[Express] “Conflict in an evacuee family”

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Yesterday my husband suddenly visited us. Frighteningly he became even more selfish and arrogant. He told me I’m obsessed with nuclear issue and radiation effect, am nervous and biased. I was called insane in front of our children. Because he’s more powerful than me, children got to his side shockingly.




Don’t let them dominate the truth just because they have money.


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[Express] “Conflit dans une famille évacuée”
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Mon mari est brusquement venu nous voir hier. Il est devenu encore plus égoïste et arrogant de façon effrayante. Il m’a dit que je suis obsédée par le nucléaire et les effets de la radioactivité, que je suis nerveuse et influencée. Il m’a traitée de folle devant les enfants. De façon choquante, les enfants se sont rangés de son côté parce qu’il est plus fort que moi.
– hym_Kyrara (@lelotussacre08) June 29, 2013

Ne les laissez pas dominer la vérité juste parce qu’ils sont riches.

  1. You hang in there. Just because he’s bigger doesn’t mean he’s smarter nor does it mean he’s right. YOu are 100% correct in protecting your children and in being concerned because Fukushima is a mess and is poisoning all of our world. The same ignorant attitude is here in Canada and the US because they don’t want to admit that Fukushima could happen here and will happen here if they don’t make plans for loss of power. If we have a big enough solar flare the world will soon see that we depend on electricity so much that we are ignorant to the risks. If we lose power for even three days we will be set back for a long time and all those nuclear power plants they think are so safe will melt down too. They have no plans for a long power outage.
    Keep the faith and protect yourself and your children as much as you can. Your husband is angry but is striking out in the wrong direction. He should be praising you for your courage and clarity.

    1. I think you missed something important.

      “Because he’s more powerful than me, children got to his side shockingly.”

      It is most difficult to discern what it is that is truly at issue from this brief twitter.
      It would seem that she must feel at least a sense of betrayal from her children. If he has left for a time as implied in the first sentance, surely they miss him somewhat.

      “A woman’s perrogative is maternal, a man’s provisional.”
      Clearly no man can provide comfort and reassurance concerning nuclear issue and radiation effect. It is a crisis for many families and no easy answers exist. It is only natural for a woman to be worried.

      “If we have a big enough solar flare”
      If it doesn’t happen soon, it likely won’t until the next solar cycle, approximately 11 years from now. This cycle has been for the most part a dud.

      I am not “they”. I understand that there is a crisis, though few have the courage to admit it. To many it cannot exist. It IS invisible.

      May we all “hang in there”.

      May her husband provide true reassurance to his wife and family that they may all be together and in harmony. He has a devoted helper in his wife that he seems to have thusfar failed to conscript to at least attempt to mitigate “nuclear issue and radiation effect”.

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