Column of the Day: When is the levee going to break ?

“When is the levee going to break ?”

All of the Japanese people are aware of the danger and mad at who have been taxing on us,as long as they use internet.
Still majority of the Japanese,especially old people rely on TV and newspaper to be fed news.
However,withing the levee,in the internet world,I see more and more people getting angry day by day.
I see so many people mention “revolution” on Twitter recently.
This has never been observed before 311,
though none of them have any image of the “new world” to take over the current system.
I’m an Anarcho capitalist.
so obviously,privatizing all the governmental function is the way to take,which is obviously to me.
However,for some reason,nobody understands what I am talking to them.
They can’t image what they haven’t seen.
Now they are still minority.
It will be the key for them to break the levee
if they can get the concrete image of the new world.
Once they break the levee,the change won’t be stopped by anything.
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