News: Japan after the typhoon

After the typhoon hit Fukushima,massive scale of contamination is detected.

It has been about 21.0 uSv/h around in Futabamachi all day long.

Even NHK reported that they detected double amount of cesium in the sea around reactor 3.

(Though this article reports the radiation level of around reactor 3,it mentions only cesium amount around reactor 2.)

Also,Tepco reported they found the water level was raised by about 44 cm in the basement floor of reactor 1.

However,in Onagawa nuc plant ,which is about 100km north to Fukushima plant, 2800 tons of water flowed in the the basement floor.

Looking from this flooding in Onagawa nuc plant,it is natural to assume that the same or even worse scale of flooding happened to each reactor of Fukushima plant.

There are also a lot of the forum posts to report illness after touching the rain too.

RieMatsuda 松田リエ

“Good evening! I’m in Saitama.(North to Tokyo) I got soaked up in the rain twice yesterday,I couldn’t help it.
I’ve been suffering from headache since last night.Today I feel sick slightly too.

I feel fatigue in the evening recently.have unclear sight too. piles of hair get off from head as well. I’m concerned..”

In Utsunomiya,where is south west to Fukushima,they measured 330 Mbq/km2 of cesium 134.

This is as much as they detected in March,and there was no detection of cesium 137,so some people recognize it to be an error.

However,just like after the rain in March,yellow powder was found in North Kanto area,where Utsunomiya is.

In March,the yellow powder phenomena was found everywhere after the rain too.(around 3/24)

In March,Japanese government explained it was pollen or yellow sand from China,but strangely,nobody had ever seen it before though pollen and yellow sand fly every year.

The yellow powder was found in Chernobyl too.

It looks “like” cesium powder actually.

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