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  1. I will take this opportunity to ask are they still buggering around with Unit 4 for an undisclosed reason or are they actually going to be pouring the freaking concrete anytime soon?

    1. They are literally at a loss I guess. Nobody has no plan. Because it’s still heating, it would explode if you cover it with concrete..

      1. #4 cannot be covered by concrete because it is 100feet in the air. cannot bear the weight. #1 – #3 could be. Arnie Gundersen, radio interview with Chris Martensen, available by google to link.

        also review for Arnie’s coverage of the situation.

  2. Hey

    Welcome to Canada !
    Be careful not to hang too close to Becancour. We had a heavy water leak a few weeks ago.

    Bienvenue au Canada !
    Faites attention de ne pas trainer trop près de Bécancour. Nous avons eu une fuite d’eau lourde il y a quelques semaines.


  3. Thanks Iori. Will try to keep a lookout for “silly people”.

    How is it best to address you – Mochizuki, Mochizuki-san, Iori, or something else? I feel that a warmly familiar form of address will help your morale. But whatever: in these days some communications are avenues for risk. Nevertheless among others I thank you for your work and wish you the best.


    1. Hehe thanks! Maybe Iori is the best ? Japanese call me so, it’s international. Many people thinks that’s Lori for some reason, but I’m actually Iori.

      1. Depending on the font people are reading the ‘net in, the capital “I” looks the same as a lowercase “L”, so it’s an easy mistake to make. Of course, I assumed your name would be capitalized. =)

          1. Iori is clear, that it is your name. just a mistake people made, don’t change how you write your name.
            Many Blessings for your good works!

  4. Yeah ! At last ! Free comments for the cool people ! 😀
    I hope it will help you receive more messages. It should be good for your morale, and it will make this blog livelier for us.
    Your timing seems quite right to go to Canada. I would not go there in winter, at least the first time.

  5. Does this include comments about psychotronic technology?

    Which might explain how so much of the news media and the public have no freaking idea of what is going on in Fukushima and don’t care?

    Does it include comment with suggestion to interpret “The Sound Of Silence” lyrics, in view of psychotronic technology?

    Is this ‘too disturbing’ to allow? Or is this site not legit?

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