JP gov is going to send disaster debris to USA

TBS reported Japanese government is planning to send disaster debris to Pagan Island of Saipan, USA.



The amount is 10 million tones from Ishinomaki city Miyagi.

Because there is no incineration facility in Pagan island, Japanese government will mine minerals and fill the land with disaster debris.

Benigno Fitial governor states, they need money.







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Le gouvernement japonais va envoyer des décombres de la catastrophe aux USA


TBS a rapporté que le gouvernement nippon prévoie d’envoyer des décombres de la catastrophe sur l’île de Pagan de Saipan, USA.


Le total concerne 10 millions de tonnes de la ville d’Ishinomaki de la préfecture de Miyagi.
Le gouvernement japonais va remplir les mines et les terres de Pagan avec ses décombres parce qu’il n’existe pas d’incinérateur sur l’île de Pagan.

Le gouverneur Benigno Fitial affirme qu’ils ont besoin d’argent.

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  1. This is a MUCH better solution than burning it in Kyushu or Hokkaido. I hope they will send much more of it to Saipan’s uninhabited volcanic island.

    While I think the debris could reasonably stay in Tohoku indefinately without significantly impeding reconstruction there, I am dead set against transporting this stuff to other populated or agriculturally important regions of Japan.

    Sending it to a deserted island is an acceptable compromise. I am feeling much less depressed just now.

  2. Wasn’t there a previous news on this matter saying that the Japanese government declined because it was illegal or legally too complicated to export debris?

  3. Why not a bunkerbuster in Fukushima area(far away from Reactor 4) and after that the debris in it,and after that lead above it?…look i mean,almost no transportation,comon!!the area is good for it,after years it became an nature park,or heavy industry…whatever on an volcanic island….yeah spread the shit further and further help the weather a bit……..

    I mean,Chernobyl now,no one lives there almost,nothing eatable growing and the plant gets a new concrete jacket now……..

    Good idea? i think so,till there is an way to burn or mold the shit,with a closed thermic system or something.

    A dog also burry bones for later………

    Common face the facts,do some reresearch out of the past…

  4. This is an UNACCEPTABLE idea!! Seriously??? Japan has no right whatsoever to poison another island with THEIR OWN radioactive crap!! There is a petition online to protest and hopefully prevent this further atrocity being committed by the hideously evil energy monsters (Tepco plutonium stockpilers) and Japanese government. Isn’t it bad enough to stockpile plutonium and uranium while masquerading as a nuclear power plant , lie about it so the world doesn’t bust your murderous evil ass, intentionally kill your own people by non evacuation force and deceit, kill the pacific ocean, and poison us all by enforced global silence? NOTHING is too low for the egomaniacs that think they own this planet! This is JAPANS mess, not the mess of the innocent people of the Marianas Islands or any other people! This trash MUST stay in Japan where it belongs, not in the Pacific Ocean or on an beautiful island that will also become a toxic craphole like much of Japan now is forever….I am very disgusted and angry by the way this global catastrophe has been handled! The elitists of Japan do not care if their race, the environment, all creatures of our precious earth die, as long as their plutonium hiding/hoarding, bomb making, ego

  5. stroking, “number one”, butts are the only ones left on the planet they kill… My comments are about my thoughts on the Pagan Island proposal, as well as Iori’s earlier fabulous post about why the powerful governments and Tepco are hiding info from the world.. THANK YOU Iori for for the earlier, well researched post about the hidden plutonium stockpiling in Japan. After reading that post, the fuku dishonesty finally makes sense…You are awesome Iori….keep on informing the world!

  6. They can’t even get near the pile of debris to move it. Too dangerous to transport. They have no earthly idea what they are doing. How can they even suggest such a thing. Totally preposterous!

    1. a great deal of radioactive debris has already been distributed around Japan for incineration at multiple sites, which spreads the radiation vis a vis the ash into the air and also the ash left over that is ALSO radioactive and is being proposed to be sent to various locations, including landfill around Japan — all of these ideas only spread the contamination, not just for Japan, but for the world. Radiation nows no boundaries.

