Breaking News: M6.0 just under Hamaoka nuc plants.

“M6 just under Hamaoka nuc plants”

14:30 They detected 10Sv/h in Fukushima plants.One of the workers were exposed to 4mSv/h.Mr Koide assumes nuclear waste is exposed outside ,which was blasted by the explosion of reactor 2 or 3.
15:30 Doctor found my right side of thyroid
0:00 M6 in Shizuoka. It was just under Hamaoka nuc plant.
0:10 M4.2 in Ibaraki
0:48 M3.1 in Shizuoka again.
and they say Meteorological bureau will have an interview at 1:50AM.
One good news is DWD restarted their radiation forecast receiving our 10,000 emails.
Thank you Germany,sincerely.
Some people say,tonight we better sleep in clothes so we can run anytime.
Beer please.

USGS data on this quake

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