Column of the Day: Escape plan 9/21

Yesterday was my garbage day. I threw away the piles of documents for my exporting side business, and a tissue box case.

I know it’s so tiny,but as I always say ,”better than nothing.”

The last day, I’ll kick myself out of the room and will good bye to Japan.

Having said that I was choosing between Romania and Chile, I’ve decided to go to France.

A very nice family is going to host me for 6 months.

so now the problem is VISA.

With a tourist visa,I can only stay for 3 months.

There seem to me some tricks to prolong it,such as spending a few days out of EU area and come back etc..but probably I could stay for 1 year at the longest.

Me and the potential host family is making a conspiracy to enterprise in France and get a merchant visa, which must be renewable.

However,I have no idea what they require of me.

and I hope to start processing before I actually set off for France because I think it takes time.

Also,I don’t speak French,and have no capital.

I’m so nervous about it.

However,tonight typhoon 15th is directly hitting the Fukushima plants.

The latest news says Fukushima is in blackout.

I can’t be too slow to get out of here..

PS,Thank you very much for your,not sarcasm. I read them all and am sorry for not being able to reply to all of them. but you are actually affecting my life so much.

Thank you ,and hopefully,please lead me to the right way.

Commercant VLS Liste Documents Creation

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