Nuc plant watching system was out of order for 24 hours but media surveillance was on

ERSS “Emergency Response Support System” to watch the temperature or pressure of the container vessels and radiation level of all the nuclear plants in Japan turned out to have been out of order for longer than 24 hours since about 12:30 of 12/30/2011.

They did not announce it until it was back on.

The Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency and Japan Nuclear Energy Safety Organization found out the problem in a back software.

12:30 12/30/2011
Plant staff of Shiga nuclear plant found out nothing was displayed in the screen of the system, and they noticed the entire system of all around in Japan went out of order.

The Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency states “We were too relaxed because of the end of the year.”


全国54原発の監視システム、トラブルで使えず 保安院1日以上公表せず「年末で気のゆるみ」
2011.12.31 19:35 [放射能漏れ]




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