in Iraq, telling people what was really happening there. And what he said was true, and the mainstream press couldn’t prove it wasn’t. And they didn’t want to call attention to his facts/blog. So instead, they started saying, “how do we know that this isn’t some creative american, sitting in an expensive apartment in new york, in his silk pajamas, making it all up.” So they attacked him by discussing speculations, only … putting a question of doubt into the minds of readers. It is a standard practice, probably, in other countries as well, and is usually used politically. So, you are blogging truth that certain people don’t want others to believe. They can’t attack the truth of what you say, so they attack things like grammar … because there is no other thing they can “get at.”

  14. Thank you for doing the work of the mainstream media. I like your translations, they are real, who cares about grammar and spelling, ……..with all the lies of the media/govt’s and corporations,……… grammar and spelling are the least of our worries.

  15. I am a PhD student at the University of Bath, UK.

    I appreciate that yes, providing information effectively requires good translation. Were this a company’s website, where several people earn reasonable wages in a stable media career, then perhaps I might be critical of the English quality of Fukushima Diary’s posts.

    However, I appreciate that this is by no means a commercial website, let alone one with the stable income necessary to employ people with sufficiently high qualifications as to provide articles in perfect English, even when their first language is not English.

    I also appreciate that the writer(s) of Fukushima Diary are *not* academic (and at very least speak first a different language to English), nor are they necessarily proficient in all sciences and academic subject areas. Note that commercial media outlets either stick to their specialisms, or employ people with specific knowledge backgrounds. The writers of FD are people trying to get to grips with information that they have likely never learned how to interpret, or write about, in the conventional way accepted by those of us with higher qualifications. They are having to improvise.

    But that does *not* make FD any less valid to read, in fact it offers up an entirely new opportunity for gaining insight. These are not the words of a reporter standing on the sidelines, reporting about something in monotone to maintain emotional distance (or sensationally to get views), these are the words of people – ordinary people, people who are saying “This is what it is like for us who don’t have your academic proficiency, who are doing the best we can, who don’t like being lied to and get lied to far too often”.

    Rather than criticising, I would – if I had time and the ability – offer to do the translations for the FD writers. I would, if I had that ability *and* qualifications in science or other relevant areas, be offering my expertise, not my snobbery.

    I am very irritated by academics who believe that information should be reported only as they see fit, and that anyone else’s opinion is irrelevant. It is a logically flawed assumption. You cannot simply stick your fingers in your ears and hope that the rest of the uneducated, academically inept, or scientifically confused world will go away. They outnumber you to such a significant degree that arguably *they* are the world, and you, the academic/expert are the outsider. You cannot converse amongst yourselves and then act on your findings without the help of the rest of the world (who you’ve chosen to belittle and offend).

    What academics fail to recognise is that we serve everyone else, not the other way around. We like to think we “earn” respect and thus our words should be gospel to those who are not academics, except we only ever earn the respect of our fellow academics because they are the only people we talk to as equals… then we wonder why the rest of the world doesn’t care to listen. This is utter stupidity. When we find out something important and realise that action must be taken, what do we actually *do*? Nothing. We write about things. That’s about it. We write and we talk. We’re not the people that can or must carry out change – that’s up to everyone else. That leaves us at an impasse, because if we don’t bother to factor in that everyone else exists and how we thus must interact with and influence them, then all our research is for nothing.

    I suppose my comment will likely be dismissed by the good doctor. After all, I am only a PhD *student*, not an acclaimed professor, this I have learned is how academics assess the worthiness of each others words – not by their reasoning, but by professional status. Nevertheless I am one of several academics who feel disgusted, and appalled by the attitudes of our fellows, and are extremely unimpressed with the way in which they handle those different (not *inferior*) to themselves. We each have talents. The writers of FD are doing their best with theirs. I’d like to see the good doctor handle Mochizuki’s present life circumstances *and* maintain this website.