  7. I rarely get angry at the bloggers on this site, but some of the ill-informed posts above are really pissing me off. Do you understand that the Japanese government’s incinerators are burning this stuff in the most densely populated cities of the world RIGHT NOW?! They are doing this within twenty miles of where I live! I have tried and tried, but I can’t stop them without getting thrown in jail and effectively throwing my family into poverty. This plan to STORE some of this debris on an UNINHABITED island far out in the ocean would be humanitarian relief for me and millions like me who are victims of the DPJ regime. Would you really prefer that they kill me than despoil an island that nobody can use for anything until the volcanic activity there subsides?

    Look people, I agree that this stuff SHOULD not be transported anywhere, but the Japan government seems hellbent on sending it somewhere. If that somewhere is inside Japan, they plan to burn it IMMEDIATELY, before any of the radiation decays. This releases low dose radiation into the air, and concentrates it in ash that must be disposed of.

    Most of the radioactive material is cesium, with a half life of 30 years. Leaving it where it is, and waiting it out, is a better option.

    However, if you accept the fact that the Japanese government (against the wishes of the people – they have only a 26% approval rate), If you accept the fact that the Japanese government is going to ship it somewhere, wouldn’t you prefer they ship it to an uninhabited volcanic island where it poses no harm to anyone while it decays? or would you prefer they burn it and immediately expose MILLIONS of innocent people living within a five mile radius of the incinerator (and millions more downwind)?

    Really, you do understand how a volcano works don’t you? The island doesn’t melt from the surface. The firey rock comes from deep within the mantle of the earth. The stuff we bury on top of it won’t recycle down to the mantle for BILLIONS of years. If this stuff is buried on a part of the island farthest away from the stratovolcano, the worse that might happen is that it might get quick-buried deeper in a pyroclastic flow. Anyway, it’s low level waste, the Japanese are burning the same stuff in public incinerators on Japan. Even if they threw it into the caldera of an active volcano, it would cause much less harm in the middle of the pacific ocean.

    Which is better really? Does it concern you enough to really think through the poor choices? (reminds me of the US presidential elections – which bad candidate do you dislike the least). But really, does it matter enough to you to actually think through the details. If you don’t have time to think it through, please stand down, please keep your opinions to yourselves until you have time. Please understand that your misinformed ideas are threatening the adoption of a better path than the one the Japanese are currently on, a path that would spare some of us from incinerator plumes, at no harm to anyone else.

    Before sounding off about this very reasonable idea, please consider that the Japanese government’s actions are threatening the health and lives of MY family now, not to mention the millions of innocent children in the path of these incinerator plumes. If I were king, I would do something completely different. But given a choice between burning this in downtown Tokyo and burying it on a DESERTED volcanic rock in the middle of the pacific ocean, I think the answer is obvious. Saipan’s offer to lease land on a deserted volcanic property it owns in the middle of the pacific ocean, far from population and agriculture centers, make a lot more sense than killing the children of Japan. Let the stuff decay there instead on inside my kids’ lungs.

