Breaking News: Public abuse against people

It has been exactly 6 months and today was 9/11 in JST.

Major demonstrations were held in Tokyo ,Chiba , Osaka ,Miyagi ,and Shimane etc.

In Tokyo,more than 11,000 people attended and 2,000 surrounded the building of the ministry of economy.

Police prepared a huge barricade in front of Shinjuku station,where is the center of anti-nuc demonstration.

They also brought right wing groups to control the people.

9/11 Anti-Nuclear Protest – Images by Bruce Meyer-Kenny

(Look at that spiffy MIB bus – do they have a full wet bar in there too?)

Japanese right wing is strongly connected to Yakuza.They go everywhere and abuse citizens for money.

Today police abused people with violence.

At least more than 17 people were arrested for no reason.

Their strategy was to have right wing provoke citizen,catch the people,and have the right wing lynch (detained?) the rest of people.

One man was called “criminal” by right wing for no reason.

Police came and arrested the citizen.

While he was being arrested,his wife was lynched (detained?) by the right wing group.



Now that it’s been 6 months,NOTHING has been improved at Fukushima and they still keep concealing crucial info ,asking for stopping all the nuc plants is totally rational.

We don’t even need a word of pro-nuc. They are all categorized to be mental.

There is no right of police to abuse normal citizen to ask for a totally right thing.

and Fukushima children are being killed by the government.
Their behavior is all against the basic human rights ,and I have zero idea why they don’t arrest anyone from Tepco.

Bin Ladin couldn’t kill democracy,but Japanese government killed it very legally.

More videos!

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