Settlement report 5/23 ~ 5/24/2012

Donation : 914.00USD

Expense : 23.50USD

Left in hat : 890.50USD


Goal : 3,000.00 USD (My previous salary in Japan plus new server cost)

Current total : 2,091.90 USD

To go : 908.10USD


(To this post Infant death of heart disease doubled as 2010 in Fukushima)

Dr. Yuri Hiranuma
Submitted on 2012/05/23 at 5:15 am
Mr. Mochizuki,

I really think you ought to either study proper English or have someone else do the translation. I have been reading your articles completely unimpressed, sometimes disgusted, with your English skills.

In this article, the title is inaccurate. This isn’t about infant deaths. It’s deaths of children between the ages of 0 and 19. You make it sound “sensational” but it does not serve the public well when they are given misinformation. This information compiled by Mr. Nakate is too important to be transmitted inaccurately and incompletely in your usual manner. Also your grammar is terrible.

I respectfully request that you withdraw this article. I will translate it properly and put it up on the Fukushima Voice site,

Dr. Yuri Hiranuma


For some reason, people are allowed to be childish and rude when they talk to someone busier.

FD serves information that you would want the most if you were in the middle of the disaster like I needed when I was in Japan. Obviously there is no time to translate and “polish” it to be the perfect academic report. No time lag is allowed. FD warns you a dump truck is 10cm behind you. It doesn’t matter if the dump truck is Mitsubishi or Benz. Late and perfect academic report is more useless than toilet paper.

I have not met this person, I have not talked to her, but a lot of people like her come and attack me like this.

I can’t understand why I have to be bullied like this.



I’m going to US. but I’m worried because I have been out of Japan for so long. I might be rejected at the airport.

I have been trying to find the article of the regulation, calling American embassies in Japan, Vienna, calling Japanese embassy in America, calling immigration office in America, and even CBP gov.

but I found nothing. They were like, we are not responsible for your case so please call at ***-***-***. and the ***-***-*** says, please call at ###-###-### … skype skype skype.

The best one was American embassy in Vienna. I even went to their office. but the woman told me to call a phone number though she was standing in front of me.

I called. and it was Austrian government. The wrong number. Maybe it was a joke, supposed to be funny.

I took a whole day and found out there is no information.

I sometimes have anxiety attack if I’m rejected at an airport. That would be a disaster, so I triple check all the time.

but still it’s up to the custom officer, I can’t control the risk 100%.

This is why I shall go to sleep early today.



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