  8. Anonymous- I too am upset about EVERYTHING in relation to fuku 🙁 I do not want to see anyone die, but many of us will, not just in Japan 🙁 this catastrophe is the most hideously mismanaged event likely in human history 🙁 The SINGLE best way you can protect your precious family is to LEAVE Japan, period…. Poverty? So what…there are worse tragedies than poverty, such as death…Don’t you think? I have moved my family many times in life, most recently to Hawaii, a place thousands of miles from my last home….not as scary as you perhaps think, especially since Iori has posts on this site about people worldwide that have homes they want to share with families such as yours 🙂 I do not see this latest proposal as a humanitarian act because it is OBVIOUS that this is an attempt to mine and buy the resources on the cheap of an impoverished area naive to the consequences of this transaction. There are a few inhabitants, and more refugees waiting to go home to their island. There are many plant and animal lifeforms living there that deserve life without interference just like you our I do, seems to me. These people and creatures have not benefitted from nuclear power, and therefore DO NOT deserve to be permanently devastated because the Japanese need to dispose of their garbage. The Japanese have enjoyed an industrial/consumeristic lifestyle..this catastrophe is the direct result of this lifestyle choice, therefore, I feel strongly that the Japanese need to unfortunately suck it up and bury it on their land, not somewhere else 🙁 Burning this is wrong too 🙁 I am deeply sorry that your country is mismanaging this and damaging your people 🙁 I am angry your country cares more for money and lies than life. I am also upset that the fate of the ENTIRE WORLD depends on the way this is handled! This entire planet is being manage by people that care only about money and power, we ALL have puppet leaders worldwide that only care about the interests that buy them out. If you still want to stay in your country, PLEASE continue to organize and try to make leaders stop burning this! Jail….can they put hundreds of thousands of you in jail? Perhaps..but then who will do the actual work necessary to line their pockets? Some things, such as the fate of the entire planet are worth going to jail for. The only way to stop these evil ones is through courageous aggressive action and self reliance, ie STOP using their products and stand in solidarity with your countrymen every day, all day until the will of the people is respected! We all need to do this worldwide, and now! Make no mistake, this is actually world war happening to us all 🙁 Global domination by elitists is the fate of all now, and this fuku horror clearly illustrates how much life is valued by these people…further, why haven’t the Japanese governments sent out fishing boats to retrieve their garbage? They have had 14 months to clean it up, but instead are content to let it poison the ocean and be the problem of the people thousands of miles away 🙁 I feel the best solution is honesty and responsibility, accompanied by a sincere heartfelt APOLOGY to the entire planet for our shortened lifespans and global destruction will bring… I am sorry for your situation anonymous, I wish the best for us all with utmost sincerity.

  9. Btw.. I am planning to leave hawaii because I fear how toxic the pacific ocean everywhere 🙁 I am a victim of thyroid cancer because I was born and raised in Colorado and Salt Lake City Utah in the 1970’s. My sister developed diabetes at the age of 5, and I developed thyroid issues in my teens. I have damaged lung tissue as well. My sister as well as my entire extended family also developed thyroid cancer over the years 🙁 My grandfather died young because he was a uranium miner, and both of my parents have had various tumors and ill health. My immune system is compromised too. I know firsthand the devastating consequences of downwinder syndrome. I speak passionately because radiation kills and naima. As soon as I was able, I moved away from this area to protect my children from the fate of my of my children lives in oregon and has been walking in the rain everyday because he cannot afford a car. He walks with a baby newly born. Am I worried about him? Everyday.i am paying his rent plus mine, so cannot afford a car for them. A friend of mine in Oregon has her hair mysteriously falling out for several months now. Another person in Oregon closed their farm because they detected to much fuku there. My family has symptoms I believe are related to fallout, such as chronic headaches, mysterious rashes, systemic chronic swollen lymph nodes, loss of appetite, vomiting, itchy runny eyes, fatigue, heart and lung aches, and fatigue. These symptoms come and go since shortly after fuku, and did not exist before fuku. There are hundreds of people or more suffering “mysterious” group illness with similar symptoms documented worldwide, esp in USA. These people get sick with exertion, for example runners in nevada, hundreds of them at once with the same symptoms and no explanation as to why. There are many examples since october I have discovered…a mysterious “epidemic” sweeping the nation. Coincidence? Probably not. I know I have expanded the topic a bit here, but felt compelled to share since always on my mind…Anyone else out there seeing or experiencing these symptoms? If so, where do you live? I want to impress that radiation travels far, and there is a high likelihood of illness eventually 🙁 I am not trying to offend anyone here (sorry if I am your offender anonymous), but have passionate feelings on this subject, as I am sure we all do! I am not misguided or misinformed, and must share my truth, as I research all day, everyday, and feel too little is said our done. I will never stand down, and suggest that none of us do! Love and courage to all!