    Kind regards, and support

    E. Parry
    University of Bath

  16. 望月様、はじめまして。



    1. ありがとうございます。これかー。
      ”魂と心と肉体の一つの単位である” なんか壺とか売りつけられそうですけど。w

  17. Let us hope that the US powers that be leave you alone ! Although with the nuclear industry being a major sponsor of Obama, we have reasons to fear for you. Well, the French nuclear madmen left you alone while you were here, so the probability that their US brethren will be as courteous is not nil.
    Concerning Dr. Yuri Hiranuma, she comes out as a sadist (a pathology very common among scientists, according to psychoanalysis), since her attack was uncalled for. But it is true that she seems to write English perfectly. If you consider your website like a fortress, you can expect your enemies to attack your weakest points. The most obvious one is that your English is not perfect. Your readers may react to this attack by offering you their services and rewrite your articles in perfect English, as I suggested before, and you might accept. Your neurotic enemies may also attack weak points invented by their neuroses, like you being a traitor for having abandoned Japan and your fellow citizens…but you are strong and mentally healthy enough to be objectively sure of the rightfulness of your decision to leave your country, so these attacks are weak and inefficient.
    Anyway, keep going ! Your supporters are with you ! Proof is : the financial support surged nicely !

  18. Thank you Mochizuki for the valuable information you provide. I think your point about the urgency of getting information to people in a crisis is very important. Throughout history when someone has done a superb job and stood out, there have been people who are envious of that or jealous of their own position being threatened, who then seek to destroy those showing them up as not performing. Its a good sign that you get academics criticizing you. Remember, its the academics who have worked so hard to cover up the health effects of nuclear power and its radioactive emissions. Finally someone “on the ground” is puting out information that threatens their cushy jobs and the constant flow of blood money to look the other way while people’s lives are destroyed by the corrupt industry they promote.

    Jesus said “Beware the scribes”. The equivalent of the scribes today are academics. If an academic today tells the truth, he simply won’t have a job in a university. They are paid to suppress the trught. Keep telling the truth Mochizuki. You’ve done a great job and no doubt saved many lives by getting this information about the real on the ground effects of nuclear fallout to the public.
    Kind Regards,
    Fallout Man

  19. The only thing that has happened here is that Dr.Hiranuma inaccurately, and with deliberate dishonesty, presented her findings. A “commoner”,Iori, caught her in her misdeeds.

    She blames his English translation skills when it was her owned flawed, mediocre writing ability which caused the communication issues in the first place.

    She is a doctor, she should have known how to communicate properly. She didn’t. She got caught and now her work is being scrutinzed by other doctors worldwide. She knows that she will be found to have withheld pertinent information in order to further her career and/or financial goals.

    Now she will have no more career because she lied to the public about the full risks to the infants, children, and teenagers in her own country.

    Do not be sad,upset, or embarrassed Iori. Dr.Hiranuma made the mistake, not you. The nuclear industry is now terrified of global losing funding. If it loses funding all the doctors that lied for them will lose funding. Patients will sue for damages. Thousands will lose their jobs and be tested for true radiation exposure. Many nuclear plant workers will be found to be far more sick than was earlier suggested.

    All of these situations will happen within the next two years.

    Many scientists, educators, media members, givernment officials, and doctors chose to lie to the Japanese people in order protect themselves.

    Now everyone is getting sick worldwide. Now it is just a matter of time before the world understands what has happened. Because the doctors chose to look away, the doctors now breathe in, absorb on the skin through rain, and consume in their foods, the same multiple cancer initiators as everyone else. Due to their insane acts of pride, the doctors and scientists will die along with the common folk.

    I hope Dr. Yuri Hiranuma does not have children, nieces, nephews, or grandkids. She chose her social status over the truth,putting millions of people at risk for death. Her Japanese friends and family may understand her lie-telling due to pride now, but they won’t understand it later when they are burying their children.

  20. it is possible think, write and speak utter rubbish in PERFECT english!
    Facts don’t have a favorite language : )

  21. Hi Mochizuki-san,

    Thank you for posting your stories. I noticed the word infant in the story title but was more interested in the article itself. As Dr. Hiranuma pointed out there are not only infant deaths, but deaths throughout the survey population of 0-19 years. Is it somehow better that deaths related to heart disease affect older children?! I’m not really sure how you can tell the truth without it sounding “sensational”.

    I checked the link to Dr. Hiranuma’s translation. I was not impressed with the translation. Here’s the title I found:

    Report regarding the number of deaths due to illnesses in “Fukushima children” Changes since the Fukushima accident based on the government’s vital statistics data.

    At least your title made sense. This reads like it was written by a bureaucrat trying to cover up malfeasance.

    Ganbatte Kudasai

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