Breaking News: Justice bought by power company

Blinded Justice

It has become clear that 2 members of the government’s examination committee in charge with the disputes regarding the compensation for the damage caused by the nuclear (accident), received “reward” from the “Japan Energy Law Institute (Tokyo)”, which is connected to the electric power company (Tokyo Electric Power Co.)

Man hat festgestellt, dass zwei Mitglieder der Regierungskomission, die die Direktiven und zugehörige Kontroversen, die mit den Schäden durch den Atomunfall verbunden sind, Zahlungen des Instituts „Japan Energy Law“ (Tokyo) erhalten haben, die mit dem Unternehmen „Tokyo Electric Power Co“, dem Eigentümer des AKW Fukushima Daiichi, zusammenhängen.

On a constaté que deux membres de la Commission gouvernementale chargée d’examiner les directives et les controverses relatives aux dommages causés par l’accident nucléaire, ont reçu une compensation monétaire de l’Intsitut Japan Energy Law (Tokyo), qui est lié à l’entreprise» Tokyo Electric Power Co, propriétaire de la centrale nucléaire de Fukushima Daiichi.

그것은 지시어와 핵 사고로 인한 손해와 관련된 관련 논쟁이있는 정부위원회의 두 회원, 회사, 연구소 “일본 에너지 법”(도쿄)의 지불을받을 것으로 알려져 있으며, “도쿄 전력 주식 관련 후쿠시마 다이이치 원자력 발전소의 “소유자.

Si e’ scoperto che due membri appartenenti alla Commissione del Governo istituita per esaminare le linee guida e le controversie relative ai risarcimenti causati dall’incidente nucleare, hanno ricevuto dei compensi in denaro dal Japan Energy Law Institute (Tokyo), ente collegato alla societa’ Tokyo Electric Power Co. proprietaria della centrale nucleare Fukushima Daiichi.

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