    1. Hi Lillith
      I appreciated your heartfelt writing. I’m on Maui and, as everywhere in the islands, we also experience waxing and waning VOG episodes. Do you too? I’m currently not seeing symptoms in myself any different than mild VOG-type symptoms, and from what I’ve read radiation sickness symptoms would be different in general. Could INTENSE VOG be similar to radiation symptoms? I don’t know but will keep reading. If you know, where can I go on Maui to access a professional radiation monitor that is open to the public? There should be one, should there not? I’m thinking about southern hemisphere and I’m sure the visa/passport/residency/possesions hoops would be a huge hassle.
      Read greenmedinfo, naturalnews and follow links to the many practitioners who offer excellent free nutritional prevention and remediation advice. Explore the mushrooms for combinations that potentially address more than one of your issues, hopefully all vis a vis general immune system strengthening. Read the forums at Write me for more. Best wishes.

  10. Pardon my typos, folks.. On a cellphone, so miss a few typos as I ramble on. They are obvious after the post, oops…..

  11. Lilith, I think there should be a website and forum documenting all the health consequences of the Fukushima disaster in the U.S.
    If all of you people who witness these consequences join forces, you would have much more of an impact.

  12. What is it truly, do you suppose needs incineration this badly? Why incinerate on the West coast, instead of the East or Northern? If spreading the nucleotides far & wide, wouldn’t one want it to go out to ocean directly?

    Is it coincidence that 1% of the population are psychotic? Now ask the first question in this post again.

    It is a crime against humanity with purposefully unknown depth that the most effected by the utterly apocalyptic current state of medical care, treatment, and prevention are the youngest and the eldest in society. If a nations future resides with it’s young, shouldn’t anyone of good conscience make an unwavering commitment to providing the best environment possible for their development? Should there not also be a distinct respect for the Elders in society? It torments me to know how different it is how the world should be and that which it is.

    If only there was another active lava-flow nearby to “contain” more contamination. I cannot calculate what the fuel costs could be, yet the bill is likely to be monumental, that is unless it is barged during typhoon season; i might add.

    I often wonder the fate of all those giant jellyfish that had been invading the Pacific after all the Fuku effluent.

  13. the disaster started in Japan and the old reactors are to blame, the government has to think about evacuating the whole island. hours away from the reactors there are radiation levels twice that of chernobyl. they are in denial building the highest tower, new ski slopes and telling the children to be patriotic and play in the radiation zones.

    At the very least, they should move the factories and communities that are too radioactive to northern canada for 30 years where the oilsands are and build clean burning energy plants to run their plants. im sure a deal can be worked with Harper. this would cause a economic boom in canada for the next 30 years and save lives of Japanese people. but they cant trash the place- canadians want clean energy and do not like the oil sands project.

  14. Agreed Rich. Part of why I chose to speak out, though did not conceptualize entirely at that moment. To be clear, though, my thyroid issues as well as the health issues of my extended family are a direct result of testing in nevada and new mexico. ALL family members born between 1940-1970 developed diseases directly attributable to this activity in usa! High statistic! Diabetes, thyroid, and prostate cancer plus many “benign” tumors.. Another member, born in 2008 is currently battling leukemia. His mother just miscarried for mothers day. My son lived in utah for 11 years, and had a heart attack at age 15, that he miraculously survived! All of these family members have lived most of their lives in utah.. My conclusion is that radiation illnesses will eventually impact all in close proximity or downwind… Now I find myself and children again living downwind of fuku in oregon and hawaii… I am very curious to know how other utahns measure up to my family. I may indeed research this.. I went on more than one fieldtrip at school where we saw animals deformed by radiation, two heads, 3 eyes, 5legs. These were sheep and cattle at different farms from each other! I also saw a whole pond of mutant frogs with severe deformity near tooele utah. This was in the early 80s…

  15. Joel G- I have lived on maui for two years now, Aloha neighbor! I never seemed bothered by vog the first year I lived here, nor did my kids, but my husband did have minor complaints. Since fuku, and especially the last few months, all of us are having complaints, so idk…runny eyes and asthma type symptoms could be, but chest pains (3 of us now have from time to time), vomiting without apparent illness (my daughter has thrown up 3 times in last two weeks, she is not sick, she is homeschooled, so is not around many children that could get her sick) . My son now always gets a rash everytime he plays outside, though it is relatively minor. He also has been experiencing unexplained lymph tissue swelling and mouth infections. Looking into immune boosters and medicinal foods. I want to buy zeolite and ingest. Thank you for the links! In regards to a monitor…. I intend to buy one as soon as I can afford. I was told by an occupier friend of mine that a gentleman by the name of Hector Valenzeula at university of hawaii manoa has access to their very spendy mass spectrometer, and is first enough to perhaps test samples for us…we did email him and have gotten no response thus far. This was only last week, so I am going to give it a few days and send another. Perhaps you could email him too so he gets the message from more citizens? Another gentleman I intend to contact on maui is Dr. Lorin Pang. He is willing to test for chemtrails, and is anti monsanto. I am hoping he will help. He works in government AND is willing to help do battle for these two causes, so I am hoping he is as accommodating for nuke issues. I do not have contact info handy for him, but he is probably easy to locate. Please contact both of them too, k? You may contact me if you would like at I can share any data I find in relation to our islands or pacific ocean 🙂 if you have interest, we have occupy maui ga meetings on wednesdays at 5 at maui college near free speech plaza to tackle monsanto, chemtrails, fuku, and foreclosures currently….

  16. Joel G- please share any useful southern hemisphere info, such as good countries to relocate to, if you find something awesome… I have been researching flight prices….very spendy to relocate an entire family at 1,500 + per person one way airfare!

  17. Reading most of the comments here leaves me with little hope for humanity or Japan. I know ex-pats from my county who will not leave. Tokyo is now over the limit. If #4 comes down by earthquake, storm or under its own weight, to quote one of you own scientists, “it’s the end”. I understand that many people are being kept in line by bravado.

    We know about gyzhin (SP?) and flyzhin (SP?)but there are expats who refuse to leave. Do a little research online, and you will find out why you should. I suppose only psychology and psychiatry can explain why some don’t. And the police – robots – don’t seem to realize they may well die too.

    Almost everything has melted down, poluting not just the first 100 miles, but even Tokyo.

    Independent tests have been done. We do not have the technology to contain this problem. The officials and TEPCO hope that we might invent something in a decade…they hope to build a shell building around #4 in the meantime.

    Bottom line – there is nothing anyone can do – that is why foreign help has been in short supply. There is simply nothing to be done and many people are now so contaminated that it is likely too late to move anyway.

    As a boy, I remember trying to save chickens from a burning barn. We would get them out and they would run right back in. There is no room for debate here. Facts are facts. We know the death toll from Chernobyl and it was a much smaller problem. Do the math and think for yourself – don’t let others decide for you.

  18. For everyone’s information, Pagan island is not a deserted island. It does not have infrastructure so the people who live there do so part-time. Historically, it has supported hundreds of people who enjoy the simple life in an extremely beautiful environment. I do mean extremely – it is the most beautiful island I have ever visited, including the Hawaiian islands and they are beautiful indeed. On Pagan there are black sand beaches, dramatic terrain, and green mondo grass growing wild from the time when Japan itself once had a small but thriving community living on the island. This occured during the period when Japan administered the Northern Marianas under the authority of the League of Nations. Pagan also hosted Japanese forces during World War II and there is still an airport runway, partially damaged by volcanic ash, from this period. Therefore it is of historic significance to Japan and attracts Japanese interested in their history to this day.

    The locals have been TEMPORARILY relocated to Saipan after a volcanic eruption the 1980s. They have never given up on getting back home to Pagan but a combination of bad government, greed over potential profit from stripmining, and a very, very bad local economy in the CNMI are their obstacles. Anyone with a heart must feel for these people who simply want to go home.

    It looks like the Japanese businessmen and government as well as the governor of Saipan have given up in the face of opposition as well as legal problems. Thank goodness. How horrible it would have been to have destroyed an island and people’s home like that.

    Hafa Adai!


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