News : How late are we?

Unusual form of plants are being found every where in Japan.

Today,a Japanese traditional root vegetable “Myoga” was found ,which was four times bigger than usual size.

The farmer said ,he has never seen such big Myoga.

He has been farming there since his grand parents’ generation.

Should we stay here ?

The answer is no.

and the right question is

When should we have evacuated ?

Today’s news.

From a survey conducted by the local hospital association, it became clear that 12% of the full time medical doctors who worked at the hospitals in Fukushima Prefecture have retired voluntarily. That means 125 doctors less in Fukushima Prefecture’s hospitals.
The number of nurses who retired also rose, 407 of them

– which means 5% (form 42 hospitals) –

it is believed to have retired because they had to evacuate. As a consequence, a part of the clinical departments and the night emergency medical service in the prefecture’s hospitals are inactive.

The survey was made by the end of July to check the conditions in which the doctors work in the prefecture. It was conducted in 127 hospitals
– from the total of 139 hospitals -,which are members of the same association. The survey was answered by only 54 hospitals.

The main municipalities in which a high percentage of doctors’ retiring was recorded even before the nuclear accident were:

  • Minamisoma-shi 46% (13 doctors, including one doctor from o hospital located in a danger zone ),
  • Iwaki-shi 5 hospitals, 23% of the doctors (31doctors ),
  • Fukushima city 6 hospitals 9% (41 ) doctors ,
  • Kooriyama-shi 4 hospitals 8% (25 ) doctors.

As for the nurses, their number decreased by 16%:

  • (44 nurses, including two from one hospital located in the danger zone) in Minamisoma city,
  • by 8% (113) in 7 hospitals in Iwaki city,
  • in 9 hospitals from Fukushima cityi and 6 hospitals of Kooriyama-shi by 4% , which means 68 and 54 nurses respectivly.

At least 12% of the doctors “quit” and left Fukushima by the end of July.

It’s very rare for a doctor to “quit” in Japan.

They “knew” the accurate health risk because of radiation.

Another news of today.

Mr.Koide was stopped to publish a data on 3/18.

It is the data to show how much radiation flew to Tokyo.

The data was taken in Tokyo ,on 3/15.

It reads,

  • I-131 720Bq/m3
  • I-132 450 Bq/m3

  • I-133 20 Bq/m3

  • Te-132 570 Bq/m3

  • Cs-134 110 Bq/m3

  • Cs-136 21 Bq/m3

  • Cs-137 130 Bq/m3

  • Effective dose = 210uSv/d

The safety limit of effective dose per day is 55 uSv.

It was about four times as the safety limit.

We should have evacuated from Tokyo before 3/15.

Here are the tweets of an actual worker of Fukushima,

Happy20790 ハッピー

We done measuring hydrogen amount in reactor 1. It seems to be an abnormal test, specialists came to the plant.

The result was 60% = hydrogen. The rest is full of other kinds of flammable gas.


It may explode only if it touches air. It can’t be released or replaced by nitrogen, so we can only inject nitrogen from isolation valves. hope it doesn’t let air come into the pipe..


Since 311,we have done variety of the works but this is the most tricky mission.

Now (at least ) reactor 1 can explode at any moment.

Now insanity has become sanity.

Sanity has become insanity.